True Blood Season 3: More New Teaser Clips with Alan Ball

June 2, 2010 by  

HBO is really making True Blood fans happy right now will all these teaser clips that they are releasing.Β  This is a new teaser clip with never before scenes from season 3 with Alan Ball informing fans that season 3 has “a lot sex a lot of blood and a lot of romance, action and adventure.”

Can you take the wait!

  • Nia

    This season is going to rock on a whole new level!!!
    Intense intrigue, major betrayals and heartbreaks all around.
    And the SEX (sorry AdoreBill, got carried away)!!! Whoo hooo!!
    Cannot wait.

    Tara/Franklin hookup looks like a match made in Hades!!!Hotter than sin.
    Poor Jason, may be tortured by what he did but I think he will find some solace in Crystal.
    Russells insane craziness and intentions will be something to see!
    Sams family and their troubles, I just want Sam to find a nice girl, not one that will try to cut out his heart.
    Lafayette will find new problems working for Eric and Pam.
    Will Pam be taking the fall for Eric?? OH no! Don’t ruin her pumps!
    The queen and Eric willing to let Bill rot?? Their V empire at risk by his knowledge? Seems the magister is hot on their heels.

    The plots against Bill seem to only thicken! What an amazing storyline he is getting. So much heartbreak already and more on the horizon. I think he is pushing Sookie away to protect her, ALWAYS to protect her. But this could throw him over the edge.
    “Doomed from the start”, we may see the feral vampire back.
    Hot dam, the wait is a killer. Loving all that will happen to Bill, awesome story, great character.
    CH never came close!

    The bed scene with Eric and Sookie could be a dream either by Sookie, Eric or even Bill. Or could our little Sookie be showing her new dark side and using sex to manipulate Eric into helping her? Eric shouldn’t underestimate her!!
    MMMM can’t wait to see.

    And our new Hottie Alcide!! He is dark and handsome, and a bit like a big cuddly bear. Wonder how they will add in the Debbie Pelt angle. I am sure she still will not be BFF with Sookie…LOL!

    Bring it on!! These last few days will be the hardest.

    Thanks as always AdoreBill!!!

    True Blood Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annm

    Is it just me or does the whole Sookie and Eric bed scence, now re-ordered between this clip and the other one, make it look like Bill may be having the dream about them? That would be enough to make Bill scream for sure!! I can’t wait and I can hardly believe it’s almost here!!

    • jaxx

      I agree. Now that we’ve seen more clips, I definitely think it’s a dream sequence. That being said, question for anyone with an opinion:

      Now that Sookie has had blood from both Bill and Eric and Eric’s blood is in Sookie, can Bill sense not only Sookie’s emotions but Eric’s as well?? I bring this up because in the last book, Eric’s maker (Appius), Eric and Sookie could sense each other emotions and I wonder if the same holds true in TB for Bill, Sookie and Eric??? Any thoughts???

      I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the queen last season, BUT I like the queen’s new look. Seems like she’s taking her job more seriously this year. One could only hope.

      • Sharon

        In the clip, Eric comes through the window and askes Sookie how the search is going and then Sookie kisses him. There is a similar scene in book 3 where they start to get intimate and then get interupted by Bubba. I do not think this will be a dream, but how far it will goes, who can tell. Personally, as much as I would like to see Eric and Sookie together, I am hoping they do not sleep together until the 4th season, otherwise it will take away from the excitement of the “shower scene” which I am sure most of us are looking forward to.

        • pbt

          I agree about no sex this season. Let it be prolonged as possible. Why? Because I wouldn’t want Eric and Sookie together on the rebound from William Compton. Show scene? What shower scene? Kidding. Anxiously awaiting many scenes in the next two seasons.

          Bring it on Alan Ball, it has been a long time coming. 5 days until the v-ddiction continues!

      • annm

        I was thinking the same thing about Eric’s maker in the book, how Sookie could sense him through Eric and that could work. Bill knows Eric wants Sookie, has been told by others Eric wants her and I’m also thinking being tortured by whoever has him, could be making him hallucinate that bed scene because it’s his worse fear. He’s not there to keep Eric away from Sookie and Bill knows that Eric will take advantage of his absence and he may even think Eric is behind him being taken, Eric really could be behind it. I really don’t think they are going to let Sookie and Eric be together that quickly, in “real time”. Sookie’s smart, strong and stubborn it’s going to take something major, like what happens to Eric in book 4, for her to trust Eric. Also history of popular tv series shows that the two people everybody wants together is usually drawn out. I think that’s why they are throwing Yvetta and Russell’s boyfriend in there with Eric. On a different note, that last trailer I saw made it look like Yvetta might be doing Eric and Pam. What looks like her on the desk with Pam in front of her??? They could have all three together at the same time. We are all thinking the big sex scene they are hinting about is about the guys, Bill and Sam but we could be totally off base!!

