True Blood Season 3 Music: Episode 7 “Hitting the Ground”

August 2, 2010 by  

Episode number seven of True Blood‘s third season exploded like a Magister‘s head hitting the…well, the ground. Come on. When you have a relatively major character killed before the opening credits, you know it’s going to be intense. There’s a rather short soundtrack list that follows suit with the shorter episode. Below you’ll find the rest of the tracks used in episode 6, season 3, “Hitting the Ground,” along with the artist and plot point during the episode at which the song was played.

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The Benders – Mountain Radio*
Sam drives up to the dogfight but gets turned away.

Stone Temple Pilots – Can’t Drive Me Away*
Jason and Hoyt talk about Crystal. Summer pays Hoyt a visit.

Jason Charles Miller – You Get What You Pay For
(Alcide‘s truck) Alcide tells Tara that she needs to relax.

Zebra Junction – Small H2O Blues*
Jason asks Lafayette for drugs – but they aren’t for him.

Townes Van Zandt & Calvin Russell – Waiting ‘Round to Die*
Sam drives away with his brother.

PJ Harvey – Hitting the Ground
End Credits.

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(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)