True Blood Season 3 Spoiler and Casting News: Calling Alcide

December 11, 2009 by  

Bill-Sookie-red-dressMichael Ausiello from is reporting that, although we knew that Alan Ball will be casting the character Alcide for season 3 the search for an actor to play the pivotal part official got started today with the release of the following casting notice:

ALCIDE HERVEAUX: Good-looking, rough-around-the-edges, articulate, heroic, and decent, but not what he seems. He gets along well with Sookie. There’s even an attraction between the two. Very strong recurring.

Another character that True Blood wants to cast is that of the character named HOLLIS who is described to be a fortysomething African-American bouncer in a bar. Despite his scary appearance — he resembles an NFL lineman — he’s a nice guy who knows Alcide well and bursts in to help him when he is getting the crap beaten out of him. He’s suspicious of Sookie and delivers some unexpected bad news to Alcide about his fiancée, Debbie Pelt.

Also Alan Ball is looking for someone to play the character DR. ROBIDEAUX who is Arlene’s old-school obstetrician and is said to be in his 70’s.

TURK is described to be an obnoxious, drunk in a bar who taunts the apparently helpless Sookie.

Then there is the PASTOR who does the eulogy at Eggs’ funeral.

Episode 3 of Season 3 of True Blood will be entitled “It Hurts Me Too” and will be directed by Michael Lehmann and is written by Alexander Woo. Production began last week and is set to return in June.  True Blood fans cannot wait!



(Photo credit:  HBO Inc. screencaps by James)

  • txophelia

    Join the campaign: SCOTT ELROD FOR ALCIDE!!!!

  • Amy

    AHH I’m so excited for season 3! Thank you for the spoilers. Keep them coming!:) I love the title “It hurts me too” and Alexander Woo is a great writer. It’s probably going to be a really sad episode with Eggs funeral and Tara mourning. I’m guessing Jason will be consumed with guilt and will try to make it up to her somehow. He knows Tara has been there for him in crazy situations and is a really loyal friend. Now that Bill is temporarily out of the picture, does this mean Eric will make Sookie more vulnerable to him? We all know he wants her and I think its deeper than I want her because Bill wants her. Although that is part of it. One of my absolute favorite moments in season 2 was the roof scene when Sookie holds Erics hand and tells him that she will be with Godric till the end no matter how long it takes. I loved the way they looked at each other…SWOON! Such phenomenal acting. In season 3 I wonder if Eric will thank her for staying with Godric? Since she did this will Eric start falling more deeply for her? Appreciate her more and not just for her extra skills. On another note, were Hollis and Turk in book 3? Its been a while since I’ve read Club Dead but I dont remember reading about them. I’m a huge fan of the books and true blood. Excited for may and june 09!

    • jaxx

      No Hollis and Turk were not part of book 3 to my recollection. But Holly and Danielle, I believe, were introduced in book 3. Hope they go that route too. And what about Claude and Claudine?? Can’t remember if that is in book 3 or 4 as well.

      • jay

        holly and danielle worked at merlottes right?
        I know claudine comes in book 4, she is @ first a friend of Taras when she meets sookie. Then the next time sookie meets her she appears in her car when sookies about to fall asleep on the wheel.

        • jaxx

          Yes, Jay, you are correct. Holly and Danielle worked at Merlottes and that’s when we learn about the witches and wickens, which set us up for book 4.

          You are right, Claudine must be Book 4. Loved her. *sniff*

      • Amy

        Thanks Jaxx. I should read book 3 again. Speaking of Claudine that reminds me of the deleted scene in the pilot episode. I hope that was her behind the bushes. Maybe in season 3 or 4 she will make an appearance. I really wish TB had more than 12 episodes/season. 12 is not enough! lol

        • txophelia

          Amy! Yes, you’re right!
          I remember asking my fellow TB fan friends who that mysterious female was lurking in the shadows behind the trees in that first episode! Then, when they released the dvd’s, that scene was gone! Weird! Do you recall that Bill SEES her there?

          I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be Claudine, assisting Sookie with the chains around Rattray’s neck.

