True Blood’s Third Season is More Intense

June 19, 2010 by  

As we know, True Blood started with a bang last weekend, and will do the same again on Sunday for the second episode. And according to many people, we’re in for an amazing new season which will focus on how people react to extraordinary events. Alan Ball described the third season of True Blood by saying,

“TV shows grow into themselves, and I feel like this show really grew into itself last year—and now it’s just really working at full capacity.”

According to Anna Paquin, the new season of True Blood is much more intense than either of the two previous seasons. There is more weird stuff going on, it’s scarier… Basically we can expect True Blood to be at it’s absolute best.

As we already know, the season is starting out with Sookie searching for Bill. However, this search will lead Sookie to learn about her own past and that she’ll eventually learn that she has something in common with several other characters. (If you’ve read the books or kept up with previous spoilers, you can probably guess what that is already.)

We’ll learn new things about pretty much every lead character too. With Bill, we’re going to learn about his relationship with his maker Lorena, which Stephen Moyer says will be shown as “pretty gnarly.” Eric‘s past will be looked at as well. Alexander Skarsgard had this to say about Eric:

Season 3, for Eric, is about vengeance. The audience will find out that something happened a thousand years ago when Eric was still a human and he lost someone. He gets presented with an opportunity to avenge that person early on in the season.”

Alex continued, saying:

“[His humanity] is something that Eric always tries to suppress and fight and hold back. After Godric died [in Season 2], which was the greatest loss of his life, Eric once again just suppressed it… Sometimes you see a softer side, but he always pulls it back. He hates it when he shows weakness.”

I think the cast and crew of True Blood are having a bit too much fun tormenting the fans with these tidbits! They also added to Sookie/love interest debate, with Alex wanting Sookie and Eric together, Stephen wanting Sookie to end up with whoever makes her happy, and Alan Ball saying that Bill and Sookie‘s relationship will be tested, but that for fans, it’s a personal choice for who they want Sookie with as there are so many great men in True Blood.

Since we know that Bill and Sookie are in for a rocky future, the strongest current relationship on True Blood is going to be between two newcomers, King Russell and his consort Talbot. This couple has been together for hundreds of years already, and though their relationship is strong, they bring lots of drama to True Blood, including speculation about how they’re going to be connected to the werewolves we’re soon going to meet.

The cast didn’t say much about how the werewolves are involved with everything going on currently on True Blood, but they did say that these wolves are somehow connected to Eric‘s past and that Eric hates them. Meanwhile, Sookie will become attracted to one of the new werewolves, specifically one Alcide Herveaux. Anna Paquin thinks that Sookie‘s attraction makes perfect sense.

Bill’s gone [and] Sookie’s sad and lonely. [Alcide] is big and strong and can hang out during the daytime… Yes, he turns into a werewolf, but it’s a little simpler. The warmth, the daylight thing. It’s not bad.”

Alcide doesn’t sound too bad, especially when compared to some of the other new characters who will be on the show, like Coot, Debbie Pelt, and Franklin Mott, amongst many others. However, don’t expect them to take the prominence they may have had in the books. Alan Ball says that these new characters are here in order to serve the regular cast, and their fates could be different than what happened in Charlaine Harris‘ books. Alan may be staying true to the spirit of the books True Blood is based on, but in no way does he need to actually follow them perfectly. He summed it up perfectly, saying:

“Ultimately, there are really no rules. Gran died in the first book and it was shocking, but it was so important in terms of Sookie’s arc that I couldn’t deviate from that. However, Lafayette dies in the second book but when we were shooting the pilot and Nelsan [Ellis] starting working his magic I went, ‘Oh no, we can’t ever kill this guy.’ I mean, I could [but] there is a core group of series regulars that by this point I’m very emotionally invested in and I don’t want to see any of them die… But it’s a show about vampires. Of course people are going to die.”

Sounds like we’re going to be up late every Sunday night, chatting with fellow fans about everything that’s going on!

SOURCE: The Daily Beast

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  • pbt

    Is it Sunday yet? Darn have to wait another whole week for the v-ddiction to continue.

    Thanks, Sheriff for the wonderful article. Just came across this while on vacation. Yes, it appears that a lot of drama is on tap not only for Sookie and Bill but also for Eric. His past seems to haunt him and it appears that werewolves are part of this history.

    Someone in his past dies and perhaps this explains his approach to humans. He doesn’t want to appear weak being Sheriff of Area 5. He takes his position seriously and perhaps a little too seriously. It will be interesting to see what Alan Ball has planned. You know it will be be high drama for sure.

