True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Meet Grant Bowler

November 28, 2009 by  

grant-bowlerAccording to the Sunday edition of the Daily Telegraph, 41-year-old Grant Bowler, from “Ugly Betty” and “LOST” has be cast in season 3 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.  Though he does not mention what role he has been cast in, he is quite excited to be part of the show.

“Mate, it’s HBO and it’s the King … it’s the chance to work for an Oscar-winner [series creator Alan Ball] and alongside an Oscar-winner [Anna Paquin],”

It is going to be interesting to see what role he has been cast in as the anticipation for True Blood will begin to grow as the cast is set to return in early December to begin shooting Season 3.

SOURCE: DailyTelegraph

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  • Zack

    He has to be Calvin Norris…the beard…the rough arond the edges but kinda sweet…definately Calvin from Hot Shot guys…though i guess Russel is an option too.

  • Robin

    Calvin Norris makes total sense!!

  • My guess is Russell Edington, KING of Mississippi… he DOES reference “The King” in his comments.And he sure doesn’t look like Bubba!

  • annm1969

    His appearance reminds me of the Calvin Norris character, the head of the were panthers of Hotshot.

    • jay

      ohh you could be right, never thought of that one!!!

  • Arlene

    CAN”T WAIT FOR SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam’s brother – Tommy Mickens.
    My second choice bet would be Talbot – this guy played alot of “sinister” type parts in Australia.

    • jaxx

      I’ll agree. Sam’s brother is very likely if it’s his older brother. Too old for Alcide. Alcide is supposed to be Sookie’s age, but with AB you never know. Maybe one of the weres from Hot Shot. Isn’t Calvin Norris in his 40’s???

      • annm1969

        He could be a relation of Sam’s because they are both fairhaired.

  • Lizzie 1701

    Well another Aussie joins the cast (Yeah, I know, he was born in NZ but has been in OZ since he was about 5 and most of his acting has been on OZ TV)! I like Grant and I wonder what part he will play! He is a real Aussie boy and would be fun on the set! I’ve actually met him, so at least I have sen one member of the TB cast in person!!

    • jay

      I am a kiwi, and am proud to say he is also kiwi! Although I know he would probably associate more to australia.. He has done alot of work in NZ, mostly with kiwi white trash tv show ‘outrageous fortune’. Its outrageous to say the least, so he would be perfect in True Blood. My guess is he is probably tommy mickens or talbot.. Or a long shot? franklin mott!! He would be perfect as a bad ass vamp.

    • Nia

      Just love those Aussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      You have met him??? You must spill girl! LOL

      • Lizzie 1701

        Nia, Nothing to exciting! Saw him at a shopping centre doing a promotion thingy and said hello etc. Nothing exciting!

  • rugby82

    probably Franklin Mott…to old for Alcide i guess, but he look good to do it!!!
    …or maybe Talbot…Russel’s partner……^^

  • Niki Lynn

    I’m guessing that he’s playing Alcide. He’s too pretty to give a bit-part to.

    • jay

      I agree with you. Looks too good to give a small part too. And for how enthusiastic he sounds? It seems to me that its a relatively big part! cant wait for next season!!