True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Alexander Skarsgard and Alan Ball Talk

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More True Blood season 3 spoiler tidbits from Alan Ball and Alexander Skarsgard thanks to Michael Ausiello from  Lately Micheal has been about to get these little tidbits from Alan which we all greatly appreciate and helps satisfy our cravings for True Blood.

According to Alan the number of evil characters have increase to three versus last season’s one, Maryann.  As Alan states:

“We have a triumvirate of evil this season,” reveals exec producer Alan Ball. “I’m talking about Franklin Mott, Russell Edgington, and Debbie Pelt. They are all bad to the bone. They’re not just crazy, they’re evil.” Speaking of the yet-to-be-cast Debbie Pelt, Ball tells me that the Alcide’s psycho ex will actually have a bigger role than first thought. “We actually beefed up Debbie,” he says. “She’s going to be in more episodes, so maybe that will have an impact on [what actress] we can get for her, which is a big question right now.”

One the other hand, Alexander was able to give Micheal some more details as to what will be happening with Eric in season 3 when he saw him at the Golden Globes this past weekend.  Alex stated to Michael that Eric‘s journey in season 3 is about revenge and that this season we will see a continuing exploration of Eric’s interest in Sookie. As Alex stated about his character’s path to Michael for this upcoming season:

“I’d say it’s about revenge,” he told me. “He will continue to explore the whole Sookie thing and what that’s all about. He’s trying to figure out what’s different about her. He’s intrigued by that. And in addition to that, there’s something that happened a thousand years ago that he’s still carrying in his heart. All I’ll say is he’s trying to avenge someone.”

All these little tidbits are surely to increase the anticipation for the return of season 3 in June!


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  • Isabella

    First, I can’t wait to see the supposed flashbacks we’ve been promised of Godric and Eric. For me, it was a huge disappointment that their storyline was over so quickly.
    Their dynamic was amazing and all their scenes were so fascinating to watch. Eric/Godric scenes were some of the best of the entire season.

    When Godric turned Eric around 1.000 years back he told Eric “I will be your Father, Brother, Son”, so, I felt that Godric, even though a very old vampire, he was terribly lonely. He asks Eric before turning him.

    The quote “Father, Brother, Son” leads me to think that Godric and Eric think of each other as exactly that. When Godric died, Eric losing is Father is brother and is son. For me that is the reason Eric falls apart at the sight of losing Godric, and fell to his knees crying and begging to beg for Godric to stay with him.

    Second, I agree anybody else from his 1,000 years ago, that may have done Eric wrong, would be long dead, unless it is another vampire. So probably we all gone see what Eric fighting before Godric turned him. The people who kill his family?

    Alan Ball say’s that the evil characters are “all bad to the bone”…….very interesting.

    I’ am look forward to see Eric/Godric again and Eric/Sookie.

  • Marlnails

    I think it may have to do with the storyline of Sookie’s path of what she is as he may link the “family lineage” or The Vampire/Fairy war as her storyline would be further explored. Maybe we will see the Niall, Claudine family connection start to unfold.

    • Mony

      That’s exactly what i was thinkg…the famous Fairy/vampires war in the books that Eric tols to Sookie in book 8 after met Niall…
      That could be great!!!!

      • jaxx

        AB may be pulled from future books. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the fairys come into play early on. Claudine/Claude should be making an appearance soon, if not S3 then S4. I think maybe the fae world might begin to be explored. Don’t forget, for us bookies, Eric has known Niall for a very long time. Maybe he’ll make a brief appearance or at least be mentioned. I also think avenging has something to do with a woman, maybe a lost love or wife from his viking days???? Will be interesting to see. Could explain why Eric is in part the way his is.

        • missyella

          Hi Jaxx,

          I have this image of Sookie’s Grandfather Niall in my head, which I cannot shake and it is of the actor John Glover, as he played Lex Luther’s Father in Smallville when he had long hair.

