True Blood Season 3: Jessica Gets More Exposure

March 10, 2010 by  

The True Blood rumor mill is spreading new information again. According to Watch with Kristin from E! Online, Jessica and Hoyt fans will be getting a larger dose of the young lovers. She says,

“Great news for you JessicaHoyt fans! HBO hasn’t responded to request for comment, but I’ve heard that plans are under way to create a series of Jessica-centric (Deborah Ann Woll) webisodes in support of the upcoming season three. The webisodes will tell the story of what happens when Bill‘s little baby vamp goes out into the big wide world on her own. Will she eat everybody? Will she be eaten? Tune in to find out!

Very interesting news, and it could be great to see this, but I want to reiterate that HBO has not yet verified this.

How do you feel about Jessica possibly getting webisodes? Would “minisodes” help you deal with the lack of True Blood until Season 3 starts in June?

SOURCE: E! Online

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)