True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Kidnap Scoop From TV Guide

October 14, 2009 by  

Bill Compton and Sookie StackhouseWARNING:  SEASON 3 SPOILERS!

TV Guide‘s Mickey O’Connor has some juicy information straight from Alan Ball for True Blood fans regarding Bill Compton‘s (Stephen Moyer) kidnapping.  In the Mega Buzz Q&A, viewer Dyan asks how long it will take in Season 3 before we discover who took Vampire Bill.  Mickey says:

“We will discover who has Bill right off the bat in Season 3, but it’s going to take the people on the show a little bit longer to find out,” executive producer Alan Ball tells us. Sookie will even consider the possibility that he left of his own volition. “It’s not easy for her,” Ball says. “She feels really bad because she’s not sure whether he just left because he was upset because she didn’t say yes right off the bat. But in her heart she believes he was taken and she doesn’t know who took him. She’s going to fight to find him.”

Sounds like poor Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is in for a tough time next season.  Knowing this information, however, still leaves so many unanswered questions for fans.  Will she stay true to Bill until she finds him?  Will this inner conflict drive Sookie closer to or further away from Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård)?  Will she withdraw from romance altogether?

And who is the kidnapper? My list of suspects includes: Eric,  Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian),  Lorena (Mariana Klaveno),  Queen Sophie Ann (Evan Rachel Wood), or perhaps someone else we haven’t even met yet. Having read all the books, I think that I know the answer, but Alan Ball likes to keep the audience guessing, so it’s possible that all bets are off.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What are your theories on Bill‘s disappearance and the way this event will affect Sookie throughout the rest of the season?  Sound off in the comments area below.


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  • Delia Remington

    I am so excited that you guys are STILL this enthusiastic and that you are still continuing the debate a month and a half after this article was written. You all are the best! I also absolutely cannot contain my joy at knowing that SEASON 3 BEGINS FILMING THIS WEEK!!!! Wahoo! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support for the show and for our site. I love reading your ideas, and it really motivates me to keep writing when I know we have such great readers.

    • Nia

      Delia I know my enthusiasm for this amazing show and its incredible cast only will only grow more and more.
      Now with filming starting, I know that there will be even more tidbits for us to chew on and enjoy!
      It will keep us all intrigued. And like the energizer bunny…I will keep going and going and going………….LOL
      So please keep the news and tidbits comming our way.
      As always, thank you!
      Team True Blood!

    • jaxx

      Delia, it is a long wait but well worth it. Debating is fun and even though we all have our particular favorites, I can’t wait to see what the entire cast has in store for us in Season 3. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!

    • missyella


      I am in England and we are soooo far behind you all, except for me lol, who has managed to see ALL 24 episodes.

      If it was not for this site and the others who post articles, along with other TB forums, where would I get my daily fix??

      Listen to me it makes me sound like a “junkie” which is what I am, without the constant itching…….

      I am so pleased that filming has now started and hopefully we will soon get to find out more about seasson plots and even more spoilers, whether true or not, all the fun of anticipation!!

      Keep up the good works all of you and of course my fellow posters, you all know who you are.

      Well done.

  • sheila

    I agree, I am havin withdrawls somethin bad, not to mention I have read all the books in about a week and cant wait for the new one to come out in may. I might have to consider a V.A. program or try writing my own story just to pacify the time. Kudos to Charlaine Harris.

    • pbartteacher

      Oh Sheila, so true. Most of us are on a twelve step program to keep us engaged and happy until Season Three starts in June of 2010.

      Step 12- Reread the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris for the 4-5th time. Anxiously awaiting book 10 in May 2010.

      Step 11- Re-watch Season One episodes (esp. 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

      Step 10- Re-watch Season Two episodes (all episodes with the Viking):)

      Step 9- Watch youtube videos made by fans with True Blood characters.

      Step 8- Join wiki sites and blogs to keep in contact with other Skarsaholics and Bill’s Babes about possible plot lines, casting, etc. or

      Step 7- Visit our favorite celebrity sites with the latest news about our favorite actors and actresses. Popsugar, Radar,eoline or TMZ.

      Step 6- Make your own youtube videos about Eric, Sookie, Bill, etc.

      Step 5- Write your own fan fiction using the Charlaine Harris characters and/or True Blood characters.

      Step 4- Reading fan fiction about True Blood characters.

      Step 3- Attending a convention with True Blood actors and actresses. Share you addiction with other Truebies.

      Step 2- Visit the HBO site about all that is True Blood.

      Step 1- Visit for the most up to date information on all that is True Blood. Spoilers, casting, videos, special editorials.

      Thank you Ollie and staff for creating a site for all of us True Blood addicted to enjoy until Season Three starts. We will all be busy over the next few months with our Twelve Step Program for our v-ddiction.

      188 more days. All Hail True Blood.

      • jaxx

        Wholeheartedly agree Pbart!! Glad they are filming. More and more tidbits should be trickling in to keep us anxiously awaiting S3. YAY!!

