True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: More Eric, Jason, Sam and Rutina

January 26, 2010 by  

It seems True Blood fans can expect season 3 to be with filled with lots of drama and actions, in more ways then one, for many of the cast members.  According to People and E!Online we will be seeing alot of drama unfolding for Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten), Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley).

Many Eric fans were excited to hear recently that they will be seeing their favorite character having more nude scenes in season 3 and according to Nelsan Ellis, who states he will be Eric‘s henchman this year, that we will be seeing a lot of Eric and Pam tag-team action this year as well,

Eric will definitely be in every episode, and Pam is definitely in the first four.”

Tara on the other hand will be having a rollercoaster ride with her emotions as she will be grieving the loss of Eggs and the raptures of attraction to a new suitor who may or may not be good for her.

“She’s going to have to grieve a lot to get over [Eggs]. And then it’s going to be crazy madness.”

Now with Jason we are going to start seeing more of him compared to last season where he seemed to be able to keep his clothes on, this season maybe not so much. According to Ryan there are some major storylines that he will be involved in that include,

Jason finally falls in what he thinks is love. It’s a pretty rare, unknown concept for him.” Awww…Plus, Ryan tells us of Jason‘s future, “The fact that my character is dealing with the fact that he really has killed someone now is pretty crazy, and there’s a whole host of new characters. There’s the addition of werewolves coming in. We’re using real wolves. It’s crazy. I’ve yet to work with them. I’ll work with them later on in the season, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Sam joked around about the number of nudes scenes he has done and how they are rivaling with Ryan‘s and how both are ready for the new season and what the episodes have in store for them.

“We joke about it — and who has the record for the most disrobes,” says Trammell, who plays the shape-shifting Sam Merlotte. “I think Ryan does. But I’m close behind him at this point because I’ve already disrobed like four or five times this year and I don’t think he has at all. I’ve got to fight that out with him. Ryan is definitely ready to show up and flaunt it, because he’s got the bod to back it up. He’s probably the least bashful.”

Sam mentioned that since they have to do all these nude scenes that they have to work hard on staying in shape themselves and avoid the various temptations that surround them that can hinder their goals.

“[Working out is] up to us,” he says. “They’ve got the cookies out.”

However, as he says the cast has gotten used to performing in the nude and that sometimes if some of the female cast member feels a little shy or embarrassed you get used to a process of feeling the emotion, taking the clothes off once and then it is over and done with.  It is not all about Sam being nude this season as Nelsan explains, Sam will also be busy trying to locate his family and reconnecting with them.

Ryan explains his take on life and his approach to things and his character of Jason,

“I tend to think that I live my life relatively fearlessly,” admits Kwanten, who plays the heroic if not always clear-headed Jason Stackhouse. “If HBO knew half the things that I do in my personal life they probably wouldn’t be too happy about it … I have no fear. I sort of hide behind the guise that I am playing a character … Personally, I’m quite restrained and almost introverted. But as Mr. Stackhouse, I can’t afford to have any of those sensitivities.”

Whatever Alan has in store for all our favorites characters, season 3 of True Blood cannot come soon enough for the fans.



  • Season three sounds great. Got really bored with the Maryann story line. More of Pam and Sookie’s friendship would be great plus more interaction between Eric, Pam and Sookie. Wish you would burn those sweat suit tops and stretch jeans Eric wears and give him tight v-neck tees and tight jeans to show off his magnificent body even when dressed. Anyone know who plays Alcide? Hate to see Bill and Sookie part. Their real affection for each other shows through the camera.

    Waiting sucks, devoted fan.

    • Hi DianeMc,

      Alcide will be played by Joe Manganiello who is probably best known for his work on One Tree Hill. LOL, looking forward to seeing the Bill and Sookie parts. Love the passionate interaction that they have with one another. 🙂

  • Antonio

    It will be great to see All the principle characters back again with provacative storylines! Too much time and effort was given to the Maryann storyline! S2 Should have been about 4 people..namely Bill,Sookie Eric And Godric That Should have Been the focus! Instead of spending More time in Dallas with B/S/J and Eric, We Had to see just How fouled up Maryann made the town in their absence! Hope to see More great stories!
    Please NO MORE Maryanns or goofy orgies!!