          He may be too old (to be cast as Niall), as Niall has a glowing quality, but…….

          • jaxx

            Hi Missyella, good one. I picture Niall as older and I think they did mention long flowing hair. It may be too soon for Niall BUT he is getting bits and pieces from later books already so I guess in AB’s world, anything is possible, especially if they get into Sookie fae history, possibly a Niall flashback???

      • Marlnails

        It may be linked to the Fae/Vampire Wars and someone Eric held close may of been killed. And when he figures out that Sookie has Fae in her it may trigger those feelings. As we all that read the books know Eric doesn’t do feelings well and this may be one of the flashbacks he has of Niall. Remember in the books Eric isn’t fond of Niall or fairies.

        • jaxx

          Yes, I agree. AB may want to begin with Sookie’s fae history in a flashback of Niall to help explain the story better. Or maybe he will go a totally different way. They will have to explore her fae past at some point though so the viewers who haven’t read the books will understand, otherwise it could get really confusing. Good conclusion Marlnails. 🙂

  • cox

    I think the revenge has something to do with a woman. Possibly a woman he had deep feelings for that was killed by another vampire, Maybe Franklin Mott. I just hope that Alan Ball isn’t putting in too many storylines.

    • missyella

      Agreed Cox,

      We really do not want the dynamics or the essence of the show, changing beyond recognition………

  • Nia

    Revenge and avenge….very interesting. I look forward to this storyline of Erics.

    I would think that Eric would be out to avenge the death of Godric. What demons drove Godric to meet the sun. There may be more here than meets the eye.

    He could have had a very very special realationship with Godric , in the past, that will fuel him to avenge his suicide.
    Anybody else from 1,000 years ago, that may have done him wrong, would be long dead, unless it is another immortal.

    Perhaps it is revenge on the FOTS?

    Perhaps it is revenge against Bill for finding out about his involvement with the queen and the “V” selling?

    So much to speculate on.

    Thanks AdoreBill….keep the spoilers coming!!!!!

    • Mony

      I don’t think Bill or Godric has something to share in this revange becouse Alex said it is somthing he keeps for 1000 years… maybe is something Before him be a vampire, maybe is the reason why he died 1000 years ago…he was a Worrior….we saw that…
      About Bill i don’t really think…actually Eric really doesn’t care about him and we know it very well…’s something that he keeps in his heart…I really doubt that Eric keeps Bill in his heart….ahahah^^
      I guess it coul be a private thing, maybe his family……^^

    • Antonio

      This sounds like a great storyline! I’d like to see more Eric and his past on the show! I’d like to see the Eric/Sookie thing and all the tension grow,too!

      • missyella

        I’m with you there Antonio……

        • Antonio

          I think it will be cool to see More character development with Eric godric,sookie more lorena it will be quite interesting to learn more about Sam and Bill,too! So many questions
          Why did Bill show up at the bar that 1st night? How did he know she was more than “a waitress” How did Eric come to own Fangtasia? How was that Sam was able to buy and operate a bar?
          He kept all of maryann’s money intact in the safe So Where did he get the $$ to buy the bar? Questions Questions huh?

  • Mony

    “..he’s trying to avenge someone.”

    this is interesting…..we could probably know more about who he was before and maybe find what really killed him before Godric turned him…he was fighting, maybe an army…..that was a historical moment with many religious battles you know….Vikings have thei own religion not well seeing by the others…..
    maybe this army even killed his family (brothers or his own family)
    maybe he is trying to revange not against a person but maybe against an istitution…..and you know some istitution especially the religious one, are immortal…(….guess this could be why he hats FOTS and Steve)^^

    • Val

      Intriguing eh?I can”t wait to see what our beautiful Viking is up to next season!!

      • missyella

        Here, here Val.

        Roll on season 3 & 4. I am really intrigued now and wonder if the avenging has anything to do with his Wife and family.

        He was married very young, when he was a Viking.