      • Wow pbartteacher thank you so much for that wonderful 12 step problem! I am honored and touched by your kind words about our site. We all work hard to try and find the latest news and get it out as fast as humanly possible (so far we haven’t had any luck in getting a vampire to write for us at lighten speed). 🙂 All the writers do work very hard to present the news and a fresh perspective that is out there and they all appreciate all the kind words. So thank you for sharing your True Blood love with us. 🙂

        • jaxx

          Yes, Ollie, sometimes we forget to thank you and the crew for the wonderful job you all do for us. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!!!

        • pbartteacher

          You are welcome, Ollie. I meant every word. You and your staff have done a wonderful developing this website. Your staff has done excellent developing new stories about our favorite True Blood.

  • Bobbie

    I think it might be Eric who had Pam kidnap Bill!!!! Sookie is going to be very upset with Eric for doing this to her after she thought about it and wants to marry Bill now. But I would forget about Bill and go for Eric he is so much more SEXY AND DEMANDING!!! hahaha

    • LIBBY

      Really! We must be watching a different show!

      • missyella

        I agree Libby,

        People keep forgetting what Sookie said to Eric, when she found out that they (Eric, Pam, Chow) had Lafayette in the Basement.

        ‘I will never forgive you’ as she slaps him across the face, he bared his Fangs to her, but we know as he has an interest in her, that he would never, ever hurt her.

        I think Eric meant sorting Bill out in another way, as he is Bill’s Sheriff……..that’s my take, I could be wrong but am facinated to see season 3.



          • Nia

            I agree Sheila, there is definitely an Eric involvement somehow, maybe not directly but……..time will tell.
            As Eric has proven in the past he has no qualms about using Bill, getting him into trouble and making trouble for him as well.
            Eric has been unfair, unkind and downright devious and nasty to Bill.
            A very bad thing for a supposed authority figure to do.
            Bill said it well……”Feeble and desparate even for you”.

          • jaxx

            I don’t think Eric kidnapped Bill personally. This is bigger than Eric. King of Mississippi and the Queen may be in this together. I still think the weres kidnapped Bill for someone and I don’t think Eric would have gotten to Bill first that quickly. He was still dealing with the Queen. I think there is something else going on, bigger than Eric now. Time will tell.

          • pbartteacher

            Agreed Jaxx. AB has said in spoilers that Eric has been detained in New Orleans and that is why he did not return to Bon Temps and help with the whole MA fiasco. As far as Eric being a vamp of his words, that is true. He will take care of Bill personally but not yet. We will see that in future episodes or perhaps even in future seasons. Eric is calculating and will choose the proper time to tell Sookie of Bill’s orders. I am sure he will relish that duty.

            The King of Mississippi and Lorena will be involved in kidnapping the “Bill”. Poor Sookie will think that he has left her and will have to turn to the Viking for help and comfort. Yes!

            I am looking forward to Season Three on so many levels. The V-ddiction continues in 190 days.

        • jaxx

          Yes Pbart. Can’t wait until Season 3.

          • missyella

            Hi pbartteacher and Jaxx,

            I agree with you that Eric is innocent…

            Eric being Bill’s Sheriff would not stoop so low, even to having hin kidnapped, plus he would have the hatred of Sookie for ever.

            No my thoughts are that it is Lorena, or if we are being twisted then it could be Steve Newlin, or his Wife remember the hands were small, but they were gloved so it is most likely to be Lorena as Silver was being used.

          • Loleaf

            I agree with all if you that It isn’t Eric either! I believe that is is Lorenna, because in the Hard-Hearted Hannah episode(Where the flashback with Bill playing the piano and Lorenna was playing a game of cat and mouse with the couple). Lorenna was wearing a pair of black gloves the same type that the kidnapper was wearing.. Of course Eric wouldn’t want the make her mad like she told Bill in bed and Eric isn’t stupid enough to do something so reckless as that!

            I think in a way Eric is misunderstood: Yes, he is devious and sneaky…BUT he has been around for over 1000 years and has had to change to survive over each century (Godric even told Sookie that the reason Eric is the way he is was because of him), that’s how he was taught to survive as a vampire. You can imagine that over that many years you loose you humanity, Bill himself even only being over 100 + years old has said that he had to fight extremely hard to regain his humanity.

            I believe that there more to Eric that meets the eye.. I believe he told Sophie Ann that he take care of Bill to somewhat protect him..because he knows that if she sent someone Bill would most likely be killed over knowing about the selling of the vamp blood.

            I believe like Bill, given a chance he to will soon regain some of his humanity (Sookie has that effect on the men around her!!).

            All I know is that I am in severe withdrawals … and need my fix like everyone else here LOL!! Without these posts we all will go CRAZY!!!

            To all of the authors … THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!!! Without you we’d be lost..

        • jaxx

          Hey Missyella, you could be right also. Maybe Debbie Pelt, weres are allergic to silver too. Don’t know what AB has planned. I could see Debbie Pelt doing the deed. She may owe a favor to someone. If you remember in the books, she was also at Russell’s mansion torturing Bill with Lorena. Maybe is was both of them??? Who knows where AB will take us. I can’t wait for the filming to start and the spoilers to start coming in. YAY!!!Come on Season 3 hurry up and get here. We’re all getting anxious. 🙂

          • missyella

            Hi Jaxx,

            I had totally forgotten about Debbie Pelt, but as no Weres have been mentioned in seasons 1 and 2, it would be strange if it was her.

