True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Bill and Sam’s Erotic Connection

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True Blood fans may be in for some big surprises according to Alan Ball, the creative genius behind the hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.  According to Michael Ausiello from it seems Alan will be addressing the issue about Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) drinking Bill Compton‘s (Stephen Moyer) blood.  If you recall at the end of season 2, Bill saved Sam‘s life by giving him his vampire blood to heal him, and in the end tricking Maryann (Michelle Forbes) and destroying her.  However, this left some True Blood fans wondering if Sam will experience the same effect that Sookie (Anna Paquin) is now having as a result of being tricked into drinking Eric‘s (Alexander Skarsgard) blood.  Well it seems Alan is giving us some hints right now as to what we may see happening in season 3 between Bill and SamAlan states that Bill and Sam will have

“not just any connection, an erotic connection.”

Now the big question is, how big and what type of erotic connection they will have?  Will Sam have a sexual longing for the handsome vampire Bill or will it involve erotic dreams that he will have of Bill which may leave him confused as it has with Sookie?  Another big question is how will these scenes be played out?  Alan wouldn’t comment, but as a result it is definitely going to generate a huge amount of speculation and anticipation among True Blood fans to see how this plotline will be covered.

However, Alan was willing to speak more freely about another upcoming same-sex couple that will be featured in season 3: Lafayette and his new love interest Jesus (played by Southland’s Kevin Alejandro). Alan states that Lafayette

“is very guarded, and Jesus is a guy who is willing to knock down some of those guards,” he says. “[Though] it’s not an easy relationship, they have a lot in common. They’re both shamans of sorts, healers, so there’s a reason they get brought together. “But,” he emphasizes again, “it’s not going to be easy.”

So True Blood fans what do you think about this latest revelation from Alan Ball?  Are you intrigued by how Alan will deal with the blood connection?  Will it be permanent or can it be broken?  And if so, how, and will it be a foreshadowing of something that Sookie may encounter later on.  Whatever the outcome, season 3 is gearing up to be quite exciting!


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  • Belindabell

    I like True Blood but sometimes it goes over the top but hey! isn’t that way this series is so popular. Sex sells and it can’t be more blatant than here.

    • lizzie1701

      Hi Belindabell, I found that scene between Billand Sam to be so erotic and I loved it to death! The way Bill spoke and came down for the kiss! I wish it was me!

  • ravenhill

    My guess: The erotic episode will be Sam humping Bills leg while beeing some animal ha-ha. Probably as the dog. Bill will be outraged!! “Mah leg!”

  • Motard

    The entire vampire genre is a longstanding metaphor for sex. The producers and writers have admitted so openly.

    In the S2 finale, Bill and Sam’s plan is borne out of a motivation to save Sookie and the town. That shared affection is also a key point in their mutual distrust. And what are love and sex other than the courage to bare and share yourself with someone who could just as soon turn around and thrash your heart?

    It’s a fascinating little dramatic conceit of the show’s setting that frankly warrants some exploration.

    If the blood bond supercedes “normal” human emotion — hell, Sookie’s getting worked up over Eric — can we consider Sam “gay” or “latent” or “bicurious” (v-curious?) for developing feelings for Bill, even if it’s done through the conceit of the blood bond? What if he acts on those feelings?

    Is homosexual attraction just biology, or something else innate to the human conditon? Does that distinction even matter?

    Sexual fluidity is a reality of how people bump nasties. The jumblies you get down on today, may not necessarily be the same ones as next week. Skarsgard’s admitted in interviews that he works under the belief that Eric’s had some same-sex encounters over the centuries, though he probably prefers women.

    If a sizeable fraction of humans have some kind of even fleeting, experimenting same-sex experience in their lifespans — how would that not be true of vampires?

  • Danielle

    Well lets just say in the series Bill messes up big time I’m team Eric although Bill has another place in my heart too.

  • missyella

    Whoa there all.

    Aren’t we all forgetting that Sam is a Shapeshifter, Bill’s Blood would have in my opinion only healed the Human side of Sam and nothing else as I can see.

