True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Meet Franklin Mott

December 14, 2009 by  

James FrainMore True Blood Season 3 casting news today as The Tudors star (as Thomas Cromwell) James Frain will be joining the cast of True Blood as Franklin Mott, Tara Thornton’s (Rutina Wesley) over-protective vampire squeeze, according to Michael Ausiello from

The English actor, whose TV credits include recurring roles on Invasion (as Eli) and 24 (as Paul Raines), will debut in the second episode of the show’s upcoming third season.

The casting call describes Franklin Mott as a tall, dark, and handsome vampire who seems to have an “immediate and torrid” connection to Tara, but he may not be as warm and loving as he first appears.  It will be very interesting to see him in this role as he plays the sly, devious types very well.  I recall him in the role of J.F. Villifort in the 2002 edition of the “The Count of Monte Cristo” where his good demure hid a devious person.

This is very exciting news as Mr. Frain will certainly bring a interesting flair to the character that will be mesmerizing.


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  • Lila

    I think that the dictors are trying to make Taras and Jasons relationship become juicer meaning that the dictors want that love , hate relationship between those two. As we all know Jason has killed eggs , when Tara finds out she would hate him and hes going to feel guilty and he would try and get back into her life , she would hate and fall in love with him ,she would be mixed up but theres this chemistry that they will have and will make them realise that there perfect for each other , as we all know Sam is in love with Sookie even if she doesnt have the same feeling , so it makes it harder for a relationship with Tara and Sam to be a love relationship , or something drastic has to happen to sookie to make them come together and thats not going to happen cause shes the main character and even if it happened Jason would need her then it would be a Tara/Sam/Jason triangle how fucked up will that be??? Anyways that is what I think.

  • Teri

    I’m a big fan of James Frain, so I’m very pleased with his casting as Franklin Mott. He does play a lot of bad guys but has done quite a few good guy roles as well. He’s awesome when he’s playing the ‘conflicted’ bad guy. I do believe his character will be a composite of Franklin and Mickey. I just hope he’s not pure evil. I like inner conflict.

  • cictrubie

    I thought this casting was questionable at first, but it has definitely grown on me. I agree with Ollie that he should be “mesmerizing.”

    His look, bearing and voice (love his voice!) should really make for quite a sexy, sinister Franklin Mott.

  • CrazyforBill

    Very interesting choice. James Frain who played Thomas Cromwell in “The Tudors” is a good actor, but personally I find him a bit creepy, probably because he seems to always play characters with dubious moralitt.
    I can only hope that Alan Ball also picks Henry Cavill from “The Tudors” to play Alcide. He is über hot and talented.

  • He looks great!!! It will be interesting how he and Tara play out. Tara is not lucky in the men stakes, so maybe with a vampire??

  • James Frain as Franklin Mott – excellent! Loved him in The Tudors….he will be great addition to TB.

  • Swedgin

    Who wants to venture a guess as to whether Franklin and Mickey are fused into one character on TB?