True Blood Season 3: Rutina Wesley Talks About Being Tied Up

August 6, 2010 by  

Rebecca Murray was able to speak with the beautiful Rutina Wesley during the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. Rutina plays Tara Thornton on True Blood, who is a misguided best friend of Sookie who viewers have seen fall in and out of love and had more run ins with the supernatural than she can handle. Rebecca asks Rutina about Tara‘s “crazy” boyfriend, Franklin. Rutina is very close lipped and laughs about how she is mainly “tied up” during their short but tumultuous relationship. Rutina explains how her training at Julliard has helped her to prepare for this role because of the many different emotions she has to be portray in order to survive and escape from her captor. As fans have seen from last week’s episode, Tara is able to escape from Franklin by bludgeoning him during the daylight and escaping. The biggest question for fans right now is for how long?

Alan Ball is a genius and I love working with him and I love my entire cast”,

Rutina also describes what it is like to be a cast member on such a remarkable show with such a remarkable fandom. As an avid viewer of this show for the last 3 seasons, I truly appreciate the diverse emotions that Rutina has had to undergo in order to play the perfect Tara. We wouldn’t want you in any other way.

Click here to view Rebecca Murray‘s interview with Rutina and as always, catch Tara this Sunday on HBO‘s True Blood to see if she really escapes the ties to Franklin.


Photo credit: HBO Inc.