True Blood Season 3 Minisode #5: Bill Compton

May 25, 2010 by  

As a way to help True Blood fans deal with the long wait for season 3 to begin on June 13, 2010,Β  Alan Ball has written 6 minisodes that are broadcasting on HBO following the season 2 encore presentation of True Blood on Sunday nights.Β  We have all seen Eric and Pam, Jessica, Sookie Stackhouse, Tara Thornton, and Lafayette Reynolds, Sam Merlotte and now we have Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)! It is a very interesting video so enjoy!

True Blood: Season 3 – Bill Minisode

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  • Antonio

    I’ve just watched this again I laughed myself silly!! πŸ™‚
    The whole thing with Ms.Smallwood the velvet couch and her desire to objectify him?~~~Way Too Funny!! LMAO
    When she called him Daddy I laughed so hard Oh! I needed That!
    This Is Definitely 1 of My Favorite minisodes!!
    I still think the 1st one with Eric & Pam was the Best!!
    The others were ok Even though the 1 with Jessica and that old perv was a riot,Too!
    Its hard to believe that these are just about finished seems like they just started

    1 More question? Why No Outtakes?? I looked for them online but could find nothing! Darn!
    No Outtakes? No Bloopers? Whatwith Steph and Alex’s Wicked sense of humor I bet it would be hysterical!!
    Sam can be pretty funny Too as well as Nelsan and Rutina
    Pbt is Right We All have a V-Addiction!! LOL
    Anyone interested in driving down to Shreveport to try and get some V-Juice?? LOL

    • pbt

      Waving back to Antonio. Yes, several of the minisodes (Eric & Pam, Jessica and Bill Compton) were all very funny indeed. I am dying to see these in context to the show this season. I know they are what happens between season two and three, it should be interesting indeed.

      Yes, the v-ddiction continues in 11 more days. Woohooo!

  • Hey Lizzie, Nia, and Jaxx!

    I’m super-excited to be Sheriff, and of course I’ll keep all of my fangbangers, weres, shifters, and fellow vamps under my control! I’ve already got my outfit planned (plus an extra True Blood t-shirt on hand in case I get cold). Right now, I’m just trying to figure out what to do to keep the excitement up on Tuesday night! And part of my duties at the event will include live tweeting… *winks* If you want to keep up with the fun, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter if you have an account of your own there. I’m currently @SheriffNocturne, and will go back to my real name there @Isis_Nocturne once the event is finished.

    Of course I’ll be reminding the cast and crew about how much we all adore them for putting our favorite show together! They WILL feel the fan love! πŸ˜€

  • truebloods great, sookie want bill hes been took.she will not stop till she finds him i love it dont never stop writing it

  • Nia

    I just have to say again…..VELVET COUCH, with naked wet Bill in his smoking jacket!!!!

    Oh yeah, you can be my daddy!

    Just lovin’ our Bill today (ok, everyday)!!!

    • lizzie

      Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! I love it!

  • jaxx

    It’s funny how AB will show us one thing but it turns out to be completely different. He’s done this to us time and time again. Can’t wait to see where this one was, is going and went. Different side of Bill that we really haven’t seen yet. Is that the same smoking jacket from the flashback in the 30’s???? I wonder if my husband glamoured the sales woman for my engagement ring. I’ll have to ask him. lol.

    • pbt

      Yes, Jaxx that’s the infamous “smoking jacket”from Season Two. Too funny about the engagement ring. I actually picked out my own engagement ring. My Viking is actually very smart about things like that. And no he didn’t glamour anyone!

      Did you see the new pics of ASkars porn today? And William Compton and Sam Merlotte too! Should be a great season to check up on our True Blood Hotties.

      I am sure that Adore Bill will be adding those here! *Winking and waving at Ollie!*

      • jaxx

        PBT, there were pictures of other people??? I never made it past AS’ pix today. lol. I’ll have to go back and look. πŸ˜‰

        • jaxx

          Oh, and thanks again Ollie. πŸ˜€ Forgot to mention that earlier. My mind is flustered today, I wonder why. πŸ˜‰ LOL.

