True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Meet Bill Compton’s Wife

December 1, 2009 by  

Shannon-Lucio-True-BloodTrue Blood has found the actress to play the role of Bill Compton‘s wife, Caroline Compton for season 3 in Shannon Lucio. Shannon starred as the GATE receptionist who turned out to be a undercover Federal officer in “Prison Break”  will now take on the role of Caroline Compton, Bill‘s wife, who he never had the chance to return to after being made a vampire during the Civil War. (We originally saw the character in a flashback scene in season 1 that was played by another actress but this guest spot is stated to be a bit more significant).

Very exciting news as we can start speculating the scene when Caroline encounters Bill according to previous spoiler reports.

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  • laura

    i want bill and sookie back togerther

  • rosie

    im not liking how sookie is having feelings for more men than just bill first sam, eric,and soon to be warewolf isn’t she suppost to be good and pure but in love with bill how can she love him and think of other men

    BILL is supersexy thats all she needs

  • i bet bill compton’s new wife in the civil war in true blood was turned into a vampire so maybe she is the one that kidnapped bill compton.

    • Wow! That would certainly create a triangle between Bill & Sookie…

      • missyella

        Sorry you are both wrong, Bill went back to see his Wife and children, after Lorena had turned him, but could not get close to them when he saw then on the Porch/Veranda, because Lorena as his Maker and lover forbade him for doing so.

        So he never saw them again.

        If his Wife was made into a Vampire what would have happened to their children?

        The spoiler says that the scenes will be in flashback, before Bill was turned.

        So will not involve Sookie at all.