          I wonder if Alan Ball will include her in Season 3….she might rear her head now and then as a mysterious character in the background, but I doubt we’ll meet her in the next season. Plus, it’s kinda nice allowing Sookie all the vamp attention–when Claudine comes around, Eric and Bill can’t help themselves around her saying, “I must have her.” LOL

          • jaxx

            txophelia, I am hoping they pulled that clip to preserve it for a flashback in the future when Claudine is introduced. That would be great as I do think it was her helping Sookie. I love Claudine!!!

          • Amy

            Hi txophelia- yes Bill notices her. She had beautiful blue eyes and wore a really sparkly dress. I think its Claudine too. I remember Bill making eye contact with her. I saw the clip on youtube a few weeks ago. Its probably still up there.

        • jaxx

          Amy, funny you should say that because just today, I replied on another thread on this site that I’d wished they would extend the season from 12 to maybe 15 to 20 episodes since there are so many new characters in the Sookie universe and always expanding. I’m hoping they extend the series longer also. That would be great.

          • Amy

            Hey Jaxx- yess TB REALLLLY needs to extend the series. 12 episodes is way too short. I agree with you..atleast 15 episodes/season! June 09 seems so far away. I hope we get more spoilers soon. I read somewhere that AB confirmed Eric will get amnesia in season 4. I wish we could watch season 3 and 4 together back to back. lol

          • jaxx

            Amy, books 3 and 4 were my favorites. I hope they do extend the length of the season. Too many new characters and a lot more going on with the plot. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • missyella

    True Blooders,

    I want to know who they will cast as the ‘vicious bitch’ Debbie Pelt, Alcide’s on-off girlfriemd, those who have read the Books will know exactly what I mean and if it follows through, Sookie’s and Eric’s involvement with her.

    Although I think it may be just asking toooooo much to follow that particular storyline to a conclusion……………..

    What about the Weres in Hotshot? Hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder…..

    • jaxx

      Hey Missyella, we are all wondering the same thing. Has to be someone really nasty to play Debbie and someone really sexy and sweet to play Alcide. Cannot wait.

      • Why do you say that the actor has to be a really nasty person to be Debbie? Why can’t the actor be nice but play nasty well? I know plenty of people who are really nice, but have played nasty characters in shows really well!

        • jaxx

          Isis, my previous statement didn’t come out like I intended it to. I didn’t mean the actor personally had to be a nasty person, I meant to say the character had to be portrayed in a nasty light by the actress. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I even cringed when I reread it. 🙂

  • Antonio

    This sounds really cool! I could just about believe that Werewolves will be thrown into the mix! I have not read the books so i dont know much about that. Is this Alcide an alpha male? Will he seek to “rule the roost”? or is he just a supporting character there Only to assist Sookie in finding Bill?
    Will there be a vampire/were showdown at some point? Weres are territorial,you know. Will there be Any female weres? Will Jason be attracted to Any of them? OK Just hear me out here, I know that many of you are all for Bill/Sookie and you probably feel that their relationship drives the show,However, I find the prospect of Sookie being “attracted” to Eric and Alcide and who knows who else..very provocative! Eric certainly would make more of a “woman” of her since he would not submit to her as others have. Alcide is a Werewolf they are usually vicious,unmanageable and love to stir up trouble so maybe He wouldnt take lip from her either.
    Another thing to think about…Since Weres are primal creatures
    Highly territorial and love to feed most times violently I dont think that Alcide or Any of the Weres would try to keenly to “evolve” or control themselves. I wonder will there be a “Werewolf Bill” who tries to find his humanity and seeks for love also Or its just Not in a Were’s nature to do that??
    If Bill Compton can be a troubled vampire looking to evolve and search for love Can there Not also be a Werewolf who is also trying for that? 1 Major advantage that Alcide will have over Both Bill and Eric? Werewolves can walk around freely during daylight hours!! Since they Only change at night and Only nights with a full moon then they are free to roam about during the day as human.

    • jaxx

      Antonio!! I adore you, you are too cute, give me your address and I will send you my copies of the books!!! LOL 🙂

      Is this Alcide an alpha male? Eventually yes.

