True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Bill and Lorena

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True Blood fans were left with an amazing cliffhanger at the end of season 2: Who Took Bill!  As most of us await to see the upcoming season 3 of True Blood, one can’t help but wonder if Lorena, Bill‘s sexy vampire maker,  is the culprit in his disappearance.

The talented actress who plays Lorena on the hit series, is Mariana Klaveno and she is not talking!  All the actress will say is that fans can rest assured that the naughty Lorena will be back in season 3.

MTV’s Hollywood Crush recently spoke to Mariana and was able to get a little more details about Lorena‘s future.  Here is what we know. We are not sure if Lorena is the culprit in Bill‘s kidnapping but Mariana does confess that she has plenty of screen time with Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton.

“I think you’ll see some sides of Lorena that will surprise you. She’ll be in certain situations where you think she’ll do something, and she will not [do what you expect].”

Mariana also lets fans know that there will be some more flashback sequences as we saw in season 2.  Mariana did not let out any details about the scenes but did explain why she loves doing them:

“I love the flashbacks, because you get to step into that time period and play around a bit — I think the flashbacks help build that into the character.  The years and experience add layers into the character. I did a little bit of research and beefed up on world history a bit. I don’t actually know what her history was in every single decade — the writers haven’t filled in all of those blanks, so I’ve kind of had to do my own loose sketch of how I thought she spent some centuries.”

Mariana ends her interview by promising fans that there will be plenty of heat between Lorena and Bill in the upcoming season:

“I think you can definitely expect much more turbulence between them, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility for them to see each other in new ways. I don’t know if they’ll ever be at peace with each other, but there might be some real heartfelt connection.”

I must say, once again, Alan Ball has me on the edge of my seat!! Season 3 of True Blood premieres this June!

SOURCE:  MTV’s Hollywood Crush
(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)

  • Constance

    I hope they hook Lorena and Bill up…I have a problem with Bill being able to commit to Sookie or anyone for that matter. As Eric said…the bond between a vampire and his maker is very strong….Bill for whatever reason never had that bond with Lorena…makes me wonder, if he cant have it where it is supposed to be, then how can he have it with someone else. Sure he didn’t want to be turned, but neither did the majority of vampires, yet they were and still are loyal and have a deep love for their maker…Just my opinion 🙂 Can’t wait for the season to start!

  • tishen4

    If you have read the books & if Alan Ball goes off of them just a little you will know Lorena is a big problem in season 3 & also Eric will get involved in the most self indulgent way! I really like how all the characters are well rounded Jason is a dimwit but brave & loyal to his sister all the characters are fully developed in their own way & I can’t wait till season 3

  • Sheila

    I agree, I can’t wait for S3 to start, and just know it is gonna be awesome no matter what cause AB has got it together. My DVR took a dive last week and they were tryin to tell me that I couldnt get a new one for over 6 weeks, yeah, whatever, needless to say, I have a new one. And the thought of not seeing the start of S3 was just too much. Open Open Open Open…..

  • Loleaf

    OMG!! I am on so many pins and needles waiting for season 3 I feel like a Chinese acupuncture doll!!! lol 😉 Luckily we only have 38 days 12 hrs 22..21..20..19 minutes to go!!!! A person can go insane waiting lol.
    We can only guess as to what AB and staff have planned for these two… I suspect it will be something sentimental though because Eric did tell Sookie that the bond between a vamp and his maker was “VERY” strong, and maybe one day she may find out!! Maybe that quote shows us what’s to come.. We can only speculate as to what Alan has up his sleeve for this season, leaving us wanting more, and I’m sure making us so insanely crazy with the though of having to wait for season 4!!

  • jaxx

    Can’t wait for these scenes, finally some more background on these two. OMG, only 1 month to go. Should be a very interesting season.

  • lizzie

    I, for one, will enjoy watching those two on the screen! The chemistry is great between them and that storyline really needs to be explored, as we need to see where Bill is coming from and he really needs to close that chapter of his book of unlife before he can move on. Lorena also needs to move on. I hope she does notget killed, but finds redemption! I just hope they don’t have sex, as that is not a fix it!

    I also love the surname – Ball! See Alan, you are now infamous in the book series!

    Thank you for posting!

    Can’t believe True Blood will be back on our screens next month!! (well, on my computer screen!)

    Go True Blood!

    • Yes it will be very interesting to see what she means about Bill and Lorena’s relationship. Just no sex between them, please. Personally I don’t think it would make any sense since it is her fault he became a vampire and took him away from his wife and children and he hated her for that.

      Looking forward to these scenes! 🙂

      • lizzie

        I reckon these will be the best scenes of S3. These scenes plus the ones with Bill and the King discussing love. We will certainly see great acting from our boy and also Mariana. Great acting is what we need – not graturitous sex scenes.

        • I agree with you 100%. I think those scenes will be very moving and award winning *crossing fingers*. 🙂

    • Nia

      Hello Lizzie, AdoreBill, and Jaxx!!!!!!**big waves**

      Great article Janet, with our Mariana K. I think she is wonderful as the wicked Lorena.

      So much to think about. And all of this is JIMO, but should Lorena be involved in Bills abduction I truly beleive that she will not working alone.

      I do in a way feel sorry for her. She loves our Bill so desparately. As she said, she waited a long time for such an honorable man as him. I know most of us here feel the same way.

      I was just wondering, when Eric called Lorena to restrain Bill, and they were having that conversation in the hotel lounge, Eric says, “we both want the same thing you and I”, my question is how did Eric know that she wanted Bill?? It had been 70 years since they had seen each other?? HMMMMMM, interesting. I was just curious. I do hope they show more of this backstory.

      I do not think that Bill would have sex with Lorena, at least not while he is of sound mind. He despises her and told her she was dead to him. The only thing I can see happening is the good man in Bill may find it in his dark heart to forgive her for all she has done to him.

      I do not know if Lorena will be wearing a red shirt this season, it seems logical that she would be the one to die, but we have been surprised before…..Lafayette at the end of S1 (bless you Alan Ball!!)

      Anyways, speculation and opinions aside, I am so anxious for the season to begin, to see if our 9 loooong months of waiting and speculations comes anywhere close to Alan Balls vision.

      Team True Blood!!!!!!

  • So, I LOVE that Charlaine finally gave Lorena a last name in book 10. Lorena Ball. LOL!!!

    • OMG that is hilarious! 🙂

    • AphroditeMF

      Haha! That is so funny!

      I adore Lorena, I’m glad we’re going to see plenty of her in season 3.