True Blood Season 3 Minisode #4 – Sam

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As a way to help True Blood fans deal with the long wait for season 3 to begin on June 13, 2010Alan Ball has written 6 minisodes that are broadcasting on HBO following the season 2 encore presentation of True Blood on Sunday nights.  We have all seen Eric and Pam, Jessica, Sookie Stackhouse, Tara Thornton, and Lafayette Reynolds now we have Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell). It is a very interesting video to watch so just click the link below.

Click here to watch!

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(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • Merciless Ink

    I’m loving the humor in these minisodes so far!

  • Antonio

    Ok This was weird! As far as these minisodes go My favorite is Still the 1st with Eric & Pam.. The other ones were good i guess i’m waiting to see the 1 with Bill..
    Sam is a good guy. He really got treated like scum in S2..
    Wouldn’t it serve him better to talk all of this out on a Therapist’s couch than to go apesh*t over that prop?
    Sam Get a grip,Dude! LOL

  • loleaf

    OMG!! LMAO!! I was saying that he did everything but pi** on it, and that is exactly what he did!!! Alan thinks of everything and has as twisted a sense of humor as I do!!! I don’t feel so alone now!! LOL

    • LOL, loleaf, I think a LOT of us have that sort of twisted humor… It makes us all interesting people! 😀

  • missyella

    Excellent, the best way to treat Maryann’s memory………..the classic hind leg cock, of our favourite Shapeshifter………

  • lizzie

    Love it!!! Sam, you dog you!!!!

    I did not expect that!!

    Thanks Adore Bill!

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