        • pbt

          Hey annm. Yes the most recent promos show Pam and Yvetta together. Early spoilers said that Eric passes Yvetta over to Pam. I am thinking that the dancer is not going to like that. I like your idea of a threesome but fear that probably will not happen. As far as hookups this season. Too many to count but lets try:

          Lorena and Bill (while we don’t know the entire circumstances recently spoiled photos show these two together-twisted sex anyone)

          Eric and Sookie (on some level-there is an attraction according to Alan Ball)

          Sam and Bill (in a dream?)

          Sookie and Alcide (there is an attraction according to Alan Ball)

          Eric and Yvetta (photos)

          Pam and Yvetta (trailer)

          Jason and Crystal (trailer)

          Jason and his coeds (spoilers)

          Lafayette and Jesus (spoilers)

          Eric and mystery male (Talbot or Godric?) (according to Alan Ball and Alexander Skarsgard)

          Tara and Franklin (talk about an intense relationship-trailer)

          A few to get you thinking. I am sure there are more. Feel free to add to the list. LOL

          • Loleaf

            pbt & annm, let’s not 4 get about Jessica and her little truck driver buddy… Which by the looks of it, He will be on the wrong end of Jessica’s chainsaw!!! LOL!! I think we’ll see Jessica on a downward spiral(due to killing someone), resulting with her feeding on herself, by the looks of the clips.. But I believe that Hoyt will be her knight in shining armor swooping in and saving her from herself this year!!! Hopefully for her sake, because I’d hate to see anything happen to her. Bill did talk about the odds of newborns surviving the first year for a reason. I have a feeling poor Jessica is going to have to work extremely hard to beat those odds with her maker missing!!

        • jaxx

          I’ve got that same sinking feeling about Jessica biting the dust at the end of this season or next. I love her but aren’t they introducing Holly this year? **SP0ILER** If they follow the books, Hoyt and Holly end up together, bye bye Jessica????

          • pbt

            Yes, I wondered about the trailer where Jessica is biting her own wrist. Whom is she feeding or is she trying to feed herself?? Is that possible??And William Compton is not around to ask all these questions. From trailers it appears that Eric shows up at William Compton’s house to find out about Mr. Compton or perhaps to ask what Jess is up to?? Eric will find out about the trucker from Pam.

          • annm

            I read somewhere that Holly is going to be an interest for Sam at the end of the season. Whether she is a witch or not or if she is going to be good for Sam is another story. I hope they give Sam some happiness. I don’t know about Jessica but I hope they don’t do away with her.

          • Loleaf

            I was also thinking about Jessica after I posted!! Maybe she isn’t feeding from herself, but trying to resuscitate the trucker or whomever she offed!!! “Before they met the chainsaw that is!!” LOL!!! WE don’t have long to wait now… It’s sad (not) that we want the weekend to hurry along so fast, but now Sunday is way more important than Friday or Saturday!!! ;]

          • jaxx

            Loleaf, I agree!! I don’t want to waste the weekend but hurry up Sunday at 9 p.m. lol.

            Are they doing a pre-show at 8 or 8:30???

          • pbt

            8:45pm EST. πŸ˜‰

            3 more days!!

  • pbt

    Clapping hands and jumping up and down. The long torturous wait is almost over. The Alan Ball madness is almost at a fever pitch and is now dropping spoilers and trailers like manna from the sky.

    So much to talk about in this extended trailer. So many juicy and delicious items. Where do we start??

    10 days and counting. It seems like yesterday when the count was over 200. V-ddiction here we come!

    Yeah, True Blood!

  • jaxx

    Hot, hot, hot is right. From what I’m seeing so far, I am really going to enjoy this season. Glad they are using real werewolves, happy to see old and new cast members, happy that at least some of the book is being represented in S3. I have never wanted time to fly by so quickly. Hurry up and get here June 13th. I know what everyone here will be doing on that date and time. lol.