      Will he seek to “rule the roost”? There is a showdown within his own kind.

      or is he just a supporting character there Only to assist Sookie in finding Bill? In the beginning, yes, BUT things go way off the charts from there.

      Will there be Any female weres? Yes. There are different “types” of were creatures not just wolves.

      Will Jason be attracted to Any of them? Knowing how Jason is, what do you think the answer will be. lol.

      Will there be a vampire/were showdown at some point? There is a lot of “interaction” between the groups.

      There is a back story with Alcide’s character and yes, an attraction to Sookie as well. That’s if AB goes that route.

      Have to say books 3 and 4 were my favorites in the series so far. And, once you start reading the books, you will not be able to put them down. I once stayed up all night reading one of them because I just couldn’t go to bed until I knew the ending. Happy reading!!! (And let me know what you think after you have read them.)

      • jay

        I was exactly the same. It took me one night to finish books 3 and 4. I couldnt get to sleep not knowing what was going to happen. I stayed up all night and finished them!!
        They are hard to put down when you get into them…

        • Loleaf

          I’m with you there Jay!!! I was the exact same way with the books as you were…couldn’t put them down until I found out what happened next. I was up reading all hours of the night and couldn’t wait to read them when I got up. They are such fast reads I found myself reading all 9 books over again, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything the first couple of times. I was reading a book every two days because I just couldn’t put it down. The people at Borders became my new best friends!!! LOL

          • jaxx

            Jay and Loleaf, a lot of people feel the same way. I work with at least 10 co-workers who did the exact same thing. We were like a bunch of zombies at work. One girl even got up in the middle of the night to smoke and ended up reading all night. That’s the impact these books and the storyline have on people. I’m sure I’ll finish DITF in one night too. LOL.

      • Antonio

        Thanks for all the info 1 more question is Sam as big a character in the books as he is in the show? does he have a gf or date anyone in the books?? did he date tara in the books?
        Just curious 🙂

        • jaxx

          Antonio, Sam is pretty prominent in every book. He owns Merlottes so there is always something going on in there that he is a part of and he’s always keeping an eye on Sookie. In the books, Sam was with the maenad when she first came to town and had a history with her, her name was Calisto, not Maryann, and while she was impish and could potentially be nasty (she actually did have a pig and scratched Sookie as a message for her to deliver to Eric), Calisto was not as prominent in the books until the end where Sam, Bill and Eric actually worked together to protect Sookie from Calisto’s influence. Sam is hinted to have a love interest in a couple of the latter books, but still in his heart is always pining away for Sookie. I hear in book 10, Sam will finally have a girlfriend. Yeah!!

          Sam did not date Tara in the books. Tara is a completely different character. First off she is Caucasian not African American. She owns a clothing store in a plaza which Bill owns which Sookie frequented to buy clothing when she needed to go to Dallas or needs dressy clothes for Eric’s other jobs. It is touched upon that Tara’s mother is an alcoholic and she had a bad life. Tara did date Eggs in the books and Eggs did get killed at the end of the second book by Calisto with some of the other town members. For some odd reason Tara survived along with Sookie and Eric had to glamour Tara to erase her memory of the event.

          Sam really shines in the latter books when he does turn into something other than a dog to save Sookie, which was very impressive.

          Antonio, you will not be sorry if you read the books. While it has differences from the TV series, it is an excellent series of books which will keep you at the edge of your seat and wanting more. I finished all of the 8 paperback books in a couple of weeks and was anxiously awaiting book 9 which I finished in 1 1/2 days and I’ll probably finish book 10 in May in a day. As everyone else said, you just can’t put them down. 🙂

