True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Eric and Sookie Getting Hot?

April 1, 2010 by  

Michael Ausiello from is reporting some very juicy spoiler information regarding the fate of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) in the season 3 of True Blood.  Based on the answers he provide to some fans’ questions it seems we may be seeing some very intense scenes between Sookie and Eric.

Question: I’m on my hands and knees begging for some True Blood news! —Nick

Ausiello: The show is currently shooting episode 6, penned by executive producer Alan Ball. And guess what? It contains what Ball describes as an “intense” Sookie/Eric moment. “Let’s put it this way,” he adds, “I think people will have strong feelings about it.” In possibly related news, Ball told TV Guide that “Sookie is sexually drawn to [Eric] because she’s had his blood. But there is another reason he’s drawn to her, one that will be revealed this season.”

Question: The promo tease for True Blood’s third season shows Eric with noticeably darker hair. Why? —Jody

Ausiello: “Because when vampires keep secrets from humans that they love, their hair follicles turn darker,” deadpans Alan Ball. “And that’s especially true if they’re carrying a torch for a blond waitress.” Very funny. The real reason, please? “Alexander made a movie during his hiatus and his hair was darker when he returned,” explains Ball with a laugh. “It wasn’t a choice [we made].”

So True Blood fans what do you think of this new bit of information and does it the mean the end of Bill and Sookie? Let the speculating begin, but remember please keep it civil and don’t knock anyone down and no name-calling.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc., screeencap by James)

  • pbt

    Woohoo 11 more days until the Season premiere.

  • I have been watching my season 2! Finally! Anyways…Eric is more interesting in this one….More ..feelings…Esp. with Godric..When he was made and when Godric wants to die..He was really good, both of them. Him and Sookie…Pretty good…Of course..I’m still a Bill fan!! Really I don’t care who gets Sookie?? I like the Bad Boy Vampires, with any women!!? Sam looks better with his hair a little darker..he looked pretty good, too…..I am so, going to get HBO for season 3!! I can’t wait another year!! Gotta love True Blood!!

  • Antonio

    From the pic of Eric and Sookie taken from S3 It looks like Sookie will have some kind of a repoire with Eric. She may need his help to find Bill and if Alcide “misbehaves” she may need him also. Eric May have to step in as protector for her Now that Bill is gone for a while. Alan Ball and the writers do a fine job What I meant to say that WhereEver They take us on this journey Even If it means a flirtation Or something More I’ll be there watching. We All have our favorites and there will be changes yes for most of them…These may be hard for some to watch (As WAS the WHOLE Maryann orgy “take over the town” thing!) Lets just sit back,relax and permit AB to take us through yet another magical season Irregardless of Who cozies up with Who! Go TB!!!

  • Miladyryts

    There is so much more to Eric Northman, the 1,000 year old viking vampire! It’s more than the sex and more than the blood, it’s about this lonely vampire finally finding his beloved. He does not know how to respond or react. It’s cool to watch him find his way through his feelings!!!

    • pbt

      Hey Mila. I agree there are so many layers to this character. I am hoping that AB plans on unraveling all those wonderful dimensions to Eric Northman. Yes, there is so much more than sex and blood. His loyalty to those around him is unmatched. But you have to admit that the sex is good too. LOL.

      64 days until the v-ddiction continues! Wohooo. True Blood and the Viking!

      • Antonio

        This is just MHO here. I would like to see Sookie get closer to Eric especially now that Bill is gone,for now anyway. It would be interesting to find out just Who would be better for her!
        I like the “love triangle” aspect. It worked pretty well with Bill and Sam (I still think that out of the 2 Sam would be better for her) Now it will be between Eric and Bill trying for her hand and her affections…I say Let the Best Man Win!
        Picture it as healthy competition like Target vs. Wal-Mart
        Which 1 can offer you the best stuff at the best price?
        This season and pehaps the next will pose THE Question Who IS Better for her Eric Or Bill??
        Or maybe just maybe she will think back and realize that Sam had her back from the beginning! I’d like to see things intensify between Sookie and Eric!

