True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Meet Crystal Norris

December 19, 2009 by  

Lindsay-PulsipherAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Beast” co-star Lindsay Pulsipher has been cast to play the role of Crystal Norris in Season 3 of True Blood. According to the casting calls she is described as a barefoot, sundress-wearing woman who shares an electric connection with Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) before vanishing into the forest.  Now we will have to wait and see if her character will follow the same path as in the books or will it have a life of its own in the show as Lafayette‘s character did.  Either way each additional casting news that comes out just builds on the anticipation for the return of season 3 of True Blood.


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  • Richard Winters

    The cursification seen will be hard to watch as crystal is very beautiful, and the fae really do a job on her befor the nail her up, upside down!!! Can’t wait to see sookie blow away debbie pelt will she be using a handgun or a shot gun like in the books???

  • Richard Winters

    Are they going to follow the books or spice it up a little!!! sookie new power to protect her, did it come from the fae side of her blood line???? I think it’s alsome, she needs some thing to protect her she can’t count on cladine all the time!!!!The more special effects the better the show!!!!I know that power was not in the books but dose seem fitting that she would inhert this power!!! I hope she blows Eric’s mind when she gets him in bed the fae in her ought to drive him wild!!!! WHO IN GOING TO PLAY BUBA!!!!!!! He’s a big player in the books, especially during the witch wars?????

  • Kathleen

    She’ll be a good Crystal XD
    Can’t wait!!!!

  • Dennis Johnston

    cannot wait