True Blood Season 3: Eric Northman and The Dancer

May 2, 2010 by  

Here is the latest sneak peek look at True Blood Season 3 with Alexander Skarsgard‘s Eric Northman sitting on his makeshift throne at Fangtasia as he gets a private striptease.  Is it Yvetta giving him a special dance?  We just have to wait and see when season three of True Blood premieres on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 9PM ET/PT on HBO. Yes we are going to say it again, waiting sucks!

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  • aka

    Lol @ this picture! Is he really caressing his throne? I would too it would be so awkward to keep a straight face with all that Yvetta in front of you. Velvet black blazer, niice.

  • Nia

    Hi Antonio!
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Everyone here at TB net deserves high praise for all the wonderful news/articles on our favorite obsession/pastime. As well as the regular posters who love to get in here and post our little hearts out for our favorite and beyond.
    Special thanks to AdoreBill who manages to give us so much to ponder over as well as keeping us all in line. A most difficult job!

    The hiatus was long but we were able to make it through with all the fun banter/aguments/opinions and just gernerally spending time with those who love TB as much as we do.

    There is always so much to say. It has been more than fun. Just like a family right? We argue, fight, disagree and then make up. Thats what TB is for me.
    I look forward to this new season with the greatest anticipation.

    As for Eric and Yvetta, I am still lol at that minisode. Too much fun. I can’t wait to see Yvetta have her way with him. Should be a riot.

    And to Lizzie….you got that right!

    Team True Blood !!!

  • lizzie

    Thanks Antonio, for your kind words. Just one thing – don’t give up on Vampire Bill just yet! There may be a surprise in store, so don’t discount his storyline!

    Go True Blood!

  • Antonio

    1st webisode TONIGHT! Can hardly wait to see it! I wonder what the others will be about I saw the trailer it looks So cool! On Tues DITF will be released Later This month S2 on dvd In July the comic book Now ONLY 41 days until the premiere of S3 Can You believe it? from Months to Now a bit over a Month,Wow! Looking ahead, I can Only hope that this and other websites can keep us fan satisfied until news of S4 begins streaming out over the net! I take it S3 wont be available for another year or so? 41 Days Wow! Thanks Again to ALL of YOU here at TBNET for making the long hiatus between seasons bearable!
    Special Thanks to Ollie,Kasandra,Tosha,James and To ALL of You who work So hard to bring us news and keep us fans in the loop!
    A special shout out to All My fellow article/commentary writers Also! For Everyone who writes or participates in the Editorial Or Fangtasy blocks! To All the posters and fans as well! To Jaxx,Nia,Lizzie,Pbt and to All of You Thanks Again
    A Special Thank You to All for your support and warm responses toward my articles and editorials…It means a Great deal to me!
    I’m fortunate to be part of such a wonderful website and to interact with So many nice people from all around!
    Wishes for a Wonderful Summer!
    All The Best
    Antonio aka Shifterman 🙂

    • jaxx

      You are so welcome Antonio. And thanks for your constant input as well. I have to laugh when I think that we truly are a “motley crew”. We laugh, fight for our favorites, agree and then agree to disagree. Oh well, makes the world go round I guess. Can’t believe we have been talking about TB for the past 8 months since S2 has ended. Next month, we’ll be sharing about S3, the good, bad and the ugly. Can’t wait.

      Go True Blood!!