          • Antonio

            Thanks for the info Jaxx I appreciate it! So as I’m given to understand, There is No Daphne or Jessica in the books? Is Pam in the books or chow? is Lorena in the books? Is godric?
            I guess there are a lot more characters in the books,huh?
            What about that whole fellowship of the sun thing was that in the books? Just curious 🙂 Thanks again for all the info!
            I guess i know where to come to ask about this! LOL BTW if you ever want to know more about the twilight series just ask me ok? LOL I did read about 4 pages in to Dead by Dark the 1st book and you’re right i had a hard time putting it down. I stopped after about page 4 because Sookie could hear the Rattrays thoughts as to what they intended to do with vampire Bill. I didnt want to read about them hurting him so i put the book back where i found it. It seemed to me that the Rattrays seemed trashier in the book than in the show. I heard that Lafayette dies at the end of book 1 thats a shame i think!
            Eggs under the influence of Maryanne killed lettie mae so Who killed Laffy? maybe that is part of the mystery?
            Is there Any mention of Sam’s past in the books? i know that there are 9 now. is there nudity or strong sexual suggestion in the books as in the show? just curious! LOL
            Are Bill,Sam or Sookie naked in the books?

          • jaxx

            Antonio in answer to your questions:

            There is No Daphne or Jessica in the books? No. They were added in the tv version, but I like both character additions. I like the premise of Jessica’s storyline.

            Is Pam in the books or chow? Pam is very much in all the books. Love her character. She has many hysterical one liners and comments. Yes, Chow is also in some of the books.

            is Lorena in the books? Yes, Lorena is in the books.

            Is godric? Yes, Godric is in the books.

            I guess there are a lot more characters in the books,huh? Yes. Every book expands the Sookie universe with more and different characters.

            What about that whole fellowship of the sun thing was that in the books? Yes, that storyline is in the books and continues in some form in future books. I’m guessing we’ll see them again in Book 10 too.

            I stopped after about page 4 because Sookie could hear the
            Rattrays thoughts as to what they intended to do with vampire Bill. I didnt want to read about them hurting him so i put the book back where i found it. It seemed to me that the Rattrays seemed trashier in the book than in the show: The Rattrays are trashier, but don’t despair, the book very much follows Season 1, so Sookie does save Bill at that point like in the tv show.

            Heard that Lafayette dies at the end of book 1: I love Lafayette and am glad AB decided to keep him as a regular character. Hope he is never killed off.

            Eggs under the influence of Maryanne killed lettie mae so Who killed Laffy? Eggs didn’t kill anyone. This part of the book and tv series differ. Somewhat the same basic story, just presented much, much differently. I don’t want to spoil who killed Laffy for you, continue reading, you’ll be surprised!!!

            Is there Any mention of Sam’s past in the books: There are small parts here and there, but as of the last book and the next book, we will be getting into Sam’s past and family at that time.

            is there nudity or strong sexual suggestion in the books as in the show? Oh yes!!! LOL.

            Are Bill,Sam or Sookie naked in the books? Bill and Sookie, yes. Sam only when shifting as far as I can remember so far.

            Antonio, don’t give up on the books. They are less freightening than the tv show. Each book is a delight to read and each book will keep you riveted. Please continue them. You will not be sorry.

  • Oh I can think of a few hmmmm Charlie Hunnam, Travis Fimmel both Brits but hey the are both hot and rough around the edges Henry Cavill is a cute one also….

    • Blame my Sherrilyn Kenyon addiction, but she introduced me to the gorgeous hunk that is Travis Fimmell, so I always think of him as Acheron Parthenopaeus or as Tarzan (from the short-lived WB live action show).

      • I saw one episode…. the funniest was I caught an interview on Live with Regis and Kelly when he was playing Tarzan they were still live and he was all relaxed sittin back looked like he smoked a joint before he went on and said “shit, oh um sorry ” their faces were hysterical. To see him in something else check out restraint him and Stephen Moyer are both in it.

        • From what I’ve heard about Travis, that totally sounds like something he’d do! As for that movie, I guess I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for letting me know! (I’m SO far behind on my Stephen Moyer stuff… It’s kind of sad, really.)

  • So glad they are finally going to cast Alcide….so important they get it right! I still think Henry Cavill (of The Tudors) would be excellent cast in this part. He fits the bill!

    • Oh, Please just cast Alcide already, I’m dieing here!

  • Why can’t they need a short, busty brunette??? *cries* I WANT TO BE ON TRUE BLOOD!!!!

    LOL, I’m sure I’m not the only one!