        • pbt

          Yes, there were also pics of Sam and William Compton. Looks like Sam and Wiliam are going to plant a big one on each other. Too funny. I am looking forward to some hot Eric and Talbot myself. Now there is a duo I want to see together. I think that pairing could be quite steamy together.

          And yes, it was hard to focus after the Skargoodness today. Oh my the Fangtasia basement is looking better and better.

          Where do I sign up for the six hour sessions with the Viking?

          • pbt

            BTW, I am not a “pillow talk” kind of girl but alas you already knew that about me, Jaxx!

      • LOL! Hi pbt,

        Yes I did see those photos but since they appear to be screenshots from a leaked video I will not be posting them here. LOL I would like to but will remain respectful to Alan and the show and not post photos that have not been “officialized” by HBO for release. πŸ™‚

        • pbt

          *Darn, darn, darn* Stamping feet and heading to the Fangtasia basement. LOL.

          Ollie, totally understand why. I will be waiting patiently for them to become “official”.

          All the Eric lovers, if you have not seen them yet, lets just say hot, hot, hot. Ooops, with a capital H, HOT,HOT,HOT!

          Counting the days until the Vddiction continues!

          • LOL! well pbt you can’t be too disappointed since you are walking down into the Fangtasia basement. πŸ˜‰

          • pbt

            No, you are right about the Viking and his six hours of the gracious plenty is fine with me. I actually just wanted to share the Skarsporn with all. LOL.


    • Nia

      Hey Jaxx!!!!!
      How you been??
      I agree with you that AB showed us a bit of a different side to Bill here, but it was a side that was always there.

      Sweet, sexy and SMILING!!! He is so gorgeous when he gives such a big smile. We have not seen that enough and unfortunately we will not see much of it in S3.

      Being taken away from his intended after going to great lengths to make her night perfect, and never getting to hear her say “YES”. The torture and whatever AB has in store for him will be heartbreaking.

      Yes, that is the smoking jacket from S2 when he threatened to kill himself rather than stay in Lorenas wonderful company. Why should he do that do you think?? They seemed to be doing fine, right? Well his true character, the one that Lorena tried to beat out of him, came back a hundred fold. Good for him!

      That is what I see, when I see the “infamous” smoking jacket. The real Bill coming back. The good man and gentleman. Interesting that AB should use it here! But as I said I believe that it represents Bill: his intelligence, his gentlemanly manners, the good man, and lover.

      You go Daddy!!!!

      Team True Blood!

      • lizzie

        Oh Nia! So eloquent! I have very nice dreams after I saw this sode of Bill! He is so hot and smokin’ and he blue eyes put shivers up my spine! Bill’s hair is back and his chest! Nia! His chest! HOT!

        I think I will also go out and look for a red velvet couch!

        Yum! Yum!

        • Nia

          Chest, chest, chest,
          eyes, eyes, eyes,
          couch, couch, couch……….

          I’ll be dreaming of this as well for many many glorious nights to come!!

          Sighing most heavily now!

      • jaxx

        Nia and Lizzie, you two crack me up. It’s fun to fantasize about our guys isn’t it?? At the rate things are going, I wonder how many people this season will run around naked??? LOL. Anyway, only 16 more days to wait for our favorite show to air putting all 9 months worth of speculation to an end and see what is really revealed. I’m sure we’ll all have very passionate debates as always, take with a grain of salt, of course, but who knows, we may even agree on some things this season. πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to all of it.

        For those of us who are celebrating Memorial Day in the States or elsewhere, have a great holiday weekend!!! πŸ™‚

        • lizzie

          Yes, Jaxx, there will be a lot of nakedness this season, but you, Nia, Isis and pbt know that we are only interested on one Vamps’ nakedness, whoever our fave is! Bring it on!!

          Go True Blood!