            But having said that never underestimate the writing skills of the TB creative team.

            I’m looking forward to Alcide and Calvin, if they are to be featured, as there are so many spoilers about, just think (it could all turn out to be a Dallas like Bobby dream) Sookie has been sectioned in a Mental Hospital with her “litle problem” now that would be funny lol………….only joking of course!!!

          • jaxx

            Missyella, too funny. I am Jonesing for Season 3 to begin. Please hurry up and get here!!!

  • Paige

    I hope its not eric because im a true fan of him. Eric is the one they make you think did it but then again thats what they wont to keep us wondering so we will watch next season. I could be wrong though but I really want to see eric and sookie together bump bill out no affense to him though. I cant wait 4 the next season to come out im soooo excited.

  • Eric

    I think Eric kidnapped Bill because he told the queen he would take care of Bill personally for him knowing about Eric selling vampire blood and the kidnapper was wearing gloves while he choked Bill with the silver chain meaning the kidnapper was a definitely a vampire. Eric has been wanting to get Bill out of the way so he could pursue Sookie further. So if you ask me i definitely think Eric is the kidnapper of Bill Compton.

    • antonio

      I agree that Eric Was involved somehow But It might have been Lorena Or Maybe even Alcide since Bill would NOT have been able to sense the presence of a Werewolf!

    • missyella


      I think it was Lorena, remember her words to Bil outside the Hotel after he rejected her. @you should not have done that’ and Bill telling her that he did not lover her.

      Besides the Hands were too small, for it to be Eric.

      And so far Alcide is a character not yet mentioned, the only shifter the Vamps are aware of is Sam and Eric and Bill knew about him.

      No it is Lorena.

      • Nia

        I agree Missyella, but the question is, was she working alone??? It could possibly be a similar situation as before. Bill is detained by Lorena only to find out later that it was Eric who set it up. Could Eric have called Lorena once again? And if so, we do not find out till much later?
        But in reality, who knows. My money is still on Lorena for sure.
        Then again Alan B. has such a knack for steering us in the wrong direction.
        How about this, someone who knew Maryann, there were after all Maenads (pleural). Maybe they found out one of their own was destroyed and they found out it was Bill who discovered the way to accomplish her demise, granted it was at Sams hand (or horn, LOL). Gosh, Alan could have a field day with this whole story!
        I love fantasy, anything goes!!!!

        • missyella


          Could it not be Steve Newlin, remeember the humiliation he faced at the FOTS Church in from of his congregation and the other Vamps led by Stan??

          Gloves so as not to leave any fingerprints?

          • Nia

            LOL, THATS RIGHT! So much to think about.
            Steve must be pretty angry at Jason, Sookie, Eric and Bill. Although I think he would really want to get his hands on Jason, what he wanted the most was to roast a vampire. Soooooooo…… it is possible. I would not count our esteemed reverend out yet. He is one evil character for a minister.
            This is what I mean about how much fun Alan must be having with all these great ideas to choose from!!!
            How long till June?? Counting the days!!

          • jaxx

            I’m still guessing it was a were since they are going to introduce them in Season 3. What better way to do it? I think Bill will be taken to the barn where he will see Lorena and/or Eric waiting for him. Another thought, Debbie Pelt??? She is going to be introduced also. Maybe she owed the vamps a favor. Someone mentioned small hands and we all know Debbie is evil enough to do it. Besides I think Bill definitely would have been able to detect Lorena behind him with the blood exchanges and everything. I don’t think Eric would do it himself. By taking care of it himself, I’m sure he would have a minion do the actual deed, but supervise the rest. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

        • Lizzie 1701

          So many options!!! Who do we chose!! Another thought, I remember reading an article or response somewhere when AB was asked “where was Eric” in the last episode. AB responded that we will know in S3 what Eric was doing when not protecting Bon Temps from the Maenard! So maybe it is Eric! Maybe it is a Red Herring!! Who knows!! Such a long wait!! In Dec/Jan, we will begin seeing stills from TB shooting and then we will all be a twitter again, trying to decipher photos!!

          • Nia

            Hi Lizzie!!!!!!!
            Speculation is so much fun!! Eric was probably taking a dip in the queens pool, playing Yhatzee and feeding off a Latvian boy!!
            Just kidding. The wait to know is going to be a killer.
            This long hiatus after the finale has been compared to “Who Shot JR”. LOL. Too funny. I think this show is so much better.
            I connot wait for any photos of the start of shooting. Alan will be teasing and tickling us til the very end. I do not know if my funny bone can take it.
            Till then, your sister in True Blood!!

  • pbartteacher

    Alan Ball has kept the roller coaster ride of True Blood on the minds of all us Truebies well past the season finale. With almost 8 months left until the Season Three premier, he continues to tease us with spoilers as to future story lines. The kidnapping is a typical example of how AB keeps us all hungry for all that is True Blood. In his ultimate plan to keep our insatiable appetites unfulfilled, Alan gives us morsels of information to keep us all guessing. And we eat it right up.

