True Blood Season 3 Casting News

September 24, 2009 by  

true-blood-season-2-poster-season-2Season 2 of True Blood recently finished and Season 3 is not scheduled to begin shooting till early December and already casting news is coming out about the new season.  According to Michael Ausiello from, Alan Ball has confirmed that he is currently casting the role of Talbot, “trophy husband” to Denis O’Hare’s same-gender-lovin’ King of Mississippi.  It looks like it won’t be long before we start hearing more casting news and tidbits about season 3.  Now who do you think would be good for the role of Talbot? Many will be wondering who will play Alcide and Debbie Pelt.  Let the suggestions start coming in.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • Urssula Neves

    Jared Padalecki would make the perfect Alcide. I remember reading the book and as I was reading the physical description of Alcide; Jared Padalecki kept popping up in my head.

  • Jen

    surely Michael-Clark Duncan would make a better Quinn. never mind incredible werewolf – he’s be an awesome tiger !
    Roll on season 3….. can’t wait.

  • Michael

    Michael-clark Duncan should be playing Alcide….The voice and size fits. Great actor and would make an encredable werewolf

  • Cyndia28

    I think Gerard Butler would be a good Alcide. Jensen Ackles is too young. Another guy would be David Boreanaz. Milla Jovovich would be a good Debbie Pelt.

  • Kayla

    Jensen Ackles would make a good Alcide.