          • *dies laughing* OMG, Lizzie! You’re SO lucky that I wasn’t taking a sip of soda when I read that! Otherwise, I’d have sputtered all over my laptop’s screen! And that would be bad since I need to be able to write articles and be the Sheriff of Burbank for True Blood’s Ultimate Truebie event!

          • lizzie

            Isis! Congratulations on being selected as a Sheriff for this event! A poster pal from another site won a double pass from Facebook, but has no one to go with her!!! Can you believe that!

            I will be very interested on your view of the event. That Austiello fellow is compare, isn’t he? He is an Eric Lover. My pal is compiling questions, hoping they can be asked. I wonder who the actor guests are?

            Don’t forget to let us know!

          • Nia


            The Sheriff of Burbank!!!!!!! You go girl. Whip out your big guns and keep them all in shape!

            I am so happy for you!! You will keep us very well informed indeed!

          • Nia, you rock girl! Thanks for the magazine, it arrived today! πŸ˜€ *hugs*

          • Nia

            Hi Isis!!!! Wow I cannot believe that you recieved it so quickly!!

            You are so so very welcome!! I am always happy to pass along the Stephen love. Like I mentioned, I have sent copies all over the world to woman who could not get one and wanted one so badly.

            Isn’t Stephen absolutely gorgeous!! Its one thing to see the cover on line but its a whole other ballgame to have it (and him, wink) in your hands.

            His beautiful smoldering eyes, chisled features and the chest!!! Oh Daddy!…..LOL

            Happy Memorial Day to all!!
            Take care,

          • pbt

            Wait did someone say nakedness?? Yes it sounds like we will be seeing all of our wonderful vamps and shifters naked. I guess I would be up to the challenge of having to watch that. LOL

            Hey to all Lizzie, Isis, Jaxx and Nia. Typing from VT. Here on a short weekend holiday. Yeah for Memorial Day. 15 days until our wonderful TB returns. It really seems like forever since we have seen all of our hotties.

            Yes, I am sure we will be having some wonderful debates once Alan Ball’s madness starts. Been reading some reviews for the first three episodes and it sounds like we will be hitting the ground running starting with the first episode.

            Of course,Jaxx and I are waiting for the return of the Viking and I know you and Nia are waiting for Mr. Compton. Can’t wait to see how all of this works out. Tension is building.

            Congrats to Isis it sounds like a wonderful event. I will add you to my Twitter account. Watching those Tweets on Tuesday??

          • LOL, PBT! I won’t just be watching the tweets, I’ll be behind a bunch of them… Actually, I could use some help from EVERYONE!

            I have to keep all of our fellow truebies entertained before the event start… Any suggestions? I know we’re all brilliant here! πŸ˜€

            And PBT, please enjoy VT! It’s so beautiful there, though I haven’t been there in years!

        • Nia

          Hey Jaxx,
          You have to admit it is so much more fun laughing than arguing!!
          Anyways whats there to argue about when we are about to be assaulted by all the male nakedness (but I am sure we will find something..LOL)

          Darn you HBO….WAVING FISTS IN FURY….where have you been all my life??? Where do I pick up a job application?? I want to apply for the job of carrying the body powderpuff around to gently dapple, the naked skin of our hot men, where there is any hint of a shine. I could do that allllll day!

          And you know us Jaxx, we will still probably argue…sighing heavily…..and there will I believe be times when we will agree.

          Bring it on!!!!!

          Team True BLood!

          • jaxx

            Hi Lizzie and Nia!! It’ll all be good. No worries. I like a good debate. I think this season will be packed with mystery, hidden agendas, romance, laughter, tears and some revelations. I’m looking forward to the new characters and plots and seeing our favorites as well. Even the actors themselves are saying this is the best season so far. Can’t wait. 15 days and counting.

            And Isis, congratulations you lucky girl. Have a great time at the event and tell us all about it. Ask a million questions and tell them how much we all love the show. πŸ™‚

  • Nia

    Hi AdoreBill!!

    I absolutely loved this minisode. I could not stop laughing unless it was to wipe the drool off my chin at our gorgeous Bill. He looked incredibly sexy (chest hair, bluer than blue eyes……)and who wouldn’t want some quality time on the couch with him. Where does the line start??

