True Blood Season 3: Character Alteration Journey for Vampire Bill

June 13, 2010 by  

What’s in the works for True Blood’s Bill ComptonStephen Moyer spoke with the New York Post and shared some of his thoughts about the new season and Vampire Bill.

Asked how this season will differ from the last, Stephen said it won’t have “the same sort of out of control craziness”.  We can expect that craziness will be part of each character’s journey in Season 3, Bill in particular due to his kidnapping.

Referring to newcomer Denis O’Hare playing the Vampire King of Mississippi, Stephen said he was one of his favorite new co-stars this year.  Besides being fun to work with, Denis raises the bar as an actor and makes his co-stars sharpen up to his level.

This relationship with the king takes Bill on a dark journey.  Stephen revealed that Bill will go to any lengths to protect Sookie.  Any lengths could mean destroying someone, including himself.  In some respects, that obsession could be detrimental and Stephen found that really interesting to portray.

What Stephen finds fascinating about the series is that creator Alan Ball ensures that all the characters have some flaws.  Then he throws obstacles in their paths and watches how they react.

Regarding his character, Stephen wants to see Bill learn from his mistakes, grow from his choices.  Evidently, this will occur at some point and we might see a lighter side of Bill.  He might even smile!

When asked if the series could ever have a happy ending for the heroes of Bon Temps, Stephen answered with a grin:

“I honestly don’t know.  I’m not sure whether you’ll ever be able to properly see that.  Maybe in the last moment at the end of season 72, where we’re left with Sookie and whomever she’s with.  Because dramatically, dynamically and interestingly, the stuff that we want to watch is the turmoil and the tussle and the laughter and sex that leads to that final moment.  Be it with Bill, with Eric or with 15 other lovers.”

Talking about the show’s popularity and any possible Emmy awards, Stephen admitted that they all believed the show had potential, but going from 1.5 million viewers to over 5 million per week at the end of last season is extraordinary.  But no one is expecting an Emmy.

“I think awards expose the show to a wider audience, making them realize we’re not your run of the mill show.  But typically The Emmys don’t seem to go for genre shows, so honestly, I’m not sure that any of us expect anything this year.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be lovely if it happened, but I don’t think any of us are expecting anything.”

But the fans want it.  And they’re expecting to see how Bill‘s dark journey begins – tonight,  Season 3 on HBO.


(Photo credit – HBO Inc.)