True Blood Season 3: More Spoiler Clips

May 24, 2010 by  

If seems HBO is showing alot of different commercials for the new season of True Blood and each one is slightly different from the others.  In this spoiler clip we see many scenes we have seen before and some new ones.  I loved the blood dripping from the QR code at the end of the clip.  Many thanks to robadho for posting this one on YouTube.

  • Claire.M.C

    This vidio clip is garte and makes me evan more exited about true blood series 3 and i can waight intill series 3.

    This series seems so grate and i can tell its gonna be realy exiting and brilliant to see.

    I also love true blood the show and the books.

  • lizzie

    It looks so exciting!!! I can’t wait! I also hope I will be able to see it on the 13th.

  • msskarsgard

    I wish I lived in the states so I could see the 3rd season sooner

  • juju

    what can i say more !!!! i love this show ! this should be interesting ^^