True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Alexander Skarsgard and Many Nude Scenes

January 25, 2010 by  

A great way to start the week is with some True Blood season 3 spoiler news and the revelation that we will be seeing a lot more of Alexander Skarsgard this upcoming season in more ways then one along with other cast members. According to Marc Malkin from E!Online several of the cast members that he spoke to have told him that there will more nudity in season 3.

According to Todd Lowe, “a lot of people will be getting naked this season.” Specifically, we will be seeing Alex naked quite and bit in season 3 as Carrie Preston mentioned to Marc,

Alex is not shy about getting naked at all!” said Preston, who plays Arlene Fowler. “And there will be lots of those kinds of scenes with Alex this season.”

Todd has even revealed that he himself has been nude once or twice since filming has begun. It seems that everyone is getting into the action this season.

Nelsan Ellis provided his own reasoning as to why there is going to be so much nudity this season,

“There are a lot of hunky dudes and beautiful women who have been added to the cast, so it doesn’t surprise me that more clothes are coming off.”

Sam Trammell, on the other hand, who has done some nude scenes says he would like to have his character have a bigger part in the romantic side. As he says,

“I’m not having any sex yet…they really should provide Sam with more sex.” However he does add the following, “there is a suprising—well, shocking—scene in the first episode. Some people will be happy and some people will not.”

So it seems we are going to see a lot of cast this season however, my question is what about Bill? Will we be seeing him and how much of him?  Season 3 definitely can’t arrive soon enough for True Blood fans.

SOURCE: E!Online