    • Antonio

      Thats a good point. However, In this case, I think that Bill needed Sam as much as Sam needed Bill’s help. Vanquishing Maryann was a joint effort between Sookie,Sam And Bill! As for Sam, the human side of him,As you put it, needed to be strong enough to shift into the white bull! Sam needed that strength from Bill giving him his blood. Sam is a shifter that is so but he still would have died,I believe and Sookie would have been killed along with him if it weren’t for Bill’s intervention!
      Some1 had said once here that Bill brought the white bull to Sam so he could “imprint” on it. Sam must imprint on an animal before he could become it. (that little bit may have been omitted in the show) Sam and Bill did their parts but it was a group effort! Sam would not, I believe, been strong enough to nix Maryann himself! remember what she did to him in his office?? I think a part of it was that Maryann could not control Sam or Sookie and that got her po’ed because most of the rest of that town was under her spell. She wanted them out of the way so to speak. I think that Both Sam And Bill proved heroic in defeating Maryann!

  • Antonio

    This Is a lot to think about! Like many of you, I can hardly wait to see what AB and the writers do with this storyline!
    Sam may have a “connection” to Bill because he drank Bill’s blood! Well, I have an idea just something i’ve dreamt up myself Just for fun and to stoke our collective imagination!
    Picture it Sam’s “dream” of Bill::
    It’s dark and there are no stars and there is no moon. Sam is walking in the woods around Bon Temps. It’s quiet…Far Too quiet. There is a thick greyish mist on the ground that all but encircles Sam’s feet. There is a breeze that rustles through the trees and blows through Sam’s hair. He turns around and there about 3 feet away from him is Bill. His hair is tussled,his face is pale grey and there is red around his eyes.
    In a flash, Bill is right behind Sam. “What do you want from me?” Bill looks at him intently almost as if he were sizing up a meal. “You had mah blood!” he said in an understated angry tone. “YOU had MAH blood, Now, It’s Mah Turn!” Bill hissed as he bared his fangs and rushed Sam as if to bite aggresively into his throat. “NO, you get away from me!” Sam began to run,but his legs felt heavy…almost as if they blocked in cement!
    He ran away into the woods. “You can’t hide from Me,Shifter!” Bill yelled angrily “You’ve had mah blood…I can sense where you are…Wherever You are!” Sam runs anxiously. He sees the figure of Jason Stackhouse in the middle of the dirt road.
    “Jason! Jason,Help Me!! Please!! Sam begged almost sobbing.
    “He’s gonna kill me!” “Please, Help Me!!” At that moment Jason’s limp,lifeless form dropped to the ground! There was a huge bloody gash in his neck and blood spilled out on Sam’s shirt. “Oh,S***! Sam exclaimed loudly. Sam runs to Tara’s house and violently bangs on the door! “Tara! Tara! Help Me!!
    Help Me Please!! he sobs trembling all over. He bangs on the front door it creaks open. On the living room floor he sees Tara’s lifeless body sprawled across the floor…Her throat ripped open and blood covering her. “holy ******* S***! Sam screams out in horror! He runs out into the woods but is met by Bill again. Sam tries to punch Bill but he grabs his arm and begins twisting it. Sam screams out in pain “OWWWWW!” “Now,Its Over!” Bill hisses in his deep sexy southern voice. “Get the **** off Me, A******! “Its Too late,You’re finished!” With that,Bill rips Sam’s shirt off like it was paper and then bites into his neck like a wild animal! Sam groans out in horror “AWWWWGGGHHH!”
    “NNOOOOOOO!” Sam wakes up in a cold sweat. He’s breathing heavily he looks at the digital clock near his bed and sees that it is morning.

    Well, At least its Something to stoke our imaginations and keep momentum going right? 🙂

    • jaxx

      Antonio, LOL. You have quite the imagination. Very entertaining!!!

    • Brilliant.

    • Brilliant.

    • Brilliant.

  • rebecca slinkard


  • jaxx

    Antonio, this is a complicated question. There is such a thing as a “blood bond” and a “blood tie”. CH said a blood bond is made when you swap blood 3 x from the same vamp. A blood tie is less than 3 x. It’s not from only one person, but both. So far, Sookie only has had Eric’s blood, he has not had hers and I believe Bill and Sookie swapped blood, but I don’t know how many times. It’s a hard question to answer regarding the show because we don’t know what rules AB is applying here. Is he following CH’s rules or making up his own. Also, in the CH books, as of right now, we don’t know how to break the blood bond, if you can at all, which I imagine you can. That will be brought up in the next book 10 due out in May.

    I think in Season 1 Sookie asked Bill about ingesting blood and it was mentioned that after a while the effects go away if you don’t keep ingesting blood.

    Anyone else???

