True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Alexander Skarsgard and Many Nude Scenes

January 25, 2010 by  

A great way to start the week is with some True Blood season 3 spoiler news and the revelation that we will be seeing a lot more of Alexander Skarsgard this upcoming season in more ways then one along with other cast members. According to Marc Malkin from E!Online several of the cast members that he spoke to have told him that there will more nudity in season 3.

According to Todd Lowe, “a lot of people will be getting naked this season.” Specifically, we will be seeing Alex naked quite and bit in season 3 as Carrie Preston mentioned to Marc,

Alex is not shy about getting naked at all!” said Preston, who plays Arlene Fowler. “And there will be lots of those kinds of scenes with Alex this season.”

Todd has even revealed that he himself has been nude once or twice since filming has begun. It seems that everyone is getting into the action this season.

Nelsan Ellis provided his own reasoning as to why there is going to be so much nudity this season,

“There are a lot of hunky dudes and beautiful women who have been added to the cast, so it doesn’t surprise me that more clothes are coming off.”

Sam Trammell, on the other hand, who has done some nude scenes says he would like to have his character have a bigger part in the romantic side. As he says,

“I’m not having any sex yet…they really should provide Sam with more sex.” However he does add the following, “there is a suprising—well, shocking—scene in the first episode. Some people will be happy and some people will not.”

So it seems we are going to see a lot of cast this season however, my question is what about Bill? Will we be seeing him and how much of him?  Season 3 definitely can’t arrive soon enough for True Blood fans.

SOURCE: E!Online

  • Bitsy

    The relationship between Eric and Sookie is about the playful journey, not just the sex act. If you want to keep fans interested for more than 4 Seasons you have to build the characters and their relationships to each other. Great TV sex is about the slow build-up and the waiting. If you want just the act go to playboy.

    As far as seeing Alex Skarsgard’s body…well, it makes me smile just thinking about it. 🙂 He’s a dream to look at and to listen to.

    I love the “Club Dead” story in the book and enjoy the laughs that the Eric and Sookies relationship gives me. I can’t wait until they do “Dead to the World”. I like some humor with my vampire. 🙂

    Can’t wait til June. Ciao!

    • jaxx

      I hear ya. Club Dead and Dead to the World are my 2 favorite Sookie books hands down. Can’t wait to see my favorite parts on screen. And I do hope we see the humor between Eric and Sookie. That is one of the best parts of their relationship for me (besides the obvious).

  • Antonio

    This is all very interesting. It’s cool to have all these spoilers and news from on the set. It really keeps us fans in the loop. I’d like to share another idea with you. This is just something I thought up ~~~There has been lots of speculation lately,huh? Here is another take on a possible S3 storyline I know that somehow Eric is going to be in a lot more. Perhaps He Is in some way involved with what happened?

