True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Alan Ball Reveals a Little Fresh Blood

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Alan-Ball-Stephen-Moyer-Anna-Paquin-PremiereAs we all know Alan Ball has done a phenomenal job creating the hit show we all love and adore, True Blood. Alan continues to win over the hearts of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite) audiences as well. Alan recently spoke to Lesley Goldberg from about how he will be staying true to the source material, Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, and why gay audiences are so attracted to his work. He even gave out some spoiler information and discusses about some new gay characters that will be joining True Blood in season 3. So you have been warned there is spoiler information in this post.  If you do not want to know do not read any further.

Lesley began by asking Alan why he was so attracted to Charlaine’s novels. Alan answered by saying:

“It was an impulse purchase and it was just so much fun. The minute I finished the first book, I wanted the second one; it was like crack. I got addicted. I guess it was somewhere around the third or fourth book where I thought, This just really holds up, I think this could be a great TV show.”

True Blood has certainly proven to be just that! Lesley went on to ask Alan if the gay metaphors were something he envisioned right from the start, when he read the books. Alan agrees that there is a lot of that in the books due to the fact that the books contain numerous gay characters. Alan went on explain that we would be introduced to some of these characters in the upcoming season 3 of True Blood. Wait, new characters!! Lesley asked Alan which new characters would we see and Alan answered saying:

“We’ll be meeting the vampire king of Mississippi and his long, long-term companion — and by long-term I mean really long-term — Talbot. I think Lafayette may meet a love interest, and certainly Pam, who works with Eric, she’s certainly got a lesbian vibe — I don’t know that that’s all she is, but she certainly does seem to appreciate the women.”

Lesley also asked Alan what he thought it was about vampires that attracts so many LGBT fans. Alan responded by saying:

“I think it’s certainly not a huge step for LGBT people to identify with any group of characters that are, as a group, outsiders, that mainstream society feels threatened by; that are fabulous and powerful and sexy and all of that stuff.”

Lesley went on to discuss a possible storyline between the lesbian vampire queen, Sophie-Anne and Sookie. Since Sophie-Anne is romantically involved with Sookie’s cousin, Hadley, is it possible the queen may want that same relationship with Sookie? Alan does see the queen taking an interest in Sookie, but not in a romantic way. Alan explains that he thinks Sophie-Anne’s interest in Sookie is more about what makes Sookie so exceptional. Alan promises that we will learn more about that in season 3 as well. Lesley went on to ask Alan about the new vampire king, Russell Edgington, and if his character would remain gay, which is how he is portrayed in the novels. Alan answered:

“I think the kings and queens of the various states are aware of each other, and yes, he definitely knows who she is. Whether or not they end up in a scene together I can’t really say; it depends on actors’ availability and scheduling and those kinds of things. But they definitely are aware of each other.”

Lesley then asked Alan about how true the True Blood writers remain to the original novels. Alan responded by saying:

“I think we try to stay very true to the spirit of the book series. We have made changes. The books are all narrated by Sookie, so the books are basically all Sookie’s story. We definitely have — in fleshing out the other characters — been creative. I think where we may not stay true to the books entirely, we do try to stay very true to the spirit of them.”

Lesley asked Alan if he discusses changes he plans on making with Charlaine. Alan said no, they don’t discuss it, and that Charlaine said it best at Comic-con when she explained, “I don’t tell Alan how to write his show and he doesn’t tell me how to write my books.” Alan goes on to say that him and Charlaine have a great working relationship and an admirable respect for each other. He feels the books have helped the show and the show has helped the books, but they are two completely different mediums.

Lesley then brought up the fact that Alan had said a character would die in season 3, and asked if this storyline would follow the third book. Alan answered by simply saying:

“I’m a little leery to answer these questions because if I say yes it just gives it away. For people who read the books, some things will not come as a surprise. But for people who don’t read the books, it will be a surprise.”

Lesley ended their interview by asking Alan a huge fan question, will we see Jason Stackhouse scantily clad in season 3, since he was a bit modest last season? Alan said:

“Well, he was at church camp! [Laughs] There’s no shortage of man candy on the show and Jason is back in Bon Temps and he may be up to his old ways. I can tell you that you’ll definitely get to see a lot of Jason in the first few episodes, and by a lot, I mean a lot physically. [Laughs].”

Oh, I can hardly wait! Alan always knows how to leave us wanting more, and I definitely want more!!


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  • Zoraya

    okay! so ive been reading all these posts on all these different pages and i agree with you all that season 3 will be amazing and the show is fan-freaking-tastic…but i do have some issues that maybe you all could help me sort through!

    1) why why WHY do so many people want eric and sookie together?? i think that in the books, as well as in the show, bill is so much better for her. bill actually loves sookie and cares for her, whereas eric just wants her bc hes attracted to her for some reason (which i of course know why but wont spoil it for the nonreaders!) and bc he needs her special ability. hes never really loved her, except for when he had amnesia!

    2) i read in another post on another page something about sam becoming an alpha male…isnt that only for the werewolves?

    3) i love that they brought in hadley so early! most pleasant surprise ever! i dont understand why so many ppl didnt like evan rachel wood as the queen. true, in the book i pictured a much more subdued and ‘innocent’ woman, but evans a great actress and i still liked her portrayal.