    • Hi Jaxx and Antonio.

      Can’t answer about the books, but irt Sookie and Bill, Sookie has taken blood from Bill twice (second night and in Fangtasia after the “Scratches” ep. Bill, of course, has had litres and litres of Sookie’s blood!

      AB mentions a Blood Bond for S3 but no mention between which two.

  • Antonio

    OK I’ve been thinking about this. Especially about this “blood bond” that you all have mentioned. Several questions come to mind. In regards to Sookie, She had blood from Bill~~Ep.2 S1
    Bill said to her later “You drank a lot of mah blood” To what she responded “What will that do to me?” He explained to her that she may experience “side effects” from their “blood bond”.
    Eric Northman tricked her into drinking his blood and then he laughed about it! Now,Sookie has had blood from 2 vampires.
    Because Eric Is older and his blood maybe more powerful? Does this eradicate her bond with Bill? Is she now obligated to Eric?
    And what of Laffy? It seems to me that Eric gave Laffy blood to monitor him and keep track of his dealings After All he did deal V and this may have been a good way of monitoring his buissness action. Perhaps it might be similar with Sam and Bill? I think that Sam’s “bond” with Bill may be useful for him to locate Bill and help Sookie find him. He may be able to sense Bill maybe a bit more if hes in trouble?
    Back To Sookie… Is it possible that she can be bound to 2 vampires at the same time?? Could Eric sense her just as much as Bill?? Can Eric have More of a claim to her than Bill?
    1 More question here which I have wondered about….
    Sookie cannot hear Bill’s thoughts Can Bill hear her’s??
    Can Bill read Her mind??
    Can Eric??
    Sam Is a shifter a different kind of supe and yet she can hear his thoughts maybe because he is mosstly human??
    AS for “breaking” a blood bond I dont know about that.

    • Antonio

      Another thing…. Because Sam had Bill’s blood~~~ Recall that when Bill fell at Sookie’s feet near the end of S2 finale…He said “He drank mah blood” It was apparent that Sam drank more than he should have perhaps? Now that Both Sookie And Sam have had Bill’s blood will he be able to sense Both of Them??
      Now that there is a blood bond between Sam and Bill does that mean that Sam is obligated to him?? Would Sam have to let Bill feed off of him if he needed blood?? Would Sam become a slave to Bill doing what ever he said??
      It may be just a blood bond and not anything erotic per say
      AB may just take this erotic connection thing and run with it!
      You never know! I can hardly wait to see where he goes with this!! LOL 🙂 🙂

      • jaxx

        I think Sam had as much as he needed to heal from being stabbed in or near his heart so I imagine that he needed a lot of Bill’s blood so he wouldn’t die. Bill should be able to sense them both. But I think after a while the effect of the blood will wear off on Sam since Bill is not constantly taking his blood. Since it seems the timeframe from S2 to S3 is immediate, I think Bill will still be able to sense Sam in time to help look for him.

        I don’t think Sam is obligated to Bill or will be made a slave or anything like that. But they will have a connection of some sort.

        I think once you’ve had someone’s blood, you can to some degree always sense them. I think Lorena can still sense Bill too to some degree even though it’s been 70 years or so since they’ve been together. Eric should always be able to sense Sookie and Laf, each with varying degrees because Sookie is more than just human as I think Bill can always sense Sookie and now Sam also to some degree, different types of supes.

        I don’t think Bill can read minds and neither can Eric, although with AB who knows what he’ll have them do. lol. Later in the books, Sookie can get glimpses of vamps minds. Don’t know if AB will go there or not with TV Sookie though.

        Lots of good questions Antonio, some unfortunately, we won’t know the answers to until the series. Hope this helped a little.

        If anyone else has any additions, corrections, please feel free to post them too. 🙂

        • Thank you Jaxx and a great job answering the questions! 🙂 We really don’t know what rules Alan will apply to the blood connection but it is going to make things very interesting and fun for us fans! 🙂

  • Isabella

    Sam helped Sookie save Bill at the end of season 1. Bill saves Sam at the end of season 2, and Sam destroys Maryann. So, if Sookie need help to find Bill I can see Sam help her.

    I really don’t see Bill and Sam having a sexual relationship, but I can see Sam dream about Bill, if Sookie and Lafayette can dream about Eric, because they have is blood. It makes sense that Sam can dream about Bill, he had Bill’s blood.

