True Blood Season 3: Photos from the Set

January 10, 2010 by  

Just in time to help with many to deal with their feelings of True Blood withdrawal, photos from the set of True Blood have emerged.ย  These photo features Sam Trammell, the lovable shapeshifter, Sam Merlotte, taking a break from shooting a scene on the set for season 3.ย  Looking at the photos we see a garage scene in the background, indicating that perhaps Sam is working on a scene dealing with him trying to find his family.

Whatever the scene may be about True Blood fans are just thrilled to see and know that the production of season 3 is on a roll.

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  • Frederikke

    I adore the character of Sam. Heck, I think I adore them all! I’m very glad that they decided not to kill of Lafayette, he is another kick-ass character so sublimely well played.

    The scene with Sam and Bill was odd. I’m guessing since Sam had his blood, Bill was trying to “reach” him for help, but it came out differently? Or maybe Sam just IS a dog ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Eric well, Alexander Skarsgaard) does have the best hiney! Cheeks down! Thanks for that!

    However, we saw WAY too little of Sookie.

    I look forward to the rest of the season.

  • Antonio

    Aside from Bill and Eric,I think that Sam and Jason are 2 of my fave characters also. I like Sam because he is down to earth,working class..everyday folk. He is the real deal. Jason is a bumbling misguided bonehead but well meaning I suppose. Probably the “huggable” idiot? Just tuning in to see his goofy antics and hear some of his goofy talk too much,Man!
    Sam seems like the kind of guy you would want to sit down and have a beer with and just talk. I feel he got a raw deal in S2!
    The whole Maryann thing just dragged on! Perhaps some of that time could been used to explore Eric,Sam Or Jason further??

  • jaxx

    I adore Sam. Glad we will be seeing more of him in S3. I think his family’s back story will be interesting. I think a lot of Sam will be revealed in S3.

  • This reminds me that I’m STILL upset about not being in “the know” when they filmed not too far from me… I should have known ahead of time and gone back then!

    But I still appreciate the pics!

  • txophelia

    Yeah, it’s true that the guy “sure does know how to wear a pair of jeans!” LOL

    I’d also love to be that hair stylist and run my fingers thru his hair….he has AMAZING hair. Sam is growing on me. I wasn’t that taken with him in the first 2 seasons, but after his sacrifice in the last season, I love him even more now. I’m anxious for him to find someone to love in the show. Daphne broke his heart. Poor little shape-shifter….. :-(……

  • jo

    They do most of the filming out in California, is that correct? How do you find out if they plan on filming in Louisiana again?

    • Hi jo!

      Yes most of the filming is done in the Los Angeles area but they usually put out info. to the local media looking for extras to be in the show. So the best thing to do is to keep you eyes open to the local newspapers reporting casting calls for extras if they plan to shoot in Louisiana. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nia

    Thanks AdoreBill,
    Keep bringing the pics from the set.
    I will take anything. The wait is to long and I look forward to all the actors in action.
    I adore Sam. He is wonderful and I am curious as to his family connections and the drama that will bring.
    YES, he does look cold. The arctic blast did hit much of the south.
    I wonder how it will affect Stephens accent. He has claimed in a previous “Live with Regis And Kelly” interview (by the way…he was way to cute!) that part of the reason he spoke in a sloooooow southern drawal was because of the tremendous weight of the heat down in Lousiana!! Don’t worry all, I am sure the heat will be right back. Enjoy the cold while you can!