    Eric, Bill,Sookie, Queen Sophie Anne, Lorena,Debbie,Alcide and Russell will all have important parts in next season. As to who vamp-napped Bill, Alan Ball will not be revealing that spoiler until episode 25. Our True Blood addiction continues as we all conjecture as to who has motives for Bill’s disappearance. One name that has not shown up on this thread is Russell Edgington. Russell with Lorena’s help might be luring Sookie to find Bill. Russell could perhaps have his own agenda for Sookie. Being the King of Mississippi, he would have use of Sookie’s special powers. Lorena having her own agenda as the woman scorned. Quoting Lorena, “I wish you hadn’t said that.” Poorly played Bill. Watch out for the woman who has been scorned. Especially when she is your maker.

    While Eric and Queen also have motives, I don’t think kidnapping Bill would be necessary. If they wanted, both Eric and the Queen could have Bill taken to the magister for his treatment of the Sheriff of Area 5. Our Sheriff while cunning and secretive has no real reason to kidnap Bill. As he has said before to Bill, “if I wanted I could simply take her.”But he has chosen not to. Eric wants Sookie to come to him on her terms not his.The blood exchange between Eric and Sookie will help his cause but also will help keep track of little trouble making telepath. And I mean that in the best of terms. Eric is aware of the edict that Queen Sophie Anne has about keeping Sookie safe. While that has not yet been revealed on the show it was discussed by Eric and Bill in Season one. Book and True Blood Sookie is always getting herself into trouble.Some would argue that it is the vamps who are causing the problems. I will throw out the idea that Sookie has free will and makes her own decisions. The trouble she is in is because of the choices that she made. As Sookie stated to Bill in Season one, “I chose this when I chose you.”

    For fans of Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard, please join us at You will find a fan friendly environment where you can talk about books, tv show, Alex, Eric and find a friendly group of people. Go team Eric.

    I love this site for the constant news and up to date information . I look forward to many more articles before June of 2010. Keep up the great work. Whooo. Go True Blood.

    • jaxx

      Thank you for the website!!! I will certainly check it out being a true Eric fan. 🙂

    • Nia

      Dear Delia, AdoreBill, and all other co-authors and administrators of this wonderful site concerning all things True BLood,
      I, like so many others, are grateful for all your time and effort to bring us all the current news, interviews, photos and so much more. Your articles are all so insightful, informative, humorous and respectful to Alan B., True Blood and the wonderful actors who portray our beloved characters.
      So many of us have and will always reply to said articles, in kind, with admiration, consideraton and in a mature yet “fun” manner. There are times where this had become difficult, yet we will must always choose to “rise above” and continue on.
      So many thanks to you all and as always I look forward to more and more for all things True Blood, as the long months ahead would otherwise be bleek.

      There are many sites related to the C.H. books and the wonderful characters and actors, which many have visited, and I also, have my favorite. But this site will always be home base, so to say, I will stay true to you all and always to True Blood.

      I would now like to reply, debate, comment, offer my opinion on several statements made in an earlier post. But first, as I have said often, I am a big fan of our wonderful actors and characters. Although Eric/Alex and Bill/Stephen tend to take up our discussion time more that anything or anyone else. I adore them both. They are perfect in their roles and deserve our respect.

      So I would like now to deconstruct a few earlier statements using my own opinions as well as facts from the previous 2 seasons of the show.

      Previous statement:
      “””While Eric and Queen also have motives, I don’t think kidnapping Bill would be necessary. If they wanted, both Eric and the Queen could have Bill taken to the magister for his treatment of the Sheriff of Area 5. Our Sheriff while cunning and secretive has no real reason to kidnap Bill”””

      I agree that, although Eric has a very good reason to want Bill out of the picture since he cannot win Sookie for himself honestly, I do not believe he is directly responsible for Bills kidnapping. Only because that would be too obvious and I think that Alan B. would want to throw us off by making us think it would be Eric. Lorena is my bet, but I do not think she would be working alone. As to who her acomplice or acomplices are, Alan Ball only knows for sure.
      As for the queen, she can have Bill detained or worse by a simple summons, at any time, why would she kidnap him?

      At first I did not understand the comment above about having “Bill taken to the magister for his treatment of the sheriff of area 5”.
      I kept hashing over thinking….what has Bill done to Eric? Wasn’t it always Eric who was taking advantage of, and getting Bill into trouble? For example:
      Bill saving Sookie from getting her throat ripped out, by Longshadow, while Eric and Pam idly stood by with blank stares unwilling to help. Sookie would have died if not for Bill. Yet Eric’s response to the situation was “Humans, honestly Bill, I don’t know what you see in them”.
      Bill going to trial, for said staking, and Eric not trying to help defend him whatsoever even though they were originally there at Erics request. “I didn’t really look into it” says Eric, with a casual nonchalance, while Pam laughs.
      In the trial, Bill has to verbally force Eric to give testimony in his defense. That he and Sookie were there to protect his wealth. Eric finally reluctantly offers some words in defense, he could not lie, I am sure for there must be vampire laws, such as we have here, against perjury.

      Then of course the whole “Dallas” thing. Sookie and Bill there in danger, because of Eric’s desire to find his maker, while meantime Eric calls in Bills maker to get Bill “out of the way” because he could not have Sookie for himself.
      As Bill said to Eric, “calling in my maker because you could not win Sookie for yourself, feeble and desparate even for you.”
      Then the infamous Eric tricking Sookie bullet sucking scene!!, because he knows she would never willingly go to him. Eric was brilliant in his deception.