    And I can see that a blood tie/connection between Bill and Sam cold help Sookie to locate Bill.
    Sookie and Sam are friends and Sookie loves Bill. In the HBO show, Bill does not betray Sookie, quite the opposite! He is kidnapped after proposed to her. Of course Sookie wants to find his lover and she needs help.

    Then again, it is Mr. Alan Ball show. He can do whetever he wants.

  • Megan

    If it happens at all (and it COULD be a ruse, yes?) I think it will be a dream sequence and it will be funny, at least the audience. And then perhaps Sam will spend some time trying to figure out how to break that tie since I imagine having sexual dreams about Bill will come to be an embarrassing nuisance. If he pursues breaking the blood bond, then it will indeed foreshadow any effort Sookie might make to break her bond with Eric.

    In my heart of hearts, though, I think Alan Ball will pursue the Eric/Sookie story line as it is in the books, even if certain details are changed. AND, again, the whole Sam lovin’ Bill thang could be a little joke…if it’s not, it will be controversial, sexy, hilarious and a great way to start the season!

  • jane


  • Loleaf

    The spoiler Alan put out last week about Sam being in a hotel room with someone that we know, maybe that will be Sam dreaming of Bill and AB is just teasing us! We need promo videos!!!!! Come on Alan just little ones PLEASE….. LMAO!!!

    • Loleaf this was exactly what I was thinking! Talking about all the new spoilers this week. As you said Sam said in a spoiler scoop that he will be in a hotel room with someone we all know. Now in the video interview where he talks about his nude scenes he says that the first episode will be shocking and he has already done quite a few nude scenes. Now they have only filmed ep. 1 and 2 up to now I believe. My speculation is that Sam is having erotic dreams of Bill but to what level that is the question. Can’t wait! 🙂

      • jaxx

        That would make sense. Also, Alan said there was an erotic scene in S2 with Eric and Laf. I really didn’t think that scene was all that erotic so maybe he’s going along the same lines with Sam.

  • I would not mind seeing a erotic scene between Bill and Sam! Probably won’t be too graphic – just enough to get the senses going! It is only logical that Sam would have dreams of Bill seeing that Laf and Sookie can dream of Eric.

    Hoping that the blood connection can be broken – maybe the Doctor can come up with something! Then Sookie and Laf can get rid of Eric as well as Sam getting rid of Bill. We don’t want anything interfering with the romance of True Blood – Sookie and Bill! Let Eric find his own woman instead of poaching another Vamp’s girl!

    • Antonio

      an erotic scene between Sam and Bill? First of all, they can’t stand each Other! Secondly, Perhaps these “dreams” will help Sam to sense where Bill is? Their new “connection” should at least serve that purpose! As for Bill or Eric even being completely hetero Well, Vampires have been know to engage in sexually ambiguos behavior meaning they will feed on whomever will satisfy their hunger at the time be they male Or female!
      Bill was going to feed of a glamored male even in front of Sookie! Queen Sophie Ann invited him to taste a glamored male slave also. As for Eric,Who knows how many men and women he has fed off of over the centuries? Were Any of his lovers male?
      Was godric 1 of them? Was there ever a time when Eric desired Bill sexually?? Or vice-versa?? Ok i know this is getting weird! LOL If I recall correctly Sookie’s first dream of Bill was not really about sex it seemed he wanted blood!
      Even though why would he get undressed just to feed off of her??
      There must have been some sexual component there! Who gets undressed before they eat?? ROTFL 🙂 An erotic dream?? I hope its Not like the 1 Sookie had of Eric!! LOL Gross!

    • jaxx

      Would love to see Dr. Ludwig again. She is a hoot. There’s got to be some way to break a blood bond.

  • If this turns into Sam having an erotic dream about Bill, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, though I believe both Sam and Bill are completely heterosexual. I also wouldn’t mind Antonio’s suggestion that the connection between the two could help Sam lead Sookie to Bill…

    I’m just looking forward to season 3!

    • jaxx

      Yeah, I agree, I don’t think it will be sexual, I think Sam will be able to somehow know how to find Bill, maybe Bill can somehow summon Sam thru the blood connection to where he is since Sam is a supe himself, more highly attuned to supes. The connection will be interesting, Bill saved Sam’s life in S2, now is it Sam’s turn to save Bill’s life in S3??? Speculations anyone else?

