True Blood Season 3: Filming on Location Photos

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True Blood is out and about filming on location in the Los Angeles area shutting down a street and using the Trianon Apartments as the backdrop for a scene as tweeted and by LafayetteTB and JimHegarty on Twitter. They were able to take a few photos of the scene to give us the opportunity to speculate what scene they may be working on. also provides some pics from the scene featuring Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) wearing a short denim mini skirt, a lace tank top with a cami below and sunglasses.  As LafayetteTB tweeted on his twitter, are we seeing a scene from Alcide‘s apartment?   We will have to wait and see when season 3 of True Blood returns in June to find out, but in the meantime, let the speculations begin.

Filming Notice

Smoke Machines

True Blood Filming Set-up

Trianon Apartments

True Blood night filming

Trianon Apartments

Anna on location

Anna filming on location

Anna on set

Anna on a location shoot


LafayetteTB on Twitter

JimHegarty on Twitter

(Photo credits:  LafayetteTB, JimHegarty, and


    Big fan of true blood!!!


    I’m a big fan of true blood I have been watching it from september21 2008 love the show!!

  • jaxx

    I would also guess Russell’s mansion since it looks like a castle, but could also be Alcide’s apartment too. I didn’t think Alcide’s apartment was supposed to be that nice though.

    I’m just glad we’re getting photos from S3. YAY.

    • pbt

      Jaxx you are right. Alcide’s apartment was supposed to be very nice indeed. Let’s hope its Alcide’s and not Russell’s. Because if it is Russell’s where is the Viking?? In NYC with KB at the Magazine Launch Party. BTW, check out her wrist in the photos??What do you see?

  • I saw on the playback monitor Janice and Sookie doing a scene. It just looked like basic dialog in the lobby of the building. They had a pyrotechnics truck parked nearby so maybe something goes up in flames.

    • Hmm a scene with Janice and Sookie. So perhaps we are seeing a scene from Alcide’s apartment after all. Oh the long wait till June! 🙂

    • Out of curiousity, are you a member of the crew? A simple yes or no will suffice, and no more questions will be asked! =)

      • If I told you i’d have to have Bill glamour ya so best not say 😉

        • That’s totally cool, since I live in a town with LOTS of filming (NCIS, etc), so I completely get where you’re coming from… Of course, I also would KILL for the chance to gopher on the set of True Blood… 😀

    • Mony

      that’s should be very very very interesting to see^^

  • mony

    I guess it is Russel’s Castel after she was staked and She is with Eric who helped her….^^
    I’s quite a villa or a Castel not a building to live for someone as Alcide …
    Is it is Alcide’s House I guess we going to see just the interior becpuse this i so not his style^^

    Just Speculation

    • pbt

      Mony, good speculation there. It does look more like a mansion or castle than Alcide’s apartment building. Pretty posh for Sookie’s character. The girl is moving up. LOL.

  • Rashida

    FangBanger Productions Inc.that’s a great name!
    Cool, I didn’t know that they film in Los Angeles. If I were to guess I think they are filming in that location because Sookie is staying with Alcide while she looks for Bill.