      There is so much that Eric has done to Bill. So I had to think hard….WHAT DID BILL DO TO THE SHERIFF OF AREA 5? Then I remembered, Bill in a completely justified manner, right crossed Eric!!!! Well deserved in my book for all the injustices Bill and Sookie have suffered. In reality this was just a disagreement between two men, it would have been “pistols at dawn” in an earlier age.
      Bill would have willingly “taken it outside” so to speak, and probably been killed or hurt badly in the process (Eric is older and stronger), but Eric knew he did not have to do anything more. He won that round through his deceit.
      Remember Bill did not tell Sookie that it was Eric who called in his maker, shows strong character. Why would anyone think that Eric would be justified going to the magister over a spat between two men? To even consider it would make Eric look silly.

      Previous statement:
      “””Our Sheriff while cunning and secretive has no real reason to kidnap Bill.”””

      I find this statement a bit sugar coated and really needs to be expanded upon, much is left out. How about Eric displaying qualities such as devious, deceptive, contemptable, inconsiderate, but also in deference to him, he is funny, handsome, sexy in the sheets (I am not blind! LOL) and loyal to his maker. And he does have a very good reason to get Bill out of the picture, as we all know!!
      Now in all fairness, Bill is not perfect either. He has flaws as we have all seen. He has a dangerous temper, has killed in Sookies defense, has had a bloody past and has held information from Sookie to protect her, or as Sookie put it, “thats lying to me”. Bill may have more, that he has been concealing, that will be revealed in the seasons to come. Then also we have seen him loving to Sookie and a caring mentor to Jessica (eventually), he is a romantic, lover, hero and friend and also willing to sacrifice himself to save the one he loves.

      Previos statement:
      “””“if I wanted I could simply take her.”But he has chosen not to. Eric wants Sookie to come to him on her terms not his.”””

      Eric would probably have taken her eventually (for Dallas) had not Sookie, after being attacked by the maenad, made the agreement with Eric to go to Dallas, to save poor Lafayette. Sookie would never have gone to Eric on her own terms as she said, “I Hate Him”. I do agree though, the blood bond, forced on her, will change things in the seasons to come, whether she wants it to or not. Also While Sookie is fuming about Eric, Bill has the decency to defend Eric to Sookie because he saved Sookies life, Eric also took bullets for her, not that he was in any real danger. Bill gives credit where credit is due. Bill also claims he has had “worse sheriffs”. Again, a display of good character.

      Previous statement:
      “””Eric is aware of the edict that Queen Sophie Anne has about keeping Sookie safe. While that has not yet been revealed on the show it was discussed by Eric and Bill in Season one”””

      This is completely incorrect. In season 1 after Bill staked Longshadow to save Sookie, Bill and Eric go into Erics office to discuss the matter. Eric says to Bill “admit it, you love her” Bill replies, “Sookie must be protected”. Eric then replies, “Now that sounds like an edict, but it couldn’t be because I would know about it.” So if Bill has something going on with the queen, as far as we know, Eric is not aware of it.

      Previous statement:
      “””I will throw out the idea that Sookie has free will and makes her own decisions. The trouble she is in it because of the choices that she made. As Sookie stated to Bill in Season one, “I chose this when I chose you.””””

      This is absolutely correct, I agree wholeheartedly. Sookie loves Bill and has chosen to accept the good with the bad as in most worthwhile relatiponships. Whether this lasts only Alan Ball knows for sure.
      Thank you for allowing me to address these statements with my opinions as well as direct quotes from the show.
      As always I am in for the long haul no matter what Alan has in store for all our beloved characters.
      Tease us and tickle our fancies Alan, we really do love it!
      Team True Blood!

      • Lizzie 1701


        Fabulous post! I am on a short break, so can’t really write anything at the moment. When I get back tonight, I want to re-read and back you up. You have got the “gift”, my girl, of being able to see the storyline as it is supposed to be, and without prejudice!

        I look forward to further posts.

        • Nia

          Hi Lizzie, antonio,
          Thanks for your support!!! After reading the previous post I could not help but respond in what I hope was a civil and factual manner. The facts are the facts. I love this show and all the actors, but when something is quoted wrong I had to respond. But also to debate and give my own opinions. Debating issues is fun and why we are here.
          There are so many that have not had the benefit of being able to see the show yet and it is wrong to post some comments, on the show, that are incorrect. I am not trying to be mean, just telling it like it is. We are all driven by our devotion to our favorite.
          I know that there are so many out there who love their viking. I do too, I really do!! Eric/Alex is amazing, but in the show, so far, this how Eric is. Till we see lasting changes in his character (his love, loyalty and compassion for Godric was wonderful but seemed to disappear with Godric), he unfortunately will continue to be Bills antagonist. Both are vampires, both secretive, both can love, both want the same thing! Wow, what a ride we have ahead!
          We have so many seasons ahead and I look forward to them all with relish, no matter what happens!!!
          Team True Blood!

          • Lizzie 1701

            Hi Nia,

            I so enjoy your posts and your logic. I wish I had your ability. In my mind, I have all these thoughts which I would love to put on paper, but it all seems to get too emotional and comes out wrong! So, here is the deal! You write and I back you up!!

