True Blood’s Season 3 is More Popular Than Ever

September 15, 2010 by  

True Blood Cast, True Blood, HBOMany different media sources rate shows currently on tv, and with some shows, each new season means that more people are introduced to the show and get more ratings from bigger and bigger pieces of media.

True Blood is a show that has garnered better and better ratings as each new season airs. One website in particular, Metacritic, has given True Blood a higher ranking with each new season as new reviews of the show continue to come in.

In the first season, Metacritic gave True Blood a rating of  64 based upon show reviews. After season 2 aired, Metacritic upped that rating to a much more favorable score of 74. Based on the reviews of season 3, Metacritic upped True Blood’s score again. Currently, True Blood has been given a rating of 79.

Congratulations to Alan Ball and the cast and crew of True Blood! Hopefully we’ll continue to see a rise in ratings with each new season of True Blood!

SOURCE: Entertainment and Show Biz — True Blood Season 3: Latest Metacritic Rating Suggests Popular Than Ever

(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)