True Blood Season 3: Rutina Wesley Talks Tara and Vampires

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We all know what an amazing talent Rutina Wesley is and what an amazing job she has done playing Tara Thornton on True BloodKathie from Kathie’s Sci-Fi Drive By, recently had the opportunity to speak with Rutina about her character and what is in store for Tara on the much anticipated season 3. The article will be featured in Sci Fi Magazine on newsstands around June 1st. This is a look at some of the interview that you won’t find in the magazine.

This segment of the interview began with Rutina being asked why she thinks Tara has gotten herself into so much trouble in the past. Rutina explains that Tara is extremely vulnerable and naive. Rutina thinks Tara is like this because all she has ever known is the small town of Bon Temps.  Rutina goes on to say that Tara still has a lot of life experiences to go through and she will take another incredible journey in season 3 and Rutina can’t wait!

Rutina was then asked about the fact that her character has so much depth and is not like the Tara that fans see in the book series, and how she feels about the role. Rutina replied saying:

“I mean it’s all coming together so beautifully, and I feel incredibly lucky and honored, to be a part of this cast and be a part of this show and working for Alan Ball and the rest of the writers and HBO is a dream. It’s like a dream job, and I had no idea it would be such a huge hit. I mean it just like went to the sky. We’re all over the world now. I have people writing to me from Hungary and Germany, and it’s just like… I’m just like amazed. I get overwhelmed and I cry every now and now ‘cause I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’m on TV. I can’t believe people are enjoying my work. I mean this is what I went to school for. This is what I wanted, and I’m actually getting to do what I love. And when you get to do your passion, what you want to do, it’s incredible because there are a lot of people who actually don’t get to do what they want to do. So I’m incredibly thankful and grateful and appreciative of this job and of the show. It’s really great.”

At this point the interview moves into more details about season 3. In the upcoming season Tara comes into a new romantic interest, vampire Franklin Mott, who will be portrayed by James Frain. Rutina describes his character as tall, dark, and handsome, but with a big emphasis on the dark part.  Rutina also talks about how her character had never been pro-vampire in the past but fans will see a lot of crazy stuff happen between these two characters.  Rutina also mentioned that she really enjoys working with James Frain and that he keeps her on her toes. They have a really good connection.

Rutina was then asked what she felt her biggest challenge was in playing Tara. Rutina answered:

“I think the emotional struggle that she has inside of her. Tara is… she’s so emotional. She’s very strong, and yet, at the same time she’s a flower, and it’s really sometimes difficult to go from the big dramatic Tara to the comedic Tara to the telling off somebody, and then to try to come home with that and like take it all off and be the wife. It’s incredibly hard to find the balance, but that’s where all of my training, I would say, comes into play. I mean learning how to delve into a character and then learning how to let it go and be able to come home and breathe and then go back to work the next day… and then she’s back there.”

Well we look forward to seeing Rutina in the upcoming season 3 next month. I can’t wait to see all the wild stuff Alan Ball has in store for this amazing character!

SOURCE:  Kathie’s Sci Fi Drive By

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)