            I don’t know – I love True Blood so much and don’t want to see it ruined. I am afraid all this “fighting” between teams may have an adverse effect on the producers. I just hope that AB had a, say , a five year arc and that he will stick with it. I don’t want him seeing all the Eric posters and think no one is into Bill, and change his story arc ie the love between Bill and Sookie. I could not stand that. It is obvious that the storyline between book and series is not quite the same – the Eric in the book is not the same. I hate the books being quoted as “The Bible” for the show. Things can get a bit clouded and people do seem to see into things that are not really there. I hate it that Bill is called a liar and betrayer when all he was doing was being loyal to his superiors. What else could he do? He is also a “protector of women” – a role he had to play in “his time”. Why is that a fault? I just hate having to defend him all the time and feel I am losing the battle. I just hope AB does not make it too traumatic in future episodes – I mean – how much torture can he inflict on one character? Well, there is also Tara and Sam. They don’t seem to get a break, either!
            I still think this business with Eric will be a big test. We know that AB has themes for each season. I think there will be a season for forgiveness and that will be the one where Sookie will forgive Bill for whatever he is guilty of, and Bill can forgive Sookie for her betrayal, as she will betray Bill, by going to Eric. Then they can make up and have great “forgiving make-up” sex!!

          • Hey Lizzie,

            Could you please send me the site? I tend to stay here, since it is a (mostly) civil place to talk with other fans. But then again, I’m a Bill girl through and through, and I’d love a few new sites!

            BTW, do you or anyone else here read fanfics?

          • Nia

            Hi Lizzie,
            You are teriffic but, WOW, you give me way to much credit. I just have such a passion for this show, like you and many others, and also a sense of fair play and justice. I dislike seeing a wrong, or reading some illbegotten words. My defend mode kicks in and my fingers tend to runneth away on their own accord. That post took alot out of me. I try so hard to be fair to all because that is the way it should be, in a perfect world. I guess we must admit it is not a perfect world. For example, just look your window on a daily basis.
            By the way, that is why I love the True Blood fantasy, it takes you away, for a little while at least. Bless Alan Ball for his vision and efforts!

            And what do you mean that you cannot post in a logical and concise manner. Thats absolutely rediculous! What I just read from you was full of emotion and passion and was from the heart, like your previous posts. Thats what I love coming to these sites and seeing.

            But when someone is posting backed by, anger, hate, animosity and, in all honesty, trying to defend their favorite any way they can, even if the truth gets bent a little. I can and do understand how they must feel. When you love your favorite you will do almost anything to see them in a better light. But fact and truth cannot be denied, and again these characters are what they are, love them for what they are and be patient because you never know what the future will bring.

            Many would bring up the subject of “what if the roles were reversed” and your favorite were not on top, portrayed badly, and not what you wanted to see? My reply is that I would still support him, love him and hope always for the best. I would not take the thunder out of those that are enjoying their favorites time at the top. Some may say “well you say that now”, but for me I will always feel that way!

            I did it again didn’t I? Sorry, I sometimes cannot stop. Anyways I am with Isis, I would love to be a part of another Bill/Stephen/True Blood site. So pass it on and see you there!
            Spread the love everybody!

            TEAM TRUE BLOOD!

        • Nia

          Thanks Lizzie!!!!!!!!!
          You are great!
          Already added link to my favorites.
          See you there. Looking forward to meeting everyone!!

      • antonio

        Glad to see that you too have a penchant and a gift for writing insightful thought provoking intelligent prose.
        I guess this show really does bring out the best in us,huh?
        I think this show has made fangbangers of us All! 🙂 🙂

        • Nia

          So do you antonio, so do you!
          And shouldn’t it be the point that this show always brings out the best in us!
          We’ll be fangbangers together!

      • sheila

        but also dont forget that the queen told eric not to taste sookie or he would fall in love with her too, and one is enough. but something tells me that is exactly what will happen in around about way. then poor sookie will be in a predicament.

        • jaxx

          Have to admit, that is one predicament I wouldn’t mind being in. hee hee.

    • Vero

      Thanks for the Eric/Alex website!! Love it.

  • FangsR4Ever

    I just hope that Sookie ends up with Bill. GO TEAM BILL! I can’t stand the thought of Eric being with Sookie. The Bill and Sookie relationship is what sucked me into watching TB. It’s hard to say who kidnapped Bill, probably Lorena.

    • Nia

      I do agree that it is the wonderful love story of Bill and Sookie that has me so enamoured with the show.
      It is not a sugar coated love affair. It is rocky with ups and downs like any relationship worth working for. There will be many obstacles to overcome in their future
      Bill is no where near perfect but then again neither is Sookie. With all the seasons ahead I look forward to the drama, triangles, obstacles and then of course, the great make-up sex!
      Team True Blood!

  • mabel floss

    it’s Lorena, and yes Alan Ball has changed things, often for the better, but Bill leaves(dumps) Sookie and then gets his ass kicked. Sookie saves him, but don’t get me wrong, Bill’s a dick, Sookie’s true love is Eric. Eric the vampire is worn by years of the vamp life, Eric the north man is as good as they come, Sookie is lucky.