    It was interesting to me how Godric chided Eric for showing his emotions. Something obviously that Godric has been working on for a millenia with the Viking. And then we wonder why Eric doesn’t want to show his feelings for those who are close to him.

    At times Eric is in total control and at other times needs to be reminded by Pam. Being a 1000 year old Viking can’t be easy in these modern times. The social, cultural and technological differences alone are staggering.

    I can’t even begin to fathom all the differences.

    • Loleaf

      Hey pbt I agree with ya!! BTW How’s the vacation going? One week till TB… Yes!! I’ll be on vacation then and have to DVR them and watch when I get back!! My daughter couldn’t understand why mom did’t want to go.. soo I lost out!! 😀 So I’ll be forced to watch Mickey Mouse instead of Eric! 🙁 Oh.. Does that make me a bad parent!! LOL!! 😀

      • pbt

        Vacation was great Loleaf. We came back to 90+ weather. Which is very hot for upstate NYS. I don’t think you are bad at all. I totally agree that you need to DVR but you must take your laptop and watch it on line. That’s what I did last week.

        Our local ice cream place had wifi so I ended up being a regular customer. Not a real fan of ice cream but I made the sacrifice. I brought my Vikings with me so I made it look good. Figured I better buy something if I was using his wifi for an hour. LOL

        Believe me when we planned this vacation I was like let’s do it the following weekend because AB will have the show on a hiatus. OK now who sounds bad? See what True Blood has done to all of us.

        The v-ddicition continues in 8 more days. Yeah, its about time!

  • fotini

    thanks lizzie.i just asked because someone may have read the books and maybe someone knows about that.but i think that only Alan Ball knows the lets wait and see.

  • fotini

    hello name is fotini and im from greece.i would like to know if anyone knows if bill and sookie are going to be together again in the 3rd season?im a huge fan of TB.thanks everybody.its the best show..

    • lizzie1701

      We don’t know Fotini. Alan Ball said that this show is a romance story between Bill and Sookie but they will be having a rough road and tests to prove their devotion to each other, but all remances have turmoil, and Bill and Sookie will have tests and turmoil. Maybe they will break up as being together is apparantly boring (not for me) and so we may see them separated for a while. Who knows.

  • Mrs. Skarsgard

    That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t sound like Bubba’s gonna be on the show, that bumms me out.

  • lizzie

    Thanks Isis. I like the idea that we should be surprised when we watch TB, even if we do follow some of the story lines from the books. The thing with AB, he will change characters and deeds to suit his story which is fine by me.

  • Loleaf

    Very Well written Isis!! You always do a fantastic job staying neutral and are very professional with your writing and comments. I myself like Eric and have always believed that there is more to him than meets the eye, I believe he isn’t as bad as others believe (living 1000 plus years you’d have to grow a thick shell to survive for so long), and completely agree with Alex’s assessment of Eric’s character!! But… I have totally enjoyed Sookie’s adventures with all of her suitors on paper, and am immensely enjoying watching my favorite books come to life on screen!! With Alan and the Dream Team how could we go wrong? Thank God it’s finally Sunday!!!
    (No pun intended) 😉 LOL! Only 8 hours to go!! WOO HOO!

    • Thank you so much! I always attempt to remain neutral in my articles, and you know that I’m personally for Bill, but I appreciate everyone in the cast. They all do such a great job and are such wonderful people! How can I give one more credence over the rest? This is truly an ensemble group, and it’s not fair of me to show preference to only some members of an entirely amazing cast.

      And I know! I can’t wait until the new episode tomorrow night! 😀

      • Loleaf

        Here Here!! I agree with you on all counts.. What counts the most is that we can all come together, from all over the world,(which is amazing in itself), and talk about a tremendous cast on the show that we all love period… 😉 TEAM TRUE BLOOD!!!

        • jaxx

          I agree and YAY it’s Sunday!!!! 🙂

  • Nia

    Oh yeah, I agree Jaxx!
    If this season opener is any indication It may be the most intense season yet. More primal and fierce. I for one am going to love it.
    With so many storylines, we will be kept on the edge of our seats.

    I must say though that as the seasons progress and we will be in for an amazing run, I will always carry the first season in my heart as number one. It was ground breaking television and the glamour of it will happily never wear off.

    Thank you for the tidbits Isis!
    Keep it coming.

    Team True Blood… show on television!

  • jaxx

    Thanks Isis, good article. This will be the best season yet. Even if it follows the core of the books, with the establishment of the new characters and plots, there is going to be a lot going on this year. Can’t wait to sort it all out and find out how everyone is connected and where we go from there. Yes, lots of late night Sunday discussions and water cooler talk on Monday mornings. YAY!!