    4) why doesnt eric like bill? this is a rhetorical question, of course, but i just want eric to not tell the queen hell help ‘take care of bill.’ it makes me cry that everyone is so against my poor bill.

    5) i hate that eric is making sookie have so much of his blood (in the book and show). it shows what a little sneak he is. and i hate that sookie wont give him a piece of her mind!

    sookie has started to bother more and more as the books progress, so please excuse me if i seem to rant. but, overall, im happy with the show. i cant understand how its so perfect. the books are just okay for me. i was addicted, but as bill and sookie grew fi=urther and further apart, charlaine started to lose me. and when i read that charlaine had to be convinced not to kill off bill my jaw fell to the floor! WHAAT?? bill has done nothing wrong! hes just so great and nobody else seems to feel the way my sister and i do.
    ahahahhahah but i digress. love the show and cant wait for june!

    • Hi Zoraya, There are so many “why” “what if” and “what’s next” in both the book and TV series, however in reference to the show no one knows what is going to happen next (book readers included) only Alan Ball and his creative team of writers know. It is fun to speculate as to what is going to happen next. The main thing is to keep it fun and positive to avoid getting frustratesd if some things do meet up to your expectations. I always say it is an amazing rollercoaster ride that will take us on highs and lows that are worth experiencing. 🙂

  • antonio

    I Didnt mean to imply that Bill is a “Wuss” certainly Not!
    But Sookie can be So Mean to him sometimes and he just takes it!
    One time that He Did try to stand up for himself She slams a door in his face and tells him to “get lost”! Thats Not right!
    He said in Ep.3 S1 “Sookie, Just because what animates You and what animates ME may be different things Does NOT mean I’m less of a person!” I cheered! I was Like “GOOD FOR YOU,BILL!!”
    and of course she got flighty and slammed the door in his face pratically moody bitch!! Eric Northman: What Happened,Man?
    Bill Compton: Must be Her Time of the Month! LOL
    I feel for you Billy! Perhaps in Episode 4 you should bring her some Pamprin!! LOL 🙂
    No Offense! 🙂

  • august

    Even though Eric is incredibly sexy, and he and Sookie make a delicious couple…I can’t help but feel bad for Bill! Bill’s got something all his own, and is definately seductive, but I really don’t know if he can beat out Eric for Sookie. He will be so sad! I hope Sookie comes back to him eventually.

    • antonio

      I agree with you Aug There is just something there between Sookie and her Bill! I think the difference would be that Bill IS Devoted to Sookie..Whereas Eric would want Sookie to be Devoted To Him! Of Course,Bill takes a lot of crap from her He looks at her with a wounded unapproving gaze..”Sookie!” Where Eric would NOT stand ANY of her poutty,whiny bullshit!
      Bill is Kind of “weak” in his devotion to her. Where Eric would stand up to her and tell her off! I can Just hear Eric telling her “I’m NOT Bill,He took your shit,But I wont So You better respect me you little bitch!”
      I like Bill but he’s a doormat for Sookie and I think that she knows that! remember after they made love 1 time she sassed him
      “Dont You take That tone with Me,Bill Compton!” After they just had incredible sex she talk to him like that??
      Some1 needs to teach Her Some respect and I think that Mr.Northman is Just the 1 to Do It!! Besides, I wish he’d kick Jason’s lazy skanky Ass Butt…Someones gotta teach that punk some manners!!

  • Deana

    Wow..season 3 is going to be AMAZING!! I’m reading the 2nd book now and can already tell how much they differ from the show. I mean Lafayette dies in the beginning of the 2nd book. Hopefully it’s not him that dies in season 3..he’s amazing. Definitely my favorite show of ALL TIME!!!! Congrats to all the wins at the Scream Awards as well!!

    • Loleaf

      Be careful Deana! Once you start reading it’s hard to put them down.. You just want to keep reading to find out what happens next, like Alan said they’re like just can’t give them up. LOL!! Last year I read all of them about three times, because I’d read them so fast the first time, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I finally had to put them down or go crazy, I was in a Sookie-verse coma for a month!! LOL!!

      • antonio

        I’m sure the same thing can be said of the Twilight novels All 4 of Them! Personally, I found the TL Novels to be addictive kind of like Heroin wanting to know more and more! After I saw the Twilight film last spring on dvd, I wanted to know more I was curious to know what happened with Edward and Bella! Now with the Twilight books, I found that I enjoyed Book 1 and 3 the best…Even though I did like Book 2 New Moon Bella’s burgeoning relationship with Jacob Black, the local shifter
        Her “mad” desire to hallucinate Edward after he leaves her alone in the woods Face off against the Volturi and So On!
        My Favorite of these was Eclipse Book 3 and Of course Book 1 Twilight is 1 of My ALL Time favorite books! Because it speaks of feeling like an “outsider” a “freak” “misfit”
        I’m sure We have All felt that way at Some point in our lives!
        I have Not read any of the SSNs so I dont much about them.
        I did read All of the Twilight books~~I felt the 1st Book Twilight was somewhat Better than the film and Maybe “Book Edward” was somewhat more dark and intense than “Film Edward”
        Unlike Bill and Sookie,Bella and Edward Do marry and have a child,who was conceived prior to Bella’s “conversion”.
        Unlike Sookie,Bella Does become a Vampire toward the middle of book 4~~~Edward would Never have “turned” her if she wasnt dying!
        He turned her to save her life Or Un-life you might say.
        Unlike Bill Or Eric,Edward Cullen Is Venomous and Deadly! 1 bite is All thats necessary to inflict deadly “venom” into the victim and “turn” them into a vampire!
        Although it takes 48 hours for the transformation to be complete!
        As I have said, I have not read Ms.Harris’s books But I have read Ms. Meyer’s TL Novels To Me They were addictive and ennervating!