      • Antonio

        Actually, Sam helped Sookie save Bill at the end of S1! At the end of S2 Bill helped Sookie save Sam. What’s interesting about this is that after Sam nixes Maryann (her storyline dragged on longer than it should have) Bill hobbles over to Sookie and she catches him as he falls near her. He says “He drank my blood!” Its obvious that Sam perhaps drank more than he should have? Which is why Sam was left in a weakened state? So,I suppose at least some “dreaming” of Bill is Not totally out of the question here. When I first saw this episode and I saw Bill staggering toward Sookie I thought that someone or something had attacked him! I was like “Bill,Whats wrong,Man?” I thought “Oh No! I hope they dont off Bill!” I do think that maybe because of this, Sam can help Sookie locate Bill! Maybe through these dreams he can get a sense of where Bill is? The connection should be good for something other than “Oh Bill, You sexy thang!” LOL 🙂

        • Antonio

          I meant to say which is why BILL is left in a weakened state!

        • jaxx

          Hi Antonio, I forgot about Sam helping to save Bill at the end of S1. So now Bill returned the favor. I still think since Sam had so much of Bill’s blood, that there will be some sort of connection now between them. Don’t know what kind, since Sam is already a shifter, a different type of supe. I think this bond will help Sam locate Bill or at least know what he’s feeling. Should be an interesting twist.

  • annm1969

    I hope they don’t put Sam and Bill together, alone. Bill has shown some tendancies from season one (when Malcom visited with his pet) that he might could be attacted to a guy and it would be believable but I really can’t see it with Sam. Maybe they could make the erotic connection with the guys and Sookie together, in a 3-some type enviroment because they are both attacted to Sookie. Who knows, it could just be a false spoiler thrown out there to create interest. I am looking forward to Laf having a steady, maybe someone who actually cares about him and not just using him for sex or drugs.

  • Natalie

    I really don’t see them having a sexual relationship as Antonio stated….more of a monitoring thing or whatever….***spoiler alert (sort of)*** plus Bill has been kidnapped so how much of him are we going to see? We didn’t have much of him in the book. Though I suspect there will be more of him on the show; there are so many new characters/ story lines. Eric and his dancer, Lafayette and his toy, then Sookie and Alcide, Sam and his family….I cannot wait until the start of season 3!!!

  • pbt

    Anything that Alan Ball touches turns to gold. I am sure all of us Truebies would agree. If Alan is going to be putting Bill and Sam in bed together you know it will be the “water cooler” topic of discussion on Monday morning. Personally, I am looking forward to all the new story lines that Mr. Ball and crew will be dreaming up for Season Three. Can the blood tie be broken? I guess we will have to wait and see. As far as a foreshadowing of things to come for Sookie and Eric well we all know where this going. Well, at least we hope we do.

    145 days until the v-ddiction continues. 🙂

    • Antonio

      Until the V-addiction continues?? Like It Ever stopped?? LOL
      I like the way that you put that. If Jason nhad to wait That long to continue His V-Addiction Whoa,Boy!!! LOL

    • what happens to sookie and eric in the books. I have never read them.

  • Antonio

    I do not think that the connection between Bill and Sam will be erotic or sexual in Any way. Sam had Bill’s blood to save his life and heal him so he could destroy Maryann,Yes that much is true. I believe that the connection will allow Bill to monitor Sam to Know where he is and what he is doing. For example, If Sam should hit on Sookie again,Bill will know right away and can rush to be with her and put a stop to it Or kick Sam’s butt or whatever. I wonder if a “blood-connection” will help Sam to locate Bill? At most, I think that Sam may be Nothing more than a pet or perhaps even a slave to Bill But Nothing erotic.
    Then again, Its not My show I dont know what AB has planned!
    He may just surprise us or shock us perhaps?
    It sounds weird but their may be something to it.

    • I would have to say it probably is an erotic connection. but i think it is just in dream sequences. I dont think he would ever act on it. Haven’t any of you ever had a sex dream about someone you would never have sex with in real life. I can’t imagine that AB would keep bill out of season three for very long because he a a popular cast member but i guess we will just have to wait and see. I am new to true blood and am addicted to it. I can’t believe i have to wait until june in a world of instant gratification. THIS SUCKS. I have never read any of the sookie stackhouse novels and wonder if i should. I don’t know if it would just confuse me because if have heard that the books and the show are so different. Plus i am a big fan of Bill and Sookie and know what happens to them in the books. I guess i am a romantic at heart.