    • jaxx

      I fully agree. We are dealing with 2 different Erics. I like Book Eric better.

      • mabel floss

        agreed, certainly gives the bigger concept…but, apples and oramges…read the books…watch the show…enjoy them both…

        • Nia

          Mabel floss you are confusing the books with the show.
          In the show Bill is not a “dick” and does not “dump” Sookie (did you watch an alternate ending that the rest of us did not see? I saw Bill being kidnapped)! Terrible thing to say when it is not true.
          Even in the books Bill does not “dump” Sookie. I beleive it was the other way around. As to being a “dick”, in the show, Bill is a tragic lonely figure trying to be a good man. He has faults and is not perfect but so far we have seen that he would do anything for Sookie, and he loves her, and she feels the same.
          Many things can happen yet with so many season to come.
          This is a True Blood show forum. There are many sites to visit if you want to discuss the books.
          I read all the books last year and prefer the show so much more. I love what Alan Ball has done with it.
          Team True BLood!

          • mabel floss

            so…if i don’t agree with YOU i should go elsewhere?…

          • Nia

            How about just go easy on the name calling! It is hurtful.
            There are plenty of Eric lovers and Bill lovers here who get along great.
            We can love all our men without throwing so much hate and animosity around.
            We all have our thoughts and speculations about the SHOW. But in reality who knows what Alan B. will throw at us in the future.

          • I would like to stand firm with Nia and Isis here as one of the administrators of the site. We have many Bill and Eric lovers here but I have found and completely enjoy the fact that we are all able to voice our opinions in a civil manner. I have been on too many websites where the comments are degrading not only to the actors but also shows poorly on the fans themselves with such behavior. I am always amazed and thrilled to read all the insightful, intelligent and civil discussions on here which makes it warm and inviting for people to participate in the discussions. As Isis has pointed out this is TRUE BLOOD not the Sookie Stackhouse adventures, thus the storylines in the books may not apply to the show. As to what Alan Ball and his team of writers have in store we shall have to wait and see.

            Further I would like to state that all the actors on the show see True Blood as a team effort and only have praise for each other’s performances on the show. Therefore this animosity towards one character over another is uncalled for. Yes we can critique but name-calling is not necessary and is disrespectful.

          • Delia Remington

            Please be respectful of others in your responses. It’s possible to express your own point of view and then simply agree to disagree on points where you differ from others. True Blood fans have been given the gift of a great show that leaves lots of room for all kinds of speculation and mystery.

      • mabel floss

        i think you and i stand alone…it’s all good…

        • mabel floss

          this is a fantasy show about VAMPIRES!…i know now why chatrooms have such a sad and comical reputation…don’t bother, i can show myself out………

          • All any of us were asking you to do was be polite and not diss characters that we like. We’re trying to keep truebloodnet a civil place where we don’t harrass each other over preferences in terms of characters and what we’d like to see happen on True Blood in the future.

          • Maria

            Oh My Mabel Floss. Be kind. This site is set up for us all to chat. Don’t get personal and get angry when you talk about a FANTASY SHOW. We all know what it is…Personally this is one of the very FEW shows that I purposely follow. This makes me good to get other people’s opinions and thoughts because, sometimes we pick up on other people’s vibes and then look at episodes in a different light. I don’t know about anyone else but the person who commented on the Kind of Mississippi having something to do w/ the kidnapping made me step back.. Personally I think we all do a good job stepping up to the TV show and talking about the show. AB does a great interpreting the books. But I will still always say.. Team Merlotte!!! Did you hug a border collie today? (well in my case, my basset pekingese)

    • sheila

      I agree,sookie is in a rough spot to be sure. can’t wait to see what happens.

  • jaxx

    From what I’ve been reading on line, I hear the Magister is coming back this season. He would only come back if a vampire is in serious trouble, perhaps for kidnapping Bill??? That has to be a grave offense. Lorena? Eric? the Queen herself??? A combination of them. Also, if Lorena does get killed, would Eric kill her, Bill once he was able to get free??? In the books we know who kills Loreana, but that doesn’t mean that will happen in the tv series. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

    • mabel floss


    • sheila

      Tha magister seemed apathetic to Bill one way or the other, I can’t see him really taking that incident every seriously but I could see him with an alterior motive where Bill is concerned in regards to his relationship with sookie. I could see him wanting to exploit her ability like everyone else for there own gain.

  • JANE


  • Amy

    I think Lorena is involved in kidnapping Bill. When she was humilated and forced to leave Godric’s place she seemed very bitter and heartbroken. She’s def not finished with Bill. In the season 2 finale Queen Sophie-Ann already knew Sookie wasn’t entirely human. She even advised Eric to never drink her blood and to stick to what he’s good at. Just like the books I think Hadley told the Queen all about Sookie and therefore Sophie Ann ordered Bill to return to his hometown to seduce her so she can use Sookie’s telepathy to her advantage but eventually Bill fell in love her. I know Bill loves Sookie with all his unbeating lol heart but his motives in the beginning will dissapoint her for sure. I think Eric will use this fact to his advantage in trying to make Sookie his. And the drama filled love triangle continues. I do hope Sookie chooses Eric.

    • jaxx

      So do I Amy.

