True Blood Season 3: Sam Merlotte’s First Day of Discovery

June 15, 2010 by  

The first episode of True Blood Season 3 has just aired (it’s actually Episode 25: Bad Blood).  Now that our hanging jaws have shut, we want to know more.  More about Sam Merlotte and his family and more about Sam Merlotte and Bill Compton.

As if reading the minds of True Blood fans, HBO interviewed Sam Trammell and asked him to speak on those very topics.  Thank you HBO!

Sam is having mixed thoughts about the discovery he made that he has a brother.  But Tommy (Marshall Allman) is lying about his identity, so what’s going on with this family?  Sam‘s parents gave him up but they kept his brother.  Should he or should he not knock on that door?  According to Sam, the decision his character makes will cause him to deal with resulting consequences for the entire season.

HBO then asked if he had given any advice to the new shape-shifters about getting naked for the show.  Sam responded that yep, there certainly are a lof of “ripped naked men on our show” and recalled the first time Marshall (as Tommy) had to remove his clothes.  Usually, the locale where they often shoot is freezing. On this occasion it wasn’t quite as cold and Sam kept telling Marshall how lucky he was.  Marshall wasn’t buying any of it, as he lay naked in the dirt.

Now let’s get into that dream sequence – Sam and Bill and their talk of a shower together.  Sam knew that eventually there would be some connectivity between the two, but he did not expect such a scene so quickly.

Talking about how they set up for the scene, Sam described how the stand-ins for him and Stephen Moyer (Bill) posed for the director of photography for a visual.  Watching in the monitor, the director told them to remove their shirts due to lighting issues.  They were instructed to keep getting closer and closer and then they were told “we needed them to kiss.  You should have seen their faces – it was pretty good”.

But what was Sam thinking during the actual scene?  Speaking for his character, Sam said he was definitely confused at Bill‘s appearance.  But as this was a dream, it made sense to him, somewhat, that Bill would be there wanting to use his shower.

“Then he starts to get turned on by the whole thing, which was kind of surprising and embarrassing – but that’s what the vampire blood does to you.  So he just started rolling with it.  But then he wakes up and is like, ‘Oh God, what was that?’.”

Besides more of these steamy scenes, we can expect to see what Sam was up to in the years prior to his arrival in Bon Temps.  Sam said it will be fascinating to learn the type of person Sam is.  “It’s some of my favorite stuff in the whole season.”

True Blood Season 3, now showing Sundays on HBO.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)