        • Alright Antonio enough with the “let’s see things intensify between Sookie and Eric”. You have said it over and over again many times 🙂 I get your point. 🙂 Now I am going to say this just once and not repeating it. 🙂 It will break my heart to see the one good thing that has happened to Bill since the time he was turned be ripped away from him. Bill and Sookie are in love so Eric should find his own girl. Don’t like the idea of a guy moving in on another guy’s girl. Not my thing and not something I am looking forward in watching. JMHO. 🙂

          • pbt

            We know where you heart lies Ollie and I agree it will be sad to see Sookie move on to greener pastures. Wiping tear from my eyes. No truly. It should be an awesome Season Three no matter where the multi-talented Alan Ball takes us this season.

            It will be interesting to see if the triangle-E-S-B will be drama packed. I am guessing that the Viking may get a few points this season. Giving our telepathic waitress something to think,dream and ponder about.

          • jaxx

            Oh Ollie, I completely understand your feelings. I think the show has to mix things up though to keep everyone interested. If AB does somewhat follow the books, E/S will eventually happen, BUT Bill will be fighting to win Sookie back season after season. We will have Alcide vying for Sookie’s affections and if we go further past S4, Quinn will also be thrown in the mix but through it all, even in the books, Bill has been there trying to win Sookie’s affections over and over again AND both the books and the series are not over yet, so we don’t know what will happen. I, too, will be devestated if Sookie does not end up with my favorite viking, but so be it. It’s not my story to tell. The book story and the show will end how it ends and I’ll just have to accept who she ends up with. Could even be Sam or no one for that matter.

            Keep the faith Ollie, your Bill will remain a steady competitor for Sookie’s affections as will Sam, Eric, Alcide and Quinn, if we go that far. Should be interesting and sometimes heartbreaking to watch. 🙂

          • Hi Ollie, I’m right with you on this one! Eric is supposed to be this ‘big man’ yet he can’t even get his own girl but has to trick one into getting into him? What type of romance is that? Cutting Bill’s grass is something to be ashamed of, rather than screaming with glee!

            Anyhow, I don’t care about who else Sookie will end up with – I only care about Bill and what it will do to him. Sookie is becoming the Book Sookie and truthfully, not a favourite character. I just care about Bill and he loves Sookie and I just don’t want to see the hurt and misery she will bring to him because of Eric trickery. AB has taken specific care to show us how Bill is regaining his humanity with Sookie and has shown us their love – an intense love, and for fans to gleefully take that away from them and glorify in the Eric and Sookie hookup without any thought for what it will do to Bill, makes me sad.

            Antonio! Not long ago you were a champion of Bill. Looks like you are a turn coat – following for what you perceive to be the winning team. Let us see S3 play out and then we can talk.

            Go Team True Blood, Go Bill!!!!!!

          • Nia

            Morning all….”waving furiously”!!
            All the characters of TB are wonderful. Each to his or her own strengths.

            Sam is a great guy, all around friend and yes a potential mate for Sookie. Yet, he knew her for YEARS, why did not something happen sooner between them???? True love should almost be an instantaneous attraction (as with Bill and Sookie). As Sookie said to Sam (not an exact quote), “It took someone else showing an interest in me for you to ask me out”. Would Sam be good for Sookie? In a different circumstance, I think he would. But as things stand now, no.
            I wish the best for Sam. He is such a good person.

            Eric we have not seen enough of yet, but what we have seen has not been in the best light, in fact it has been reprehensible.

            Is there more to him?? Possibly, yet usually a leopard cannot change his spots (perhaps a good strong cleaning solution may do the trick, but doubtful). Eric, as I have said before, has shown mostly qualitities not befitting a hero.

            His only redeeming quality was a love and loyalty to his maker that showed a brief vulnerable side to him. But now that that maker is gone, so went any compassion that Eric had at all. Will it come back?? Well that is for the seasons and AB to decide.

            Perhaps this nagging, I dont understand the words, I want therefore I must have at any cost, I will betray any one that gets in my way, feeling (wait according to Pam, they have no feelings?????) he is experiencing for Sookie may bring back these vulnerable characteristics for Eric.

            Then again why would he want to have these feelings???? He loves and exhalts in being a vampire. He is not looking to change. So how could love for a human be good for him or Sookie. Is this what Sookie would want??
            Much to consier.

            Now since you all know where my heart lies, I save the best for last. Bill is a vampire, turned against his will. forced to lead his unlife like a monster, yet finding the courage, on his own, to turn back from that life, hopefully to find his way back to some semblance of what he was. A good man. A noble character if ever there was one.