      • Lizzie 1701

        AB has stated that the love between Bill and Sookie is true. They had the attraction BEFORE Bill gave Sookie blood! Sookie does not like Eric. He is everything she can not stand. He used trickery to get her to take his blood. He wants to use her for her talents. He wants her because Bill has her. Why would you want Sookie with Eric? Why would Sookie want Eric? The only way I can think she will have anything to do with Eric is if he will somehow trick her and have her blood, then it will be forced and like R***! Just because he is “hot” that is not a good reason for having Sookie go against everything she believes in and deny her love for Bill. Most of the episodes in s2 show that Bill and Sookie have a deep love . It will not be a matter of Sookie chosing one over the other, it will be trickery, and that is not good.

        • Nia

          I agree Lizzie,
          It is kind of hard to believe how Sookie could fall for Eric (the triangle), even while Bill is gone, from what we have learned so far from the SHOW. Unless she believes that Bill is never coming back. But then also, right now, she just does not like Eric. Especially since she found out he forced Lafayette to drink his blood. It was bad enough that Eric tricked her into drinking his. How do you think she would feel if she finds out it was Eric who called in Lorena

          Good for Bill for not “telling” on Eric. Shows true character.

          We also have to consider that there is something going on with Bill and the queen. We do not know what it is yet (this is the show, not the books), and may not find out till the end of the season. If it is bad enough, would it drive her to Eric? I just don’t see that happening after all Eric has done.
          Unless Eric starts showing some of the qualities that we saw with Godric. But who knows.
          We all know that both Bill and Eric are not perfect. They both have faults. It will be so interesting to see where Alan goes with this.
          All in all, I am a big believer in True Love and always hoping that it lasts no matter the obstacles it must overcome.

        • mabel floss

          bill was sent by sophie-anne to seduce sookie and grab her talents for her needs, not love, not blood, because he is a weak foppish puppet…eric is far less ‘cold’ blooded than you think…

          • Look, you’re confusing the books with the show. This is TRUE BLOOD, not the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mystery series. Just because that happened in the books does NOT mean it’s going to happen in the show as well. THEY ARE DIFFERENT ENTITIES!

          • Oh yeah. And in the books, we discover that Bill DOES fall in love with Sookie too!

          • Nia

            Again with the cruel name calling. It really is not necessary.

            Bill may be my favorite but I admire Erics character as well, and although Eric has displayed some very bad character flaws in the SHOW, I would never call him an awful name. He is wonderful.

            Bill a weak foppish puppet? Hardly. I would go for:
            handsome, strong, hero, friend, lover, romatic, mentor, self sacrificing, and one who has to be subserviant because of his age and rank in the vampire world. Shall I go on? I have more.

            Lets talk about those in positions of authority who use that authority for their own selfish means without regard to those beneath them. The only decent, humble, and considerate vampire of authority we have seen so far was Godric. Shame he is gone. He could have been a great influence on others.

            I guess according to you, Pam is also a weak foppish (or stylish) puppet (with great pumps).

            I am sure, right now, you are shaking your head, and calling me a name. LOL.

            This is all just my opinion, as we are all entitled to. I just think that one can give an opinion while still being considerate of others.

            Team True Blood

          • Delia Remington

            Please be respectful of others in your responses. It’s possible to express your own point of view and then simply agree to disagree on points where you differ from others. True Blood fans have been given the gift of a great show that leaves lots of room for all kinds of speculation and mystery.

      • Missyella

        And so do I, it cannot be eric, because if it was Sookie, woulf never, ever forgive him and I don’t believe that he would do anything to harm her.

        • jaxx

          I agree Missyella. Eric would not have kidnapped Bill. Too risky on multiple levels (winnig Sookie’s trust for the future, the Magister and consequences from that.) I don’t think Eric would risk his position for that. While he may have some knowledge of what happened to Bill, I don’t think he would risk kidnapping Bill and ruin any chance he could possibly ever have with Sookie. While Sookie doesn’t like Eric now (nor did she in the books at this stage of the game) and depending on how AB plays this out, I am confident she will go to Eric at some point. Even Stephen Moyer admitted you can’t keep a series going on the Bill and Sookie show. You have to mix it up to keep the general public interested. And, Bill will be struggling to win Sookie back. Who knows, he may even win. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

  • jaxx

    I just had another thought. While I still think a “were” kidnapped Bill who was hired by Eric/Lorena, now I’m thinking Debbie Pelt may be the werelynx that would do it. She is evil and if you remember from a later book, Debbie Pelt was there with Lorena in the barn torturing Bill (Bill mentioned it in a later book that Debbie helped torture him). It’s been a long time since I read these books. If anyone can remember why Debbie was in the barn with Lorena, could you let me know??? It would not be Alcide as the kidnapper because due to a favor owed, he is helping Sooking find Bill.

    Sorry for the duplicate post. Sometimes this happens and I don’t know why.

    • Loleaf

      I believe that in the books Debbie said that she was there visiting a friend.

  • Amy

    June 2010 cant come sooner! It’s painful waiting. I really hope Eric isnt involved with kidnapping Bill becuause eventually Sookie will find out and she will never forgive him for that. Team Eric all the way! (Alex Scarsgard is so talented and the perfect Eric!) I really want them to get together.

    • mabel floss