True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Meet the Vampire King of Mississippi

May 18, 2010 by  

His real name is Denis O’Hare and he’ll be playing Russell Edgington on HBO‘s blockbuster series, True Blood.  Here is another new character for Season 3, which starts airing June 13th.

Thanks to Kathie’s Sci-Fi Drive By, we got a good insight into this new character via Denis himself.  In an interview with Kathie, Denis said it took a while for him and producer Alan Ball to form his character – finally setting his age to be about 3,000 years old.  So Russell is much older than Godric.

When asked to describe how the show first introduces him, Denis stated that we will find him in his mansion in Jackson, Mississippi.  “We kind of get into the vampire structure that each state has their own sheriff, their own dominion, and they’ve got their own king and/or queen.”  He also lives with his boyfriend/lover of 700 years, Talbot, played by Theo Alexander.

According to Denis, his character is not really played up in Charlaine Harris‘ books, so he pretty much got free reign from Alan to discover who he is.

“And then I would check back in with him [Alan] and see if I was on the right path and he would say, “Yeah, that’s great. Except that’s not quite accurate,” or “Don’t go down that road.”  So he was definitely guiding me and I was just taking liberties where I could.”

Sounds like Season 3 is going to be amazing.  It’s almost here!


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