        • Deana

          Antonio, I have read all of the Twilight books also. I started reading the first one WAY before all the hype and when the movie was just a wish in Stephenie Meyer’s head. I agree they were amazing books…I wasn’t such a fan of the movie. I do have to say thought that New Moon looks a lot better in the previews but that will remain to be seen. I was a huge Twilight fan before I discovered True Blood but now after experiencing Bill, Eric (ESPECIALLY Eric!) and everyone else on that show everything else vampire related is a total letdown…to quote my good friend Wesley (who was the one that got me watching TB) TRUE BLOOD FOR LIFE!!! lol

          • antonio

            true enough.. TB Is Better! No doubt As I have said,I think that Episode 3 of season 1 is 1 of My Very favorite episodes!
            “Mine” is 1 of the best written,suspenseful,and moving episodes I have seen! When I first saw it,As I had stated on another thread here, I was shocked to see Bill’s “darker side” after S2 when I began watching, I had become accustomed to “Good” Bill “Bad” Eric. I was just So drawn in to this storyline Bill does Not “sugar coat” his Vampire life and he wants her to see and get some idea of what she’s getting herself into!
            At First I thought How Dare He? or How Could You Bill?
            Now, I Admire him for being upfront and honest with her about what he was! We have all had this wonderful “love affair” goin on with Bill and Eric But “Mine” shows us that These vampires ARE KIllers! They Are Dangerous Predators!! Sookie was exposed to this reality.I understand she was frightened and upset,As she almost became “Dinner” for the 4 of them! But I feel that she did Not have to Go Off on Bill the way she did! She said Some pretty hurtful things to Him,Too! “You’re Dead,You Drink blood!”
            What the hell did She expect?? He IS a Vampire for Pete’s Sake!!
            I did laugh at the whole Dawn with gun throwing bare-butt Jason out of her place,But I’m growing tired of seeing all his sexual exploits so theres No love lost there! As for Sam and Tara Both of them deserved Better than just “Your place Or Mine?”
            Even though I laughed my butt off when Sam “Barks” in hois sleep like a dog! Tara to Lafayette : Do You know that man Barks in his sleep? Lafayette to Tara : What The F**k?!
            You’re Right though TB IS Better If I was “waning” a bit Episode 3 S1 kind of brought me back….LOL
            What’s also cool here to see is that Sookie and Bill Do NOT have a perfect relationship..They argue and fuss like Any other couple!
            Sometimes He goes off on Her “She Is a Vampire She is Not A Doll for You To Play dress up with,Dammit!”
            Sometimes She goes off on Him “What did you mean Sookie is Mine?! How Dare You! I’m NOT Your Slave Or your pet! I Never Said that You could feed off of Me! Bill: Sookie, I Had to claimm you so they wouldnt hurt you I did it to protect you!
            Sookie: I dont think that We should see each other Any More!
            Do You understand I could have been Killed! I had to throw my work clothes away because they were full of blood I didnt want my grandmother to see!
            Considering How He Saved Her LIfe I dont see WHY she had to yell at him like that!! What a Bitch!!
            Besides, He’s just learning how to adjust how to come out “of the coffin” Sookie CUT HIM SOME SLACK Gal!!

  • Loleaf

    Something tells me that Jason will be making up for lost time!!! If you know what I mean,,,wink wink…

    • antonio

      Who with? He’s already Had half of the county by this point!
      LOL About the Only people he hasnt slept with at this point are Sookie and Sam!! LOL

      • Loleaf

        I’m sure our little loveable horndog will find someone!!! Even if it’s only a mirror and a movie. LOL!!(oops did I really type that)

  • Danielle

    season 3 will start shooting this December and air next June of 010

  • Laura

    I have read all the books and started reading them a couple years back… then i’m watching tv and see sam with a merlottes shirt on and just knew that it was a show based on the books!!! I sat down and called my fiance in to watch it and we ended up watching the first season in a day and never missed an episode of season 2. Now i have him addicted to it as well and we are ecstatic and can’t wait for season 3. I hope this show keeps going through all the books because it’s freaking awesome!!!! I love it

  • BLF

    season 3 is how many days away???

  • Mary

    I can’t hardly wait for season3 of TrueBlood I have gotton edicted to that show love it ……………..

    • tina

      love love true blood, please tell me when season 3 is airing

      • val

        not till next summer-ugh!So hard to wait!!