    But Bill is right to feel insulted at her insinuations since he is a loyal one woman man!! Good for you “daddy”!!!!LOL
    As to Bill glamouring her into a good price, well it seems that he is saavy when it comes to his money. I am sure had the woman not sexualized him based on what he is, he would have paid full price. He was just giving her a bit of payback.

    Now had he just taken the ring without paying for it (which he could have done if he wanted), I would have had great issue with that. But that would have not been our Bill.

    At least he did not stand before her naked while having a conversation (although you would have had no arguments from me).

    Wonderful acting all around. Great interaction between Bill and Mrs. Smallwood.

    Thanks AdoreBill

    • You said that so much more eloquently than I ever could. I too would have been upset if Bill had gotten the ring for free, but he didn’t. He’s too honorable for that.

    • Hi Nia,

      Great seeing you! You are most welcome! I just LOVED every part of this video. Ms. Smallwood’s comment about his blue eyes (I couldn’t help but not laugh and think how many woman in real life have acted that way with Stephen), “I’m a one woman man, one human vampire” (such a great guy), MS. Smallwood begging him to do her and calling him Daddy. LOL Loved it and Bill remained the gentleman and didn’t take the ring for free (which he could easily have done) but instead at cost as a way to get back at her for being insulted. Great, loved it. πŸ™‚

      • Nia

        A BIG HELLO to you as well AdoreBill!!! (Waving wildly!),

        Agreed agreed agreed!!!! This was IMO the best minisode yet!! The interaction of Stephen and Beth Grant was priceless.

        Bill was constantly the gentleman while our poor hopefull love starved Ms Smallwood was the circling cougar (at least in her own mind, LOL)….growwwwl, wanting nothing more than to sample his generous vampiric delights!!!
        Sigh………….quality time on the velvet couch (I want some). Sounds like a great title for a song….Hey Nathan, are you listening!!!! LOL

        I have heard some berate him for possibly getting the ring at cost…I applaud him for first pronouncing his faithfulness, then finding a way to inflict a small punishment for her insult without causing harm, and of course for being very money smart. No fool there!!!
        According to Sookie he has a financial manager, that says something.
        I am so looking forward to S3, my gosh it is almost here!! Yea!

        Thanks again AdoreBill, always good talking to you!!!!

        “Team Velvet Couch” (just kidding)

        Team True Blood!!!!!!!!!

  • loleaf

    Alan Ball has done it again!!! He has managed to show us different sides of our most favorite characters, and also keeps us wanting more!!! We can only imagine what he has in store for the last minisode…. Btw I can’t believe Bill glamored that lady into selling the ring at cost, just on account of her wanting him to take her on the couch. That’s not discrimination that’s lust, and we ALL have daydreamed that about our favorite characters I’m sure!! WINK WINK πŸ˜‰
    BTW as always, “THANK YOU GUYS”, for keeping us posted on our favorite program: without you guys we’d be lost. Thank goodness we only have 18 days to go!!!! πŸ™‚

    • lizzie

      Lust is good! Especially if it involves our sexy Bill Compton!

    • Nia

      Hi Loleaf,
      I do so agree with you!!! Seeing this cute sweet hunted side of Bill was so much fun!

      And our poor lovelorn Ms S, Bill could have done much worse after being insulted like that, instead he took a we bit of monetary revenge!!! I still say good for him!

      And yes, we are all lusting after our favorites. Isn’t that what its all about?? LOL

  • lizzie

    This was great! I love that smoking hot Bill! I also notice his gorgeous blue eyes and who could not help but notice his lovely manly chest complete with man hair! Yum! Yum! and of course, his beautiful face! So, Bill is a great with finances! I guess he was punishing her for being so crass! Loved it!! I have been waiting for the Bill one and this one did not disappoint!

    Thanks Adore Bill!

