True Blood Season 3 Minisode #6: Jason Stackhouse

June 2, 2010 by  

As a way to help True Blood fans deal with the long wait for season 3 to begin on June 13, 2010Alan Ball has written 6 minisodes that are broadcasting on HBO following the season 2 encore presentation of True Blood on Sunday nights.  We have all seen Eric and Pam, Jessica, Sookie Stackhouse, Tara Thornton, and Lafayette Reynolds, Sam Merlotte and Bill Compton now we have Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) moments after where we last saw him in the season 2 finale. Enjoy!

  • lo-life

    Yse finally Jason will become a werepanther this is going to be the best season ever!!!!!!!11

  • Nicole

    “The lion from Narnia” lmao!!! Omg…Jason makes me laugh so damn hard.

  • Lee

    That was a panther! Ahh, so excited for Season 3!

  • annm

    It almost looks like they are really moving ahead with Jason’s story line directly from the books. Is it just me or does it seem they are introducing a lot of characters from the book series early into the tv series? It suits me!!

  • AllMyLights

    So funny, when Jason’s saying all those “Gods”/divinities names: “Aliens”, “Scientology”,… =D

    Personally, I think what we see at the end is a panther and I think it could be Crystal, nan?!

    11 Days 6 Hours 21 min 5 Sec… TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonio

    These were a good idea It helped fans to get a bit more of their favorite show…It gave them a fix. It was a great idea and a good campaign to keep up morale for TB fans. Of course, We All have our favorite minisodes. I like the 1st one with Eric & Pam best I also liked the 1 with Bill. The others were Ok The Sam 1 I liked the least. This 1 was funny Jason can be such a numbskull But he did seem troubled by what he did
    I kind of felt bad for him. What was That thing rustling in the bushes? A Werewolf? Could it be that Jason would be its next victim? Is he in trouble? Hmmmmm
    If a Vampire were to feed on Jason It would probably hurt him but No harm would be done unless the biting vamp drained or killed him. If Jason became the victim of a Werewolf Then he may very well become 1 himself! There is NO Such Thing as a harmless Werewolf bite! Whoa! Run Jay Run!!
    Jason S. :Were You on the football team?
    No I wasnt
    Jason S: Then Dont call Me Jay!
    Ok geez

    • Loleaf

      My favorite also was the Eric and Pam minisode!!! I just love the scenes with them together they couldn’t have chose two better actors to work together.. Just can’t wait to see what Jason gets himself into this season..btw the animal in the woods *SPOILER FOR ANYONE WHO DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW* was a panther. Put it this way if AB and crew follows the books any at all this season we will be in for a hell of a ride!!!

      I so love all the characters and can’t wait to see the adventures (and if we know AB) the distruction in store for them.

    • jaxx

      Antonio, there is a storyline from the books with Jason and certain weres. Don’t want to spoil for you. You’ll be surprised at what happens if AB choses that route.