True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson

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Carrie Preston True Blood Arlene FowlerTrue Blood fans are always wanting to hear more spoilers about the show and to figure out where the plotlines are going lead.  To feed their hunger E!Online has answered a few True Blood fans’ questions regarding upcoming episodes.

Landon: Did Michael Emerson say anything when you talked to him about guest-starring on True Blood. There’s been talk of this, and I want it to happen!

So does he. Michael tells me: “Whenever I see Alan Ball, he says, ‘I must write something for you,’ and I say, ‘I’ll be there in a heartbeat.’ So we have an understanding and liking of one another. I certainly think he’s a fantastic talent and maybe they’ll find some little tidbit for me next season.” Michael also tells me he loves Nurse Jackie, The Good Wife and Big Bang Theory and would be open to guest-starring on those shows as well. Though a run-in with the real-life Ben Linus might make Sheldon’s head implode.

Matt: Give us some goods on True Blood! This season is better than ever.

Keep your eyes on Arlene (Carrie Preston). According to her real-life hubby Michael Emerson, he’s “glad she’s able to be the one human story this season so far, because there needs to be a human element.” But he warns us ominously: “She’s going to have some superhuman challenges coming up.” D’oh! BTW, Michael told me more Lost fans now than ever are coming up and want to talk about the show, because they want to know what he thought of the finale. His verdict: “Carrie and I were very moved by the Lost finale, but we had to talk about it for a few days before we really sorted it all out in a satisfactory way.”

Heather: Anything on True Blood? Will Joe Manganiello be back on One Tree Hill at all?

He told us he’d love to, and he has the space in his schedule, but I’m told there’s no talk right now of him returning, sorry! But at least you get to seen him scantily clad in an upcoming ep of True Blood…Which some of you probably won’t hate.

SOURCE: E!Online

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