            Is he perfect, no (but hot dam he comes close). Does he make mistakes? Yes. Has he kept the truth at times, from Sookie? Yes. But always he felt what he did was to protect her, never to hurt her. In this he still thinks like a vampire. Those instincts ingrained in him for 140 years will be hard to break from but I give him credit for trying.

            Does he love Sookie with all his dark heart? Absolutely, and he UNDERSTANDS THE WORDS. He has said so and Sookie has reciprocated that love in words and actions.

            Why anyone would want to see true love, and desire like that diminished by something so awful as another relationship forced upon someone and based on trickery, deciet, and betrayal is beyond me.

            Maybe we will see a side to Eric better than what we have seen thus far, but that still does not excuse his behavior towards Bill (and others) and what Eric already knew, that Bill was in love with Sookie. Eric knew this from S1, when Bill saved Sookie from Longshadow. Yet he does not care, he only wishes to aquire that which he has been denied thus far, no matter what the cost and who he hurts in the process.

            A man/vamp who behaves that way can never earn my respect.

            Eric, find your own girl….

            Bill…..”You can have anyone you want, why do you want her?” ERic…..”Why do you want her, you are not in love with her?”

            Eric replies this to Bill with a smirk on his face and laughing at him while probably thinking….that a vampire should love a human… unbelievably rediculous and demeaning for a vampire.

            Eric I have not forgotten and I still see those spots.

            Oh and BTW, I have seen many posts about Eric possibly sitting in the infamous red corvette from what we can gather from the spoiler photos.
            Well, IMO I will always prefer Bill and his BMW……
            Class is better than flash!

          • Well said, Ollie, Lizzie, and Nia!

            I also need to remind you guys of something, since I watched the first season’s finale last night. In that episode, Eric and Pam drop their side of the bargain for watching Jessica, and Bill reacts negatively. Eric’s response? To laugh at Bill then tell him if he wants to have Jessica stay at Fangtasia, then Bill needs to GIVE Sookie to him. That is NOT how someone in love acts!

            Eric’s response is petty and childish. He acts like some of the wealthier teenagers out by me act. They believe that everything they want should be theirs simply because they want it. That’s not mature, and that Eric acts like that after over 1,000 years of experience is simply disgusting to me. I expect that someone who has lived that long should be mature, not someone who shows of the worst parts of a wealthy teenager’s personality.

            Yes Nia, you are right; I too prefer class over flash.

          • jaxx

            Lizzie, you do bring up a good point. I think we should wait and see what S3 brings and then discuss this again once S3 is over.

            Everyone: speculation is fun BUT maybe we should put this sensitive discussion on hold until we know exactly what AB is doing with all our characters and situations this season. I can sense a lot of hurt feelings already, but we don’t even know if they’re justified or not. Everyone has been getting along so well lately, I just don’t want to see this all go sour over situations that we haven’t even seen yet or know the outcome of yet.

            JIMO, maybe we should table this discussion until S3 is over????

          • missyella

            Hi Ollie,

            I feel that this notion of civility is misplaced in the Vampire world, a Vampire is only loyal to his or her Maker, so this idea of Eric finding his own girl is an anathema……he is the Sheriff, just like the Queen is the Queen. He wants, she wants and gets will leave other Vampires in no doubt as to their status in their world…..

            Bill thinking and behaving like he has just stepped out of the pages of a Margaret Mitchell Novel, is so old fashioned….he knows how Vampires behave, he has no doubt seen a lot via Lorena and others over the Centries.

            He ceased being that sort of Human when he was made Vampire and he must remember that no matter how hard he tries to have some humanity, he is now first and foremost a VAMPIRE………..

          • I guess perhaps that is why I prefer the Bill character because even though he ceased to be human and was made vampire he is trying to regain some of his humanity back and hates what vampires represent. 🙂

        • Antonio

          Ok I can understand your strong feelings for Bill. I wouldnt want to see him get hurt either really. Eric IS an “alpha male” Bill is not. There can Only be 1 Alpha male in a pack or given situation. In Twilight,for example,Jacob Black challenged Sam Ulley for Alpha Male and head of the pack. Sam U. had been undisputed pack leader for a long time even before Jacob discovered his “gift”. Eventually,Jacob formed his “own” pack with Leah and Seth and then a few others over time.