    • Loleaf

      I’m with you there Jaxx, I hope they put more of the books in this season that they have in the previous seasons. Books three and four were two of my favorites!! There were so many things in book 3 that could easily be put into the series, so I hope we get to see at least some parts!! All and all I’m waiting very impatiently for the season to start with my DVR ready to start recording…
      REMOTE ** Check


      • jaxx

        Loleaf, too funny. I have to watch it on the big tv for the same reason. 10 days (almost)to go. I’ll have to inform family and friends not to call on Sundays during the hours of 9-10 unless it’s a dire emergency. lol.

        • Loleaf

          Hey jaxx!! Unless you record it and watch it a couple X’s then tell them not to call you before 12. That gives us time to function properly, get our fix, and pick our jaw’s up off the floor… (not necessarily in that order) LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

          Finally only 10 days to go!!!!!! THE WAIT IS MADDENING!!!

          • jaxx

            I think they’ll remember from last year. Any phone calls while TB is on and my fangs come out. lol. πŸ˜‰

          • pbt

            Hey Loleaf and Jaxx. Yes, other than the Viking no one is allowed to talk, call or move during TB. Heaven forbid I might miss a line of dialogue, an innuendo or perhaps the Viking’s butt.

            I loved your list Loleaf of must haves for watching TB. I agree. I would perhaps add a beverage of choice (Vampire Merlot or a bottle of Tru Blood), a special someone is always nice, a laptop so you can wiki and blog while watching (yeah I am not addicted), a copy of Club Dead to make comparisons to CH original vision (I like comparing the two-they don’t necessarily have to be the same in my mind)and perhaps a snack or two. LOL

            8 days until the V-ddiction continues!

          • Loleaf

            “I hear what your puttin down”… lol Same here when people see curtains drawn, lights out (so I can do a little imagining of my own while watching.. JJ.. or am I), they know not to come a knocking!! LOL πŸ˜‰ I just can’t seem to watch it with anyone because I get distracted… my company thinks I’m rude for not paying attention to them!! LOL

          • annm

            You are so right about watching it a couple times. I watch when they are on and dvr because it does take a couple times to understand everything that transpires. I’ve got seasons one and two on dvd, watched them I don’t know how many times and I still pick up something new. I usually keep all the episodes on my dvr until I can get the dvd’s.

          • Loleaf

            annm are you sure we aren’t long lost siblings!! Because we sound so much alike…. πŸ˜‰

  • Merciless Ink

    I can’t take the wait anymore! I wanna watch nooowwwww!

  • Hi everyone,

    We found another link that works and is not set for private. Thanks to everyone for your patience and to everyone who sent us alternate links! Enjoy!

    • Loleaf

      Thank You soo much Ollie!!!! It was well worth the wait!!! πŸ™‚

      • Loleaf

        Let me rephrase that!!! It was worth the wait for you repost a video we can watch… But having to wait 10 more days plus a handful of hours is PURE TORTURE!!!! πŸ˜‰ Especially with all of the yummy teasers coming out of camp True Blood!!! Alan and Crew are “EVIL EVIL LITTLE MONKEYS”!! LOL! πŸ™‚

  • Lynn

    Which site are we talking about,, or youtube hbo?? I can’t find it on either…

  • annm

    You can go to HBO’s page for True Blood and see this. I think it was made private because of the adult subject matter but it takes just a few minutes to set up a sign in to verify age and then you can see this. This is a new trailer, I haven’t seen anything like this one yet, it’s very good.

    • annm

      Scratch what I said, this clip is different than what I saw on HBO. Also for those who missed the “Ultimate Experience” the other night like myself, this is posted on Youtube in 6 parts. It’s very good and worth seeing all parts. That has the teaser that I was talking about from HBO.

  • Hi everyone!

    I’m checking it now but as I said earlier, I find it strange that they set it as private since this came from HBO’s own Youtube Channel.

    Working on the fix so hopefully it will be up soon.

  • jessikuh

    can only certain people see it? this looks like a new one i havent seen.

  • emily

    It says “private video”… MAKE IT NOR PRIVATE PLEASE!!

  • You now have this video set as “private” – can’t watch it?

    • Strange why HBO has set this as private since this is from their own Youtube Channel?

      Will try to find out ASAP and find a fix.