True Blood Season 3 Rumors Abound

March 26, 2010 by  

With the upcoming June release of Season 3 of True Blood, rumors abound as to what is in store for Sookie and company. If you have read Charlaine Harris‘ books, you will certainly wonder what new spin Alan Ball and the writers have put on the next installment. Season 3 casting calls provides some indication of the new characters that will arrive on the scene, but HBO’s viral ad campaign and short teaser clips have still left much to the imagination.

In probably the craziest speculation yet, the New York Post claims that fans have surmised the death of Arlene Fowler based on the short clip HBO released this week (the one that shows Sookie with a gun and Eric, bloodied and struggling with a man’s arm, on the floor). The Post supports this theory with the fact that actress, Carrie Preston, recently signed a guest starring deal with The Good Wife, and that her husband, actor Michael Emerson, purportedly stated that “something shocking happens to Arlene” this season. Clearly the fans the NY Post talked with were not aware that many actors appear on more than one show simultaneously. Last season’s Ashley Jones completed her stint as Daphne on True Blood while still appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful. Additionally, Alan Ball has stated that the character who dies in Season 3 is “hated”. Arlene hardly meets that criteria!

So, that leads us back to square one. Who will die in Season 3, and will it be a primary or supporting character? Does Sookie shoot someone in defense of Eric (as the new HBO spot seems to imply)? I have my own theories based solely on what I have read in the books, but I would rather not speculate here given that Alan Ball’s creative license always seems to take me down a path I never expected! In the coming weeks HBO will release more short clips and posters that are sure to get the rumor mill spinning. By the time Season 3 premieres, fans will have well developed theories as to who dies, who kidnapped Bill, and why Sookie was holding that gun. In the meantime, enjoy the Season 2 encore and stay tuned after each episode to catch the Season 3 teasers. Season 3 begins airing June 13.


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  • Ashlee

    I believe Arlene’s shocking plot line is going to be about her pregnancy- I don’t think the baby is going to be entirely human. A few different scenes and lines throughout seasons 1 & 2 have suggested to me that there’s something different about Terry. And I don’t just think it’s his “I’ve seen terrible things” jaded soldier awkwardness. What do you think?

  • Tina

    I think that maybe they are combining the two books together 3 and 4. But with Alan’s twists who knows. I am so ready for this show to come back on I have done reread all the books again. And just have that lost feeling in me 21 days in counting for Dead in the Family.

  • pbt

    Yes, 75 days until the start of Season Three. You are right about the rumors, speculations and theories do abound. Whether AB will follow the books or invent his own version of Club Dead remains to be seen.

    It should all be great drama, action, sexiness and intrigue for sure. Personally, I am waiting to see how Alan Ball is going to structure the Vampire politics that are going on behind the scenes. QSA, Russell, the Magister and Nan Flanagan should all come into play in Season Three. It will be interesting to see how all of this will play out with Bill, Lorena and of course my favs, Pam Ravenscroft and Eric Northman.

  • Roberta

    Oh yeah, I’m in with all of you who think Loreena will bite the dust in this season. She’s rotten to the core. She most certainly is not able to blend in with human society. I could also see Mrs. Fortenberry gone. She really shouldn’t have said all those mean things to Jessica.. and if season 3 has Hoyt moving in or bunking with his pal Jason, it could really get interesting. With the way they left Jessica at the last episode of season 2, no telling which way she will go, especially with Bill, her maker, disappearing. I really don’t think they have foster homes for baby vamps.

  • chris

    Everybody hates Maxine Fortenberry too.

  • noreen

    I too think it is Lorena who dies. I do hope that Alan keeps the show seperate from the books though. First I don’t want to know what is going to happen because then there is no reason to watch. Second, I have been dissapointed in the books but so far do like the show.

  • lee

    I have to say that the only hated person i can think of is Lorena and it would tie in with the book. I think they should definately keep that and stuff. Especially the bits with eric!And although I know Arlene is slightly distancing herself, i don’t think she’ll die…besides that would be sad because i like her character. I just read Dead in the Family (ARC) so I’ll super ready for more True Blood! (anyone know how many books miss C.H. is gonna write?) for sure 11!

  • I hope season 3 follows book 3 more then season 2 did. I personally loved season 1 and thought it did the book justice. I was a little disappointed on how they made Maryann’s maeynad character this huge ordeal in season 2 when she is barely in the book. Book 3 is my favorite book of the season.. I hope they keep to it as closely as they can tv wise. I am really looking forward to seeing Sookie get her revenge on Lorena!!

    • lee

      I pretty much agree with you there…season was did seem more book related…although i love lafayette, season 2 was a bit off compared to 1.

  • Laura

    The female that dies is obviously Lorena.

    • Dan

      It probably is Lorena… They can kill Debbie next season

  • Dan

    Debbie Pelt Dies… duh. But I hear they are keeping her around all season and making her a bit more sympathetic, before killing her pyscho-ass!! 🙂

    • Hmmm are you sure it is Debbie Pelt in Season 3. I think someone else dies sooner then that. 😉 Depending on how Alan will write the stories and as we all know anything can happen. 🙂

      • Kelly

        Precisely! If Alan were strictly going by the book, then the scene clip is easy to explain; however, I don’t recall Eric struggling with a man when Sookie kills Debbie, and it certainly didn’t happen so early in the series (I thought it was more like book 4 or 5!). Anyway, we know anything goes. I know they cast Crystal Norris for Season 3, but she doesn’t enter the picture until much later in the books either. It’s a real puzzler!

    • Debi

      Debbie Pelt has to stick around to keep raining on Sookie’s parade. I think TB will want to keep the reveal that Debbie was at the King’s house from book 4…that was the last straw for Alcide and a great part book 4.