True Blood Season 3 Poster Updated

April 27, 2010 by  

Earlier today we posted the new True Blood Season 3 cast poster that was on the HBO Canada website.  However, HBO e-mailed us the latest version with the date and write up on it.  To enlarge click on the photo and then click the box in the bottom right hand corner to see the original size.


  • Antonio

    WOW! This is unbelievable! I thought the poster for S2 was Awesome and it Is IMHO It kind of reminds of the S5 poster from the Sopranos kinda like that! Will there be promo spots like there were for S2? Remember those? they were cool!
    This is incredible can hardly wait 4 days until webisode 1 airs bring it on!! 🙂

  • missyella

    This is so fantastic, I am curious whenever you see Sam, Tara is never far away, nearly entwined but not quite.

    Are we ready for a revisit of their on-off reletionship, I am hoping so yay…………….

    The rest of the cast looks fantatstic, but where is Andy and Hoyt for that matter? I feel that they are quite pivotal characters….

    Yes Eric is centre stage is this a precursor of what is to come this season???

    Lafayette, Pam and Jason look really cool as does Anna and Stephen.

    I will be in Sicilly when the season starts, but as soon as I am back in the UK, it is TVShack to watch it online.

    I just cannot wait now.

    Question: Could the Wolf be Alcide, or is it Debbie?

    • Hi missyella,

      Good to see you! 🙂 I think the wolf is Alcide since he is to play a bigger role in season 3 then Debbie. Also in the books Debbie was something else. 😉 Wow Sicily for the whole period. You are one lucky girl! 🙂

      • Jenya

        Hi Ollie Chong aka AdoreBill, do you have any information about when/where the poster will be available for purchase? I’ve browsed the net back and forth and HBO’s site, but it’s nowhere to be found. I really want to buy it, my husband and I are both hardcore fans of the show!! Also, I think it would look extra cool in blacklight! 🙂 Thanks in advance, hope to hear your answer! Jenya.

        • Hi Jenya,

          It should be made available soon on the HBO shop website soon as each poster is slowly being released so it just should be a matter of time. 🙂

    • jaxx

      Hey Missyella! I’m guessing Alcide too as the wolf.

      Wow, Sicily. Lucky girl. Have a great time.

    • Antonio

      Hi Missy How Wonderful for You to go to Sicily! BUON VIAGGIO as they say in Italy! Sicily looks Marvelous from pics I have seen of it Just Beautiful! Its a shame you are not going to Tuscany because then maybe you could date 1 of the Volturi! LOL (italian vampire hierarchy in the twilight saga)
      It would be cool if Bill took Sookie sometime on a trip to Italy and perhaps they could stay with vampires there….I’m sure there are vamps there,too LMAO
      Congrats again! Sicilia e` molto meraviglioso! ~~~Sicily Is great!~~~~
      Have a Wonderful trip! By The Way, In Italy True Blood is “Sangue Fresco” ~~~~fresh blood~~~ sounds even More sexy if that is possible! blood in italian is ( sahn- gwaay)
      Just in case you happen to meet a hot vampire over there you can impress them by saying “Sangue Caloroso” Warm Blood
      Can hardly wait myself for S3 premiere and the 1st webisode in 4 DAYS WOOOOOHHHOOOOOO!

  • jaxx

    Interesting, there is a smaller snake around the post with its head pointing at Jessica with the bigger snake in between her legs, hmmmm. What’s Jessica going to be up to??? And, is that a second large snake coming out of the woods just behind the other bigger snake’s head slithering towards Bill and Sookie???

    Could we be seeing multiple actions of deceiving behavior here?? Hmmm. Everytime I look at this picture I see something else. I think HBO is trying to make me go insane. LOL.

    • lizzie

      I magnified the pic and can see 4 snakes. The really big one, the one next to Pam. the other below Pam and to the side of the really big snake and the little one near Jessica. I hate snakes!

  • TV Aholic

    I love this poster it’s slamming!!! All I can say is WOW! Everyone looks great! Come on June 13th (which happens to be my Birthday) What a gift.

    • Antonio

      I agree 100%! Its Cool!

  • jaxx

    OMG, this poster is awesome and full of hints for S3 to come. Color and graphics much clearer on the updated version. Had to adjust my previous post a little with the clearer images.

    Eric in the middle front and center, behind him a werewolf–there is a connection there. Pam looking at Jessica–is Pam taking Jessica under her wing???? Jason looking at Lafayette and Lafayette looking at Pam, hmmmm. Tara and Sam together seeming to both look at Eric/Bill and Sookie?? Bill and Sookie together but with a snake pointing at Bill and Sookie but looking at Eric, deception of some sort possibly coming?? A skull, someone’s going to bite the dust.

    Interesting, very interesting. Can’t wait. And yes, waiting sucks.

    Wow, love the setting and the colors. That’s all we need is the S3 theme song.

    • Antonio

      Hi Jaxx This poster is SO Cool! Its neat to see Sam and Tara standing so close to each other Although their affair tanked in S1 it would be kind of cool to see them hook up and give it another go! 1 of the best things? NO Maryann! LOL

      • jaxx

        Hi Antonio, yes “no Maryann”, but we are adding the weres, which, imo, are much cooler. 😉

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  • lizzie

    Looks like the snake is entwined amongst them all!! I still think it is looking at Eric!

  • Whoa! There’s more to this than meets the eye originally when you see it full-sized! Beautifully done, though!