True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Meet Claudine

May 11, 2010 by  

British actress Lara Pulver has been cast as the protective guardian for Sookie Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood.  This is a recurring role for the character, Claudine, who is actually Sookie‘s fairy godmother.

Lara was recently seen in the BBC-America series, Robin Hood.  In an article on The Ausiello Files, Michael Ausiello said that Ms. Pulver has not read any of Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire books, but she is aware that Claudine is a major player in two of them.

In the books, Claudine is sent to be Sookie‘s guardian angel.  Will there be fairy dust in the air?  We’ll have to wait and see how the role plays out in Season 3, which begins on June 13th.


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  • truebloodfreak

    If you read the books you will read that Claudine is actually 6ft tall. I understand that the show is loosely based on the books but at least if you’re going to use the same characters make them match the books. This is a terrible Claudine.

    • But why? Just because the source material says one thing doesn’t mean you have to follow it to the letter… Take Emma Watson as Hermione Granger for example. She NEVER fully appreciated the Hermione from the Harry Potter books because she wasn’t a perfect fit for the physical characteristics in the book. Was she a good Hermione? Yes. A perfect copy of what was shown in the books? Absolutely not.

      The same thing can be said for the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie. Was Robert Downey Jr good in the movie? Yes. Was he really portraying Sherlock as the character is presented in numerous stories? Absolutely not, even though the movie was still fun.

      Source material is never going to be perfectly copied because it’s impossible. Other times, things are changed in production to make casting and shooting scenes easier. That’s just the way Hollyweird works.

  • jake

    p.s to add to my previous comment Liv Tyler would of been perfect…thought i know it might of been impossible to get her to take the role

  • jake

    k i usually never agree with most of the negative casting comments because i usually try to see the casting directors point of view because their actually getting paid to cast these actors and they have more experience…but with that being said..NO! This ladies all wrong…she doesn’t fit the description at in she’s not lovely looking…i’m a guy so i can see something sexy in her but nothing that would make me look twice. Even if she is an amazing actress i’m sure there are others who would be just as good with a more fitting look. I don’t approve at all I really don’t know what the casting director saw in her…did she slept with the guy to get the role? Find a better Claudine please!!

  • Curt ped

    I saw her in the tv series robin hood recently and she is a shocking actress and Claudine is ment to be beautiful so i dont know what they were thinking casting her

  • Kelly

    This is not Claudine. Wow! Whoever was in charge of casting this part seriously screwed up. Any chance they can re-cast? I understand it shouldn’t really matter much, since she’ll be gone soon enough…but couldn’t they at least TRIED to get a Claudine look alike?

  • Jeanette

    You guys got to remember that the men not being able to take their eyes off Claudine did not necessarily have to do 100% with her looks. She’s a fairy, hello. This actress is lovely, but too short. Ah well, I’m sure she’ll be just fine.

  • missyella

    What’s happened, they are supposed to be very tall and striking twins (actually Triplettes, but the other sister died), what is going on here??????????????

  • grace

    I think Cher would make a great Claudine, even if she is a little older. Fairies live a long time…

  • grace

    I wish the TV producers would follow the characters closely and not change things too much. Claudine in the book is very tall very fashionable and airy fairy, not serious at all until she is needed. Certainly not a short elegant woman.

  • sam

    I am Kentish gal myself and so want to support Lara, but – HELLLOOOOOO Claudine – 6ft of man/vampire magnet vs. Lara 5’4″ of pretty – she just isn’t the right fit. Does this mean they will cast Claude as a short-ass too????

  • Natasha

    What about Kyle Schmid from Blood Ties? He is definitely gorgeous enough…

  • One problem that I noticed is that according to the books (I know they aren’t followed that much, shame) but Sookies godmother was really tall and no man could keep their eyes off her. This woman, even though she may be a wonderful actress, doesn’t fit that description.

  • Melanie

    Hahahahaha – I hope she’s tall – Claudine came across as a very tall woman to me – Heck – I don’t even really care, I just wish it would hurry up and be June 13th already!

  • jaxx

    I so loved Claudine throughout the books series. Can’t wait to see her in the tv show. Yes, they need to cast Claude too. Too bad Ian Somerholder is already in Vampire Diaries. I could see him as Claude. He has the right mix of arrogance and good looks.

  • JJ

    whos gunna b claude??
    Chase Crawford 😀

  • Ita

    Awesome, I love Claudine in the books. Can’t wait to see Claude.