  • Antonio

    Isnt it funny how 1 character can be Cool And Hot at the same time? LOL πŸ™‚

    • Nia

      Hi Antonio,
      Meaning to get back to you!!
      Hot and cool, cool and hot….I will take him any way. But of course the red velvet couch sounds the best way!! LOL

      He was pretty awesome!! Trying to stay professional while he was being hunted!! LOL That poor Mrs S. she just wanted him to be her daddy!! LOL, to much fun!!

      Yet Bill stayed true to his love!
      His lovely blond intended who would look good in yellow gold!!
      The man has great taste, impeccable manners, and sexy as sin!

      Total package!

  • pbt

    Well this was quite interesting. So Sookie’s ring was obtained by glamoring the sales woman. William Compton received the ring at a discounted price because she thought William Compton was attractive.

    I also found it interesting that Bill was running late. Even after “Mrs. Smallwood” (which BTW, way too funny) showed her obvious interest William Compton is still running around in his “smoking jacket/robe” wide open showing his manly chest. Please cover up please, if you are not interested in a rendez vous. You might be giving mixed messages here.

    It was honorable that William Compton announced his one vamp…I wonder how Sookie would feel about her ring being obtained under these circumstances? I am sure that if the woman wasn’t fired that she had to make up the difference from her paycheck. I would imagine that would be a considerable amount of money for a widow??

    BTW, Season Two arrived today. I love Amazon!

  • ashley

    I thought it was funny when she called him “Daddy”..lmao..he is smokin hot and cannot wait for trueblood season bill all the way!! :)))

    • Nia

      You got that Ashley!!!
      He can be my vampire daddy!!!!!
      I wonder if they sell that smoking jacket anywhere???


      • lizzie

        Hi Nia! Hi Ashley!! I’m for the velvet couch as well!!!

        Our gorgeous boy is back and he is going to rock S3!!!

        • Nia

          Hey Lizzie girl!!!!

          Opposite sides of the world yet we always tend to meet, dream and drool where the sexy Bill Compton is!! LOL!!
          He is definitely my smoldering “Daddy”, none better!
          Must be fate!

          Bill/Stephen will rock S3 like he rocks my world!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    loved it! if only the book Bill could be like this

    • Nia

      I agree Danielle,

      Alan Ball has done such a better job with all the characters than CH ever did in her novels.

      After reading the books and lengthy discussions with CH, he has taken the qualities and true characters of each and merely accentuated them. Then of course he has given completely new life to some. I cannot believe a TB without Lafayette or the ever angry yet always entertaining Tara, and our sweet Sam is so so much the better shifter!!! Who can of course forget our wonderful Jason?? What a great character Alan has created in him!Of course I see Eric as pretty much the same, books or show.

      But of course the best is TB Bill!!! Sexy, smoldering, devoted lover, fighter and friend.

      I think I need to go furniture shopping today! I am now fixated on a red velvet couch, so much more enticingly comfortable than a filthy basement. LOL

      Leave it to Alan Ball to truly “breathe” new life into a vampire!! LOL.

      Team True Blood!

  • blair knight

    goodness that had awkwardness written all over it! haha

  • Antonio

    All I can say is ..pardon me Damn! I’ve been waiting to see 1 of these with Bill. Bill is just So cool! I found it to be So Funny when Bill glamors her and she confesses what she wants with him! I laughed when she begged “Please?” I admire his conviction when he said he was a 1 woman man and a 1 human vampire. I always thought that vampires could feed on whomever they wish as long as they were discreet about it!
    Suppose that the local tru blood supply was exhausted and Sookie was not around out of town perhaps? I’m Sure she would Not want him to “starve” for her!! I hope that she would Not be That selfish to want him to forego vital nutrients just to stay “faithful” to her!! He would Have to feed just to keep up his strength!!
    My point is that Bill IS a Vampire! and 1 human vampire or Not if he Absolutely needed to feed He Would Irregardless of Who he was seeing!!
    Vampires Do feed on the living This is what they do
    I know that Bill is different or he tries to be But a vamper is a vamper!

    This 1 was Really Cool! Much better than the Sam 1! IMHO