True Blood Season 3 Red Carpet Premiere: First Photos

June 8, 2010 by  

Tonight is the red carpet premiere of Season 3 of True Blood and the cast are arriving as we speak. Here are the first set of photos of many that will be coming out for the next couple of days.  So in the meantime enjoy these first photos! To enlarge the photos click on the image and then click the box in the bottom right-hand corner to enlarge to its original size.



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  • Susie

    Can someone please tell me what is up with Anna P. and Alexander S. hair? Do they not have a stylist? They looked terrible. And I have seen pictures of Alex and he has had his hair LONG before so why the business mans buzz while playing a long haired vamp?
    Alan Ball really needed to demand he did not cut his hair while under contract for this show. Now we also know Sookie hair must be a big wig. Sam looked great as well as the rest of the cast!
    Just re-signed up for HBO to watch the show and looking so forward to it season 2 was not that great. The books Harris writes are fantastic though! I hope season 3 is fantastic.

    • val

      Actually-Alex was the one wearing a wig in Season one and it was just too hot. Anna is a natural brunette and has to have her hair touched up every 10 days or so so she resembles her character Sookie.

  • szonyi-x

    yaaaay! pictures!!! 😀
    hmm, sam ^-^ such a candy

  • val

    Alex you are so yummy!!!