    Alcide Herveaux entered Fangtasia. He walked right on by the security guards,the cashier, the bartenders and walked right into Eric Northman’s office. He walked in and closed the door.
    “Ive brought the girl!” he said in a rough tone. Eric then spoke “What about the other matter?” “I took care of it!”
    “I want my money!” Alcide demanded sternly. “Chow,Pay him You know where it is.” He stepped out for a minute and when he returned he handed Alcide an envelope. The biker wolf looked through it…He was not pleased. “This is Only Half!” he growled
    “Where’s the rest?!” Eric got up and spoke sternly “You are forunate that I let you and your filthy friends hang around here in My territory at All!” Alcide Herveaux was a tall,swarthy man about medium build and had long scruffy shoulder length hair.
    “What do you want with her,Anyway?” Alcide asked out oof morbid curiosity. “I paid you All that you deserve Now get out!”
    “Dirty bloodsucker!” The biker wolf said under his breath
    “Herveaux!” Eric said harshly. “One of your …friends was on the prowl a few nights ago!” He went on “Someone was attacked they could have been killed!…I Will Not have That in MY territory!” “Get the hell out!…Now!”
    Alcide mumbled swear words under his breath as he walked out into the main bar. He saw Sookie Stackhouse sitting there ” You can go in to see him,Now.” “Thank You….Mr? “Herveaux” he spoke still with a kind of angry tone. As he walked out toward the outer door he glanced back at Sookie…She turned to meet his gaze and he winked at her and smiled…She smiled back at him and then got up and started to walk to Eric’s office.
    Sookie walked in to Eric Northman’s office. She was a bit startled by what she saw. There was Eric lying on aa table wearing only a thin towel,which barely covered him, being massaged by two women. “Have I come at a bad time?” Sookie turned away..She was somewhat embarassed by this. “No.” Eric said assuringly “Leave us.” he dismissed the massage therapists
    He smacked one of them on the behind “Don’t wander off,Now!” He winked with a cocky arrogance. “What brings you here?” he asked coyly, As if he didn’t know. “Maybe you should put something on first?” Sookie said shyly. “Of course, One moment.”
    Eric got up from the table and the towel slid almost right off of him. Sookie turned around and she caught a glimpse of Eric’s posterior. “Nice butt” She said under her breath. “Thank You!” He said with calm enthusiasm. Sookie’s face turned almost purple.
    She had forgotten that his senses were very keen and that he was most skilled at seeing and hearing things…even from a far distance. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” Sookie said with some dismay. “Wasn’t I?” he said with a smug cockiness.
    At That moment she was glad that she could not hear his thoughts.
    Eric came back into the room. Sookie began ” I came for …
    “Money?” Eric cut her short. “Well,I have No problem with that.”
    “No!” “I’d sooner ask my boss than you!” “And Where Is he?”
    Eric said sounding snooty. “Isnt it funny how people you relied upon have let you down.” “This was a mistake!” Sookie said his attitude toward her was really starting to annoy her.
    “Work here for me.” “I could always use more help especially from someone with your…He sized her up and licked his lip briiefly “Talents?” “go to hell!” Sookie spoke up angrily “I’d die before I’d work for you!” “That Can be arranged.” He smiled with an arrogant swagger. “I’d Never give you the satisfaction!” Now she was annoyed.
    “I’ll just go ask that biker guy to help me.” she said with a smug tone. “The Werewolf?” Eric chided her “What?” she said sounding confused. “That man who brought you here is a Werewolf.” Sookie looked kind of scared for a moment “Was he the one that….That tryed to… “No,Not him!” Eric sounded as if trying to reassure her. “It was one of his gang…One of those biker wolves.” “Why did you come here?” Eric wanted to know. “I came to ask you for …she hesitated “help”.
    “Are you afraid of the Werewolves…You should be They are trouble You dont want to mess with them!” “Bill is missing!” she blurted out. “I want to go and look for him!” “I need your help…You Are the sheriff in this district,right?”
    “If I help you to look for Bill…You will work here for 2 weeks!” “No Way!” Sookie shouted “I have a job!” “Where is your boss,huh?” “He flew the coop!” “Last I heard Lafayette was practically running the place!” “Looks like you have nowhere to turn to ….Other than me!” “You are lucky that You cant read My thoughts Now Eric Northman!” she said angrily.
    “That would be quite embarrasing for you If I could!” Sookie slapped him across the face. “I dont know why i come here…must have been out of mah mind!” “You’ll be back.” he said with a cocky tone. “Eric Northman if You had Anything to do with this …She paused “I’ll… “You’ll What!” Eric said challenging her. Sookie began to walk away from Eric and towards the outer bar doors. She turned back to Eric her tears were streaming down her face, “You know,for a minute I actually thought you were a nice guy…Bill used to defend you to me..All the time. “He always said that you weren’t That bad!” “I think that he respected you!” “I thought that you’d want to help help him!” She continued in an upset tone “But now ah see that you’re Only interested in one person….You!!
    “I saved your life!” Eric said with the first real show of some emotion “I’d almost wished that you didnt!” She went on “Without Bill…Nothing is left for me,Nothing!”
    Sookie walked out. Eric looked pensive..He turned and walked slowly back to his office. Pam was waiting for him there. “She’s gonna find out.” she spoke clamly in her deep voice “Do you think it would make Any difference to Me If she did?” Pam spoke again coyly “Would it?”
    Sookie got out into the parking lot.She saw a buncch of bikers up the road she went over “Herveaux?” she asked nervously. One of them called to him and he rode over with his bike. “I need a ride home.” “Sure thing sugarpie!” he said giving her a wink and a friendly smile. She climbed up on his motorcylce and off they were into the night.

    Again just something to keep our minds creative juices flowing
    its a long wait to June huh? 🙂

    • jaxx

      Interesting take. Maybe you should send this to AB’s writers. Sort of guide them in the right direction. hee hee

  • annm1969

    Yes naked Alex sounds wonderful!! I really hope they do give Sam some sex, the whole thing about finding his family sounds good but Sam really needs a girlfriend that will stick around for a while!!

    • pbt

      I agree it does sounds wonderful. Naked Alexander and Yvette, Sookie, whoever. It really doesn’t matter much to me. Naked Sam and Bill, Jason and Lafayette. Bring them all to the table of True Blood. Its all good in my book.

    • Antonio

      Nudity sexual content are all part and parcel with the show…after all its HBO and most of these shows are for a more mature audience. Personally, I could care less Who is naked just give me great storylines and good work! Secondly, sex for Sam??
      He was with Tara in season 1 remember? and Daphne in season 2!
      His love life may not have been the best but its not like he did not get any lovin’. I know what you mean though. I wonder if Any of the other characters will find love this season?

      • pbt

        At the rate we are going right now, as soon as someone finds happiness they are usually found with their heart cut out, kidnapped or even worse. But it all makes for great drama and emotions. And that is the basis of every good TV drama. We don’t want Cinderella. Well at least I don’t.