  • Dee

    More of Sookie and Eric episodes. I think that they should have more teasing banter. Love them! Eric is very exciting. Every smile gets your mind going. What is he thinking? What does he want? What will he do next. Can’t wait for June 2010. We need more video’s on the possiblities.

  • Antonio

    I like what Sam had to say about them keeping themselves in shape for nude scenes. The fitness routine is pretty much up to them. I laughed when Sam said that the production team didnt help any when they were there with the cookies LOL
    I liked reading what Sam said about the joke that he and Ryan have about who disrobes more Hmmmmm! I think they may be just about even huh? There certainly will be a lot to see this next season! Jason finds love? that would be nice to see! Just So much to see! Can hardly wait! I like stuff like this it keeps fans like us in the loop Thanks

  • Mony

    Defenitly sooo happy about Pam, becouse she should be a friend for Sookie and cannot wait for her to tease Eric about his feeling for her!!!So Funny!
    Eric in every episode…well just a confirmation about how much Ball loves him and the show needs him just as in season 2 btw…..
    I’m so positive about the way books will take life now…..^^
    Go Pam!!!!!I love her so much!!!!!

  • jane


  • jaxx

    Thank you Ollie. Looking forward to Eric and Pam interaction. They interact so well together. Looking forward to more Eric also. He doesn’t have to be naked, but I will appreciate it. 🙂 I hope they also develop his character more. He is deeper than just a pretty face (and body)!! LOL.

    • Hi Jaxx,

      I always enjoy reading your input! 🙂 Yes I am really wondering what Alan has in store that is going to be having Eric and Pam play “tag-team”, So many possibilities but we just have to wait and see what is going to happen but the wait is so long! 🙂

      • missyella

        It will be I am sure a very bumpy ride (in a good way), for all of us.

        Great to see at last more of Pam, who is so cool and fashionable, but also to see the dynamics between the two of them together, bearing in mind her made her “Vampire”

        She was given her freedom by Eric, but had the choice to stay or go and she decided to stay yaay………..

    • pbt


      Appears our “tag team” of Eric and Pam could be fending off some were/bikers if you read twitter. Our twosome seems to be filming at Sookie’s house and will be helping the little telepath since Billy is AWOL.

      That will play nicely into the Viking’s hands. I love it personally. Pam always has some of the best lines and well you know how I feel about the Viking.

      136 more days until you know.

  • Connie

    OMG this is so exciting! We are going to see Eric in EVERY episode!! HAWWWTTTT!!! LOL >:) *happy dance*

  • pbt

    Thanks Ollie for the update. As always, glad to hear we will be “seeing more” of my favorite Alexander Skarsgard aka Eric Northman. With the “45” plotlines and cast of “500” I was beginning to wonder if we truly were going to get more of the Viking Vampire G*d. I know I will not be the only one rejoicing when reading this interview. And yeah, more Pam too!

    138 days until the v-ddiction continues ;0)

    • Hi pbt,

      LOL love it “45” plotlines and cast of “500” LOL! I too hope it won’t be that many as well! 🙂

      • pbt

        Thanks, Ollie. I loved that quote from Alexander’s interview for the Golden Globes. He has such an awesome sense of humor. But somehow I think he wasn’t totally joking. We certainly do have a lot of new characters this season.

      • missyella

        Just as long as it does not get to confusing…………

  • MarleneEmmett

    Love what I read~now just too bad I can’t talk about it on
    HBO’s new chat boards! You can’t see them clearly,HBO made
    a really bad mistake in the colours that they chose!!

    I’m going to be looking foward to Season three~just now not
    with the same enthuism I did before when I could talk about
    the show with other TrueBlood fans.

    HBO the new boards Stink to high heaven!
    You’ve let the fans down big time!!

  • Antonio

    Great interview I like reading about their thoughts and ideas about their characters and their work on the show! Real wolves? Whoa! I’m sure it will be great! Can hardlt wait to see the new season! 🙂

  • Lorena P.

    Yeah, more Pam!