          I did champion Bill Yes but a face-off between these 2 vamps is,I feel,Inevitable! In order to establish dominance,like in the animal kingdom, Eric must trump Bill (as if he hasnt Been doing that from the beginning) Recall that scene at Fangtasia when Bill stepped out of line with Eric? He said something almost in a threatening tone and Eric gave him Such a Dirty Look and then got right in his face and sneered “What Did YOU Say To ME?! Even I got the chills as Bill was intimidated by Eric (WHO wouldnt be?) As for Eric movin in on another guys gal?
          Eric IS the sheriff and an authority figure who outranks Bill!
          As Eric has said again and again if he wanted her that badly he could just take her. Eric Will try to make this “Bill-less” situation to his advantage whether he had something to do with it or not! Thats just the kind of vampire that he is!
          I’d like to see Sookie grow toward some kind of close relationship with Eric. Not neccesarily a “hookup” per say but a real relationship even if he becomes a friend and an ally for her. A triangle or even a flat out face-off will keep the drama going and the fans interested! Im Not taking sides,1 against the other, I would just like to see how the story develops and see Miss Stackhouse grow and explore her options as she must!
          Its Because Bill loves her that he will fight for her!
          Remember how Sookie was just about to “give up” on Bill near the end of S1 ” Where Is He? If Vampire politics mean More to him than Me.” She then shot a warm galnce at Sam and said something about the 2 of them going away somewhere in a convertible Did she not? At That time it seemed that she was convinced that A. He wasnt coming back B. He Dumped her
          Which is WHY she was SO angry with Bill when he showed up on her doorstep came in and started brawling with Sam!
          Eric may very well be what she needs to get through this difficult period!
          Eric IS fascinated with Sookie! Who knows Why? Something about her maybe he does desire her maybe he feels something for her
          Who knows? Will it hurt Bill? Undoubtedly! But he must let Her choose for herself! Only She can decide who is best for her!
          Edward was willing to give up his beloved Bella. He wanted HER happiness Even if it meant losing her to Jacob!
          It was precisely Because Edward was willing to “let her be” that she came to love him Even more! Sookie was somewhat hesitant to answer Bill when he proposed to her. She has to do some soul searching and she should find out what and who she is!
          In Bill’s absence,She will rediscover her strengths and weaknesses. I know that you are worried about Bill and what this may do to him But for me This is SO Not about Bill!
          Its about Sookie and whats best for HER!
          I wouldnt necessarily choose Eric over Bill but Sookie over Bill!
          This is just MHO.

          • LOL I guess this is where we disagree because the show is NOT about Sookie. Alan Ball himself stated in an old interview what attracted him to the books was BILL and the themes that played in it, acceptance, discrimination, finding that is lost, etc. The show is NOT only about Bill but then again according to your statement you make it sound as the show only only about SOOKIE and her adventures. This is NOT the SOOKIE Stackhouse series otherwise the title of the show would be different and that is why the show has a different name. The show is an ensemble show focusing on different themes and I guess I just take issue when this “team” stuff or pecked order of one character over another. It is a great show and all this favoritism of one character over the other just seems take away the fun. 🙂

          • pbt

            While I agree Ollie that the name of the show is not the Sookie Stackhouse show and it is True Blood. To say that the show is not about Sookie is a little misleading. It does deal with Sookie and the rest of the residents of Bon Temps.

            Primarily Sookie’s friends and co workers (Arlene, Laffy, Tara), Sookie’s boss (Sam), Sookie’s relatives (Gran, Jason and Hadley), Sookie’s fiance (Bill) and all of the people Sookie meets along the way in her adventures in the shape shifter and vampire worlds (Eric, Pam, Chow, Alcide, QSA).

            Yes, having favorite characters is troublesome. But I suppose that is why we are here discussing the show. “Commando Bill/Team Bill” and Team Eric Northman/Viking Vampire God will not readily disappear. But we can agree to enjoy the differences and the similarities. It’s a great set of books and a great television show. We can probably almost agree on that.

            Just my opinion and two cents here! 🙂

      • pbt, you and others keep saying that Eric is loyal and you admire this trait. Yet, Bill, if he is working for the Queen, does it out of loyalty and he is loyal to Eric (he does not bad mouth him and respects him as his sheriff), yet you all condemn Bill for the same virtues. How come? Why is there a difference? I mean loyalty is loyalty and should not loyalty be respected?? It does seem that Bill is between a rock and a hard place and that is why I will always champion him.

