True Blood Season 3 Exclusive Clip to be Shown During LOST Finale

May 22, 2010 by  

True Blood fans get ready as we have some very exciting news on behalf of HBO and True Blood. This Sunday night during the series finale of Lost, HBO will give viewers in the NY, LA and Philadelphia markets a chance to access an exclusive clip from the first episode of True Blood, Season 3, which premieres on HBO on June 13, 2010.

To see the clip, viewers should DVR the Lost series finale this Sunday, May 23, 2010 and look out for the True Blood television ad airing at approximately 11:15pm (Eastern Standard Time) on the East Coast and also at 10:55pm (Pacific Standard Time) on the West Coast. Embedded in the True Blood commercial is a special QR code. To access the clip, audiences should simply take a picture of the QR code with their smartphone as it appears on screen during the ad. This step will require a QR code reader, which can be downloaded for those who don’t already have one on their mobile device.

Here are the preferred apps for the True Blood QR code:

Here is an image of what the code will look like:

If you live in NY, LA or Philadelphia and get a chance to see the exclusive clip, please let us know what is in it!


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  • Melanie

    Well, I just got this info and tried checking it out on my Blackberry but it wouldn’t work at first until I tried 3 different media types and found the right one! Remember the basement at Fangtasia where Lafayette was being held? It looks like Sookie and Eric are in that basement and she has come to ask him why he took Bill but Eric says he didn’t do it. Eric says “If he has been taken, by human or vampire, I am duty bound as Sheriff of the area he resides to find him, even if I do want what he has”. Sookie tells him to do it and then walks up the stairs. It is only 55 seconds long but great stuff – can’t wait!

  • I got the link sent to me by 2 very loyal friends… It’s Eric and Sookie talking about Bill being kidnapped. Plus, some banter. 🙂

  • Eric

    got it! this was the site the code sent me to if you cant see the video let me know

    • jaxx

      Says you must be on a mobile device to view. 🙁 I guess I’ll just have to wait for YouTube.

  • Jeetser
  • Ana

    Chill, ladies, I’m certain someone will bring it online within the hour of it airing tonight!

  • Danielle

    wth is a smart phone all I have is a cell

  • jaxx

    Please someone tell us right away. Not everyone owns a Smartphone. :0

  • diana posey

    im with emily. this is totally not fair. i dont have a smart phone either and dont live in those 3 areas. this is a slap in the face for us loyal viewers, millions of us. what were THEY thinking?

  • emily

    NOT FAIR!!! I’m not from any of those places and I sure as hell don’t own a smart phone. =[