True Blood Season 3: Sookie, Tara and Lafayette Minisode

May 11, 2010 by  

As a way to help True Blood fans deal with the long wait for season 3 to begin on June 13, 2010,Β  Alan Ball has written 6 minisodes that are broadcasting on HBO following the season 2 encore presentation of True Blood on Sunday nights.Β  We have all seen Eric and Pam, and Jessica, now the third minisode features Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) and Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis).Β  Just love seeing the dialogue between these three and it reminds us all why we love True Blood so much! So sit back, relax and drift off into the world of True Blood even if it is only for a few moments, it does help with the hunger.


  • Antonio

    does anyone else think that tara sounds a bit jealous here?
    She knows at this point that sookie is in love with bill and yet she can be So cocky I love “feisty” tara and laffy with the attitude Sorely missing from Most of S2!
    The 1st one with Eric,Pam & Yvetta Rocked!!
    The 2nd One with Jessica and the old man looking for who knows what was…Ok
    This 1 is cool Tara is right though…Bill doesnt work Where Does he get All his Money? and where does a vampire get off having a BMW? He cant afford a better place to live but yet he can afford a luxury car??

  • Rebekka

    These mini episodes are killing me, and I love the spoilers but honestly..I can`t wait anymore!!

    However, what I am really curious about is are they going to be introducing an awesome character from the book named Bubba in season 3??? He is definitely one of the best in the books lol.

    Any thoughts?

    • Actually, Alan Ball has said repeatedly that Bubba will NOT be in True Blood. After all, we don’t have the real one, and it would be a cheesy addition. His words, not mine! LOL, I’ve heard them in person, actually.

      • Rebekka

        Thank you! lol I couldn`t find anything about it.

    • Alan has mentioned many times there will be no Bubba. It just wouldn’t work without coming off too cheesy.

  • Kathleen

    I adore the books and was worried the series wasn’t following them but quickly came to realize I could love BOTH equally. One of the things I love most about the series is the treatment of Tara and the inclusion of the books lost characters like Lafayette (MY complete favorite character) and original characters like Jessica. I’m still hoping for Sookie/Eric pairing like the books but am happy with the differences enough I will go where the writers lead.

    Lovely clip…I love this trio!!

  • diaantje73

    great, but didnt season 2 end with sookie already having the dress on and stuff? ore is it a flaschback?

    • Hi diaantje73,

      These minisodes are “fillers” providing information we didn’t see in season 2 or bridging the gap between the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3. πŸ™‚

      • diaantje73

        thanx ollie!

        oke because this is the first one i see from season 2!

        btw on hbo new desktops and pics, stuff verry nice have the newone!!

        its verry beautifull!

  • kat

    its great to see the girls but i do love Lafayette he is my girl
    and i do agree with loleaf .

  • loleaf

    I love you guys for putting these on early!! It makes the waiting a little bit easier to take.. The downside is that my mouse button gets a workout, constantly clicking play play play!!! LOL πŸ™‚

    I am so glad that AB chose to keep Lafayette and not have him killed off… His comments “Hello Kitty’s Claws Are Coming Out”, makes me lmao every time I watch it..

    32 days and counting until our addictions ease up a little.. Then the long week to week wait in between episodes… Boy I’m never satisfied am I!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    • miss lady m

      I really like true blood I watch season1 to season 2 on demand every nite I’m thirsty for more true blood.

      • loleaf

        I so agree miss lady m!! πŸ˜‰ I believe we could all recall every part of TB from memory given how many x’s we’ve watched and rewatched the episodes… LOL!! πŸ™‚

  • jaxx

    Good one. I bet a lot of people were asking that same question, “Where did Bill get his money from?” It is explained in the books but this is tv.