        • trixie

          He may be loyal to the queen, but by not telling Sookie the truth about his mission, he proves to be MORE loyal to SA than to his beloved, who should be his priority …his lie does not protect sookie, because she is bound to find out at some point,and anyway, it’s not like being oblivious makes her safer!
          And when the time comes to complete his task, whatever that may be, what is he planning to do? If I was her, I’d want to know what situation I’m in…

          • Antonio

            Good Point! I have wondered about this,Too! I have not read Any of the books But i have been given to understand that Bill’s mission was to seduce Sookie and bring her back to the queen so that she could explore and utilize her special “abilities” perhaps for herself? Shielding her from the truth will Not protect her or keep her safe Especially if QSA feels that shes getting a “raw deal” from Bill!
            Perhaps he did fall in love with her but that wouldnt change what his mission was about. Watch Bill’s face in the early part of S2! After Sookie confronts him about her Uncle Bartlett
            She says that he lied to her about this ~~~she was PO-ed when she found out about Jessica,too! “Thats Not protectin me thats lyin to me!” When she says “What Else have you been lyin to me about?” Watch Bill’s facial expression “Nuthin!” he says looking away from her with a suspicious look in his eye like he Was hiding something else!!
            This is a Very lucid point! I’ve wondered about this myself
            What Does keep him with Sookie Love for her OR Obedience to the Queen’s orders??
            Something to think about

        • jaxx

          Lizzie, we still don’t know if AB is going to follow Book Bill’s storyline re QSA and what she asked him to do in the book. It may be a totally different plot so it’s hard to have this conversation at this time. After the 1st episode of S3, we should know where we stand and what the issues are. Then we can revisit the TB version of your questions.

          If you’re talking just books, then, jimo, Bill should have handled Sookie’s situation differently. I understand at first he was given an order by the Queen directly which has to be followed, but she did say she wanted Sookie under her regime and to have her work for her, no matter what, even if Bill had to seduce her to do it, this was just a last resort the queen suggested to win Sookie over, didn’t mean Bill had to seduce her, Sookie was already in love with him before they spent the night together. Ok, he knew what the mission was but at the point where he really did fall in love with her, if I were him, I would have sat her down and told her the truth about what’s going on so things wouldn’t spin out of control in the books like they did. I think Sookie would have at least heard him out and thought about it and I think Bill could have persuaded Sookie to help the Queen out, especially if her cousin Hadley was involved. I would have told Sookie the Queen knows about you through Hadley and wants you under her employ. Yes, she sent me here for a mission but I did fall in love with you and I wanted to be upfront with you and tell you that I truly did fall in love with you and your not just a “job” to me. The Queen wanted me to gain your trust and I just don’t feel right about deceiving you anymore. This way the deception would have been minimal, the hurt feelings would have been minimal, but I think Sookie would have thought about it and respected him for telling her the truth so early on and if it were explained to her, I think she may have wanted to help Bill and the Queen out and respected Bill for his honesty. But deception and lies, one after another, then the Book Lorena thing, just ruined him for me. In the books at this point, did he really love Sookie? Was it that easy to go back to his maker and fall in love with her again? Did he respect Sookie so little that he did this on the sly and not even tell her what was happening and then try to just leave her money and walk away??

          Sookie never would have found out about the QSA deal if Eric didn’t make Bill tell her the truth, 5 books later, and we’re just talking books here. Bill is a much sweeter and nicer Bill in TB than in the books, so far. We’ll see what comes out in S3.

          And, yes, Eric is cunning, manipulative, used to getting what he wants, but, the difference for me is that he doesn’t lie to Sookie. He tells her the truth whether she wants to hear it or not, whether it may hurt her feelings at the time or not.

          When she needs to know something, he will tell her on a “need to know basis”. To me, that’s not a lie, I think he does this as a protection method, the less she knows, the better for her protection. He is loyal to those who are loyal to him. He has proven that in both TB and the books.

          I don’t know about anyone else’s reasoning for your questions, but this is mine and I hope you can understand why I feel the way I do about Eric at this point as far as the books go. We’ll have to re-evaluate the show after S3 airs. Could be a completely different scenario. 🙂

          • pbt

            Thanks Jaxx, very well said as always. Diplomatic as usual! I agree that I look forward to all that Season Three will dish up. If Alan Ball is cooking this up you know we are in for a whole lot of craziness. Not Maryann craziness though! LOL

            58 days folks. As True Blood says “Waiting Sucks!”