    • Antonio

      Hi Nia Isnt it cool to have pics from the set while they are filming scenes from S3? I bet that Sam and many of the crew members are cold. I read in an interview once (and they do this sometimes in Films and Tv) That Sam and Ryan Kwanten had said that sometimes they film hot steamy summer nights when its very cold outside! They have to essentially “pretend” thats its summer when it can be really very cold out! Thats probably Why Sam looks cold. I remember reading an interview which Ryan Kwanten gave where he said that a lot of the time scenes were filmed late at night and that it could be quite chilly.
      I remember Sam saying something like in the Maryann ritual orgy scenes they were filmed late at night and that it was cold.
      He also said that after the nude orgy scenes that crew members would bring them blankets to keep wrapped up in until it was time to disrobe again. If you notice, that in the end of the S2 finale after they nix Maryann Sam appears naked on the road
      He then goes off to get a pair of jeans puts them on and walks away. I saw an inteerview with Sam about this a few months ago where he said he asked permission from the director if he could put his jeans on apparently the director wanting him to walk away nude but Sam said he was cold and wanted to put his pants on. So I guess the director approved.
      Anyway, Its great to see that they are working on episodes for S3!
      As for the pics? Keep ’em comin’! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
      By the time the 1st episode of S3 airs in June the season will be pretty much wrapped up and they will b discussing S4!
      Now would be the best time for interviews not in June
      Although I know the cast is “sworn to secrecy” regarding speaking to the media about plot points.
      Wouldn’t it be cool,Nia to work on that set doing something?
      Even the guy who helps Sam on with his coat?
      Just to be part of it all somehow it would just be So cool!
      To serve as a creative consultant on Either True Blood or Twilight would be awesome!!
      Its neat to see you have such devotion to your fave Bill I like him too but my faves are Sam,Eric and Jason I like laffayette too

      • Nia

        Hi Antonio,
        I guess it is the mark of a great actor to “act” in the most difficult of situations. I give them credit for all their dedication and hard work when they have to sometimes do it in harsh conditions. That is why we love them and show our own dedication and devotion to them.

        How interesting it would be to be a part of the entire process of bringing such a remarkable show to life. In all honesty it may take away the fantasy though, seeing how it is made. When we see love scenes or fight scenes, it is so broken up when filming that it does not seem like “love” or “fighting” at all. I respect that, it brings us what we love so much. Perhaps ignorance is bliss?????? LOL. But still who wouldn’t give their eyeteeth to be a “gopher” on the set. Even just for a bit. I would love bringing the cast and crew a hot chocolate, muffin, blanket, or pair of pants (when they are naked…oooops, sorry, got carried away..LOL), or anything else to be helpful!!!!!!!!

        As to S3, there are so many speculations out there. It makes it most fun to read. I have admittedly written an episode in my own head. The possibilities are endless when we have a basis for such a wonderful fantasy and such talented actors to play the part.

        Alas Antonio, Bill is still my favorite, I beleive he has been incorporated into my DNA. The basis for my life.
        But I do love, respect and admire ALL the other cast as well, just in different ways.

        I will happily wait for more info, tidbits, news, pics of all our favorites in the months to come. It will help, keep at bay, the bitter cold.

        As always,

        Team True Blood!

        • Antonio

          Hi Nia It would be So cool to be involved with the process of bringing the show to onscreen life. Its a process I know a long drawn out 1. But, I think its worth it especially if it moves and delights its fanbase. I remember seeing clips from Comic-Con last year on HBO Many of the cast and AB could not believe how many people showed up just for TB! I’m sure it was incredible! I remember Sam Trammell saying at the end of the segment “You’ve been buzzed” More like bowled over! LOL
          They work so hard to bring us this show. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a part of that creative process.
          To work for Tv or film as a producer writer creative consultant maybe even a casting director must be nice.
          I think its great Nia if you could write an entire episode of the show even if its just in your mind i’ve done that with other shows.
          I guess theres nothing else like this show on Tv right now

  • Antonio

    It’s great to have pics from filming on set! Thanks It certainly helps to keep us fans “in the loop” where TB is concerned. Its good to know that they are shooting scenes for S3. I bet that Sam is cold! This cold snap has a great deal of the country in its icy grip! Even places where it usually doesnt get cold are feeling it in the mornings! Sam probably has to “pretend” its a hot,sultry day in Louisiana when its really a cold day on set! I remember reading an interview with Sam where he said that when they were filming that sequence with Maryann the pagan rituals and the meat tree that he went back to his car for somet5hing and he looked and saw that the temperature was about 34oF Pretty cold and he mentioned also that he and others had to disrobe in that cold!
    Anyway,Its great to have pics to see that S3 is progressing!
    Sam Trammell is 1 of my favorite actors on the show!
    Thanks again Ollie! Go TB!!!

  • Cathy

    While I can’t wait for season 3, I hope they don’t drag along like they did last year! We need more Bill, Sookie and Eric drama… Very hot and exciting. Sam’s mon?? Not so interesting

    • Samsgirl

      Cathy… Sam might not be interesting to you… but you’re not the only viewer… Personally I cant wait to see a whole lot more of Sam

  • Angela

    Sam Trammell looks cold in these pics.Bbbrrrrr!!!