    • jaxx

      Me too. Isn’t it funny that no matter what, we can all agree on “naked”. LOL.

      • pbt

        Yes, Jaxx you and I always agree on nakedness especially if it involves the Viking.

  • Mony

    Sooo happy to hear about that, not that i even had a doubt that the show will bring up another Lead Character as Eric, he is a big part in Sookie’s life in the books, his love interest even if she is with others men…well he is even her bonded/husband btw…ahah^^

    Alex also reveald at Acces Hollywood he will be naked in Ep01, he said “naked by my own”….interesting…
    He will kill someone in ep02…..
    and some flashblacks also!!!

    Bill will always be a lead character of the show as he should be and Eric will be another Lead character which who he should share the screen…is not a bad thing…is just how the things go, and the books as well…..^^

  • pbt

    Thanks Ollie for the great news as always. Yes, Eric fans rejoice. Seasons Three and Four will be known as the “Seasons of Northman”. Naked or not the Viking Vampire is sure to capture the hearts and minds of many more viewers.

    Perhaps a new big screen television is on the horizon for this viewer and a new DVR. Wouldn’t want to miss any of the gp action. LOL 🙂

    • Vero

      Yesss! S3, Eric/Alex and gp action 😉 Can’t ask for more!
      **Love the mental pic** lol

    • wickedxxangel

      pbt….”seasons of Northman” I love it!!!
      Bring on some naked Eric/Alex! I also agree I may need to upgrade my tv or kick the hubby off the flatscreen! I can’t wait for S3!!!!

      • pbt

        I wonder if there will be an influx of new subscriptions to True Blood since AB is leaking that Eric will be naked often? And I am sure that purchases of big screen televisions might spike in mid June too. 🙂



  • Amber

    I am reading all the books, and I can not wait to see more ERIC!

  • Antonio

    I like Sookie and Bill But there is just something there with Eric and Sookie! They burn up the screen when they are together whether its a dream sequence or not! There is a great deal of sexual tension between Eric and Sookie! That scene where she is trying to comfort Eric after the loss of his maker is just unbelievably hot! Their steamy kiss even though it was Only a dream sequence I found it to be very sexy!
    Eric Northman has got to be 1 of the coolest vampires Ever! 🙂

    • jaxx

      I agree Antonio. I actually liked the scene where Sookie was comforting Eric more than I liked the dream sequence. It was more genuine. There is just something magical about the Eric/Sookie relationship.

      There will be so much eye candy in S3, I hope I can keep the storyline straight. lol. And yes, please give Sam a nice girl, he deserves it.

    • i didn’t think that scene was sexy at all. Sorry for saying but i don’t think anna and alex have very good chemistry. sorry

      • jaxx

        That’s okay. You don’t have to apologize for giving your opinion. 🙂

  • rc

    Bill is not going anywhere, we will probably see just as much of him as we do Eric…he will not be marginalized.

    • Donna

      It’s good to know Bill Is still going to be around… Eric is easy on the eye, no doubt about it..but Bill got me with those dangerous eyes…

  • Sharon Jagger

    Great news.looking forward to all that eye candy. Only one problem for me. I live in Asia, and they cut all the best bits out of True Blood on HBO over here. If there is too much nudity and sex, then True Blood will be cut from a 55 min show to a 30 min show and make no sense to viewers in Asia. I guess I will have to wait until the Season 3 DVD comes out before I can fully enjoy this season. But for me that is rather a long wait.

  • emily

    Bring on more Eric!

  • cox

    I am not a prude. However, I don’t think overkill is a good thing. I would rather have more good story line time with actors who are dressed.

  • Megan

    It’s kind of funny that Alexander Skarsgard’s upcoming nudity is getting this much press- it’s not like we all wouldn’t watch TB Season 3 anyway! It is a HUGE bonus for most of us, of course, but he could be wrapped from head to toe in burlap and I’d still tune in…

  • Lorena P.

    Wow…A lot surprises in this Season.
    Bill? Who’s Bill?

    • the best part of the show

      • S-a-m

        You wish… oops 🙂 j/k! lol

    • Who’s Bill? LOL! Now I know you are just joking. 🙂

      • Lorena P.

        Of course… =]
        Bill is a big part in the show, is someone I will miss, but Eric is Eric…And the third book is my favorite.

        • Val

          I have to agree-sorry Ollie,but we Eric fans really want more SKIN!!!If he is OK with it-I sure am!Bring him on-YUMMMMM!!

        • Dee

          What do you mean? Alan Ball had mentioned that Bill is still going to be a huge part of season three. I

          As for Eric being more nude in season three? I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Nudity doesn’t bother me, but I really hope that it doesn’t overkill the Club Dead storyline. Even after a while nudity loses it’s luster and then it gets boring.

          I’m really looking forward as to who kidnapped Bill, and Alcide being introduced. Not to mention, the return of Lorena.

          • Bitsy

            I totally agree with you Dee. 😉