          • Thanks Jaxx, for your comments. I do understand where you are coming from. I guess Bill is a product of his era from when he was turned. He is the man of the house, the protector who looked after all the problems. Eric has progressed but Bill still retains his old personal traits. He does not want to hurt Sookie and really, we should admire this trait, misguided as it is. It should not be a reason to hate him with a passion. I like Eric and think he has some admirable traits along with his not so admirable traits. I do not call him names or spat on AS and I do appreciate Eric for what his is. He just does not turn me on. Bill does, so I will champion Bill. I understand where he is coming from and will give him my support. Funny – this is a fictional character, but it is like these characters are real! Anyhow, I will not read any more of CH’s books. I find them hard to read and lose interest and have to do catch up all the time. I will concentrate on TB. So let’s enjoy what we enjoy!

            Go True Blood!

          • jaxx

            Lizzie, I appreciate your comment. Contary to popular belief, I do not hate Bill. I know he has done wrong and he severely regrets what has happened between him and Sookie and he has since book 3 tried to gain back Sookie’s trust and love. I can see his struggle and do feel badly for him or anyone in that state. You are right, there are 3 more books after Dead in the Family. Knowing CH ANYTHING can happen. For all we know, Bill could still win out at the end. Is it too late, no one knows but CH??? So for now, I will just enjoy Eric and Sookie’s love story and see where it goes. It ends how it ends, I guess.

            We should all enjoy TB. I personally cannot wait for S3 to start. New plots, new and old characters, it’s like a high school reunion. LOL Less than two months to go.

            Love who you love and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. 🙂

          • Antonio

            Jaxx You’re Incredible! Thanks much for your keen explanation!
            I havent read the books so i did not know about the Bill-kidnap-Lorena thing! I would not have known about Bill’s involvement with QSA if fans of the book series hadnt mentioned it.
            It seemed quite apparent that QSA was curious about Sookie and her powers and wanted to exploit her to her own advantage?
            I liked the way that you elaborated on this.
            You’re right Perhaps AB Will go another way with this
            He saw something about Bill a redeeming quality?
            He is a brilliant writer and Mr.Moyer is a wonderfully gifted actor as is Mr. Skarsgard and Mr.Trammell
            It will be interesting Indeed to see What unfolds
            Go TB!!
            as of Tonight Only 10 DAYS left to the S3 premiere Can You Believe It??!
            Thanks Again Jaxx

    • jaxx

      Hello again Mila!! 😀 *waves* You are so right as usual. There are so many deep layers of our beloved Eric. Each book revealed yet another layer and depth of dimension of our beloved viking and I’m hoping also as time and seasons go by TB and AB will also reveal those layers of Eric. We’ve seen the jaded and indifferent side of Eric in S1. In S2 we start to see a sensitive side to Eric, his humanity is still in there, even if it is deeply buried. His potential is starting to surface and he is uncomfortable showing this vulnerable side. I think in S3, we will see even more wonderful sides to Eric, romantic, loyal, protective since he has finally found a female of worth who can bring these dimensions out in him, finally, after all of these years. Should be an interesting season.


    Looking forward to the E/S scenes!
    Totally hot, electric and oh so right.


    at last Sookie and Eric together!…Sookie and Eric are the best part from the books for me

  • Lori

    I think S3 is going to be my fav yet! I loved Club Dead so I’m hoping they stick pretty close to it. Looks like Eric saves Sookie from the were (as opposed to Bubba in the book), wonder if he goes to her when he senses her distress?

  • Antonio

    If the show were All about Bill and Sookie and they had NO problems and were “perfectly happy” How BORING that would Be!
    Only fairy-tales have a “happily ever after” clause.
    Sookie Is NOT a princess locked away in a tower waiting for true love to come and rescue her Neither is Bill a “knight in shining armor atop a white steed”! This Is True Blood a series based on books about vampires,shapeshifters,Werewolves and other monsters It is Not disney-esque by ANY means of the imagination!
    Even Twilight has a certain amount of danger and risk!
    Besides, Who knows If sookie WOULD Love him forever?
    Life is change even for supes!

  • Rox

    I just can’t wait for the 3 season! AB has an interesting point of view, we may find his perspective quite intense. I do love the books, but the TV show makes it all even more captivating. I’m really curious to see the Sookie and Eric scenes.

    • Hey, killing Eric is no good, no way. I’ve being waiting for he and Sookie get together. I want to see this relationship begin: those two fight, respect each other and are sooooo hot together!