True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Comic-con Sneak Peek Video

July 23, 2010 by  

HBO premiered this video at the True Blood panel discussion at Comic-con and the Comic Con True Blood Outreach firm, BLT & Associates has released the sneak peek video of the remaining season to the general public which will have True Blood fans craving for more! Enjoy!

Season 3: Comic-Con Second Half Preview
Video Credits: BLT and Associates and HBO inc.
  • lizzie1701

    Oh boy!!!!

    Looks like Lorena is biting Sookie (bit another review I have read said it was QSA, but I think it was Lorena) and is that why she is in hopsital, because she got drained? Bill is being tortured, so could not help and Eric spurned her! Is that Sookie’s drip undripped? Sookie having an out of body experience?

    Blood everywhere and Bill on the ceiling! Bill kills the security guard!

    Jessica biting into who? I have read that girl Amy who Hoyt is taking out (we see Bill repremanding Jessica as well) or Maxine or someone with rollers in her hair. Did not think it was Debbie Pelt.

    Sookie was in Bill’s house the first time she sees Debbie but in her own house when she shoots at Debbie.

    Where are Tara and Sookie when sunning themselves and is Tara telling Sookie about how Bill looked when she saw him at RE’s?

    RE proposing to QSA.

    Bill walking into the sun, after he has been tortured! I wonder if because he has had lots and lots of Sookie’s blood, that it hads become magical to him and now he can day walk?? Remember in S1 when Sookie says we can neverhave breakfast together? Remember Talbot saying to RE something about the sun and getting the bleeds? Is RE thinking along these lines re Sookie’s fae??

    Eric spurning Sookie. He has other things to worry about. Lucky Sookie has Bill.

    It is so exciting!!!!!!

    • lizzie1701

      Oh forgot! Alcide and Bill fighting at the hospital! I know there will be a blood bond this season (from AB) and I wonder if Bill gives Sookie his blood again!! Other wise it could be Tara and Franklin.

      • Sandy

        Has to be Tara and Franklin. We know he’s had her blood and we see her eating his shoulder…so…(just hope he feeds her something better than Shoney’s YUKKY!! Bad buffet)

    • Sandy

      Looked like Debbie for a second when I paused it but not sure anymore. The whole thing just seems crazy as all get out!

  • Sandy

    Looks exciting! Looks like Jessica takes a bite out of Debbie Pelt.
    And we know if Sookie is in the hospital, then none of our favorite vamps came to her aid!
    Can’t wait to see it, will be sooo bummed when the season is over and we have a year (or more) to wait till season 4. Waahhhh.

  • ~ Caitlin

    Excellent video!!! Maybe Arlene is going to die this season. I don’t think they can really do that much with the pregnancy storyline. Since each season takes place over several weeks she would be pregnant for 9+ seasons. It looked like Eric might have been killing Talbot. Can’t wait for Claudine to come on the show! Maybe that clip with Bill in the daytime has something to do with him figuring out Sookies magical secret. I hope Eric takes his crown. There is so much to speculate.

  • Lori

    Okay call me a nerd, but I am sittin’ here in tears! It looks AMAZING! WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!

    • Ashera

      OMG let me tell you, you are not the only one with tears, i’m stunned! AMAZING yes!

  • Angela

    Looks exciting! I can’t wait to see the episode!