True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: What’s Happening With Eric and Sookie

February 19, 2010 by  

Not a very big spoiler news report and maybe nothing really new or shocking, however, it is always fun to hear these little tidbits that allows us to speculate further as to what may happen in season 3 of True Blood.Β  SpoilerTV responds to a fan’s question regarding Eric and Sookie‘s relationship and provides the following answer.

What’s coming for Eric in Season 3? And what about his relationship with Sookie?

We’ll get alot more backstory seeing both his parents in flashbacks. As for Eric/Sookie they continue to have the same sexual tension as season 2 but they won’t be a true couple anytime soon. Eric will also
have other love interests this season.

So there you have it.Β  Eric and Sookie may not be getting hot and bothered with each other, but it seems Eric is going to have some fun anyway.

(Photo credit: HBO Inc. screencap by James)

  • Antonio

    At This point,Sookie cannot stand Eric. However,I’m hoping that something will develop between them. The sexual tension is growing and Sookie’s dreams of Eric are getting more intense.
    I would bet that she feels Something for him. Besides,With Bill gone and Sam off looking for his family and Tara who knows where she is? Eric may very well be the Only 1 left for her to go to for help in finding Bill! While, I’d agree that the B/S relationship is what drives the show,It adds that much tension and drama to see how Sookie will deal with all of this! She wants to know who and what she is? Now perhaps she can begin to find out! Whether or not Eric can help her with this remains to be seen. I think that Sookie should be permitted to grow and explore other options. She may not believe that Bill walked out on her,If he Were ready to abandon her,Why would he take the trouble to propose first? Doesnt make sense! She may know that something happened She is gonna need help in finding him.
    Perhaps,Eric and/or Alcide can help but for a price?
    Anyway, I hope that Sookie and Eric Do come together if for nothing more than to help each other and get some banter going!

  • Hey guys, with all the comments about how much we love Pam and want more of her, I feel the quick need to happily remind you all that Kristen Bauer WAS upgraded to a full cast member this season! So, I’m fairly certain that we WILL have MORE PAM!!! *cheers happily*

    • Loleaf

      Thank YOu Isis that is something to look forward to!! She deserved more airtime.. πŸ™‚

      • LOL! I happily remember writing that article! Pam is probably up there in my top 5 fav characters… And I want more of her snarky comments too!

    • missyella

      Fantastic news, go Pam.

      High heeled Shoes as well lol………………………….

  • Diana Reilly

    Four mounths to go “trubies”….It’s a TRIBUTE to Alan Ball & co, and all the really fabulous actors who bring us into this world of TRUE BLOOD !! none of this is “real” ..Charlaine Harris wrote fun novels…the actors on True Blood bring her characters to life, Alan Ball…gets those words together on the screen, colors , flesh, “blood” sex & rock n roll…Of course,,,whatever ,,”we” picture in our minds…will always be something “different”….BUT …tb comes really close. (dead on w.Eric)The show is truly a “gift” to the audience. I am a fan of the books, but I applaud AB for his applications to the show. I expect that the new seasons will be even better with much rewarded success.

  • Nia

    Hi Loleaf and Misseyella,
    I klnow I have said it before but I have read all the books and found them very entertaining, yet I cannot help but love the show so much more.

    What I have always found so disconcerting, and I have also mentioned before, is the fact that so many posts from as far back as a year ago (just after the first season) have been so negative or just plain bashing. Not just here but many other sites as well. And some of it was just plain scarey!

    This boggles my mind because any fan of the books knows that the first season was very close to the books so why the problem???

    Also the first two books are all about Bill and Sookie, with changes of course. AB has decided to make the story a love journey for Bill and Sookie. That is just his vision (but with 5 more seasons to go who knows what will happen).

    Alan B wanted to change the books so the viewer would not always know what to expect. This is brilliant on his part. And the actors have agreed this is good as well. This may not bode well with some but it is what it is. I am sorry if some are not happy but name calling, bashing and rude comments never do any good and just creates animosity, and can be so hurtful.

    Also the “team” thing has never been something that I have ever subscribed to unless it was “Team True Blood” which is what I am all about because I love it all, the entire team.

    Granted there is one particular one that I want to take home with me and do “Bad Things” with (and I know you feel the same about your fav) but that should be something we should be laughing about not chiding each other for. I like chocolate pudding you like vanilla….its all yummy so lets just all enjoy and talk about our favorites on the show, and perhaps offer kind words, compassion and understanding when someone is not happy, because thats why we are here.

    I agree that with the addition of so many characters that it will detract from our current favorites yet aren’t all these characters in the books and didn’t you say that he should stick to the books more??? A bit of a contradiction there. But nonethe less I agree, I would want to see my favorite more not less and as the seasons continue that will be difficult but as that happens I will in no way come here and bash and say derogatory things about the other characters or actors who will have more screen time.

    I do hope for more Pam, she is also terrific and what fun Alan can have writing more for her character. Also If Alan did follow the books to the letter, we would not have Lafayette, who I ADORE, one of the best decisions Alan ever made was to keep him on!!!!!!!

    So bring it on!! As much as you may shake your head I really like Eric….who wouldn’t. He is to much fun and will be even more fun in the seasons ahead. Is he my absolute favorite, no,but I do like him in a different way, but again that doesn’t matter, I will love my favorite in my own way and not take away someone elses happiness but join in because this is True Blood and it is wonderful!

    I will enjoy discussing the seasons ahead with you all and the fun and heartache it will bring. I bless Alan everday for taking this show on and giving us so much passion.
    Lets stay True!

    Team True Blood always!

    • Loleaf

      Nia, don’t get me wrong I’ve read the books and loved them also. But, I also LOVE the show for it’s differences too. If it followed the book to the letter we would know what would happen and where would the fun be in that.. We never know what Alan has in store for us, BUT we will always be in for a wild ride regardless! We can hope that our favorite parts in the book will be in the series but even if they are left on the cutting room floor we will still enjoy it anyway!!

      • Nia

        Hi Loleaf,
        Not a problem at all!!!! I think that what it really boils down to is how much we really do agree on things!!
        Not everything, LOL, but if we did what would we have to banter over!!

        Like you and so many I will be in for the long ride..I can’t wait for more.
        I think we will see alot of book 3 this season as well as alot of new things which will be great!

        I am really looking forward to more flashbacks! Alan has really rocked that part of TB. We never saw that much in the books and I just love the background info! I want to see more of Eric and Godric. I also would have liked to see Alex’s father play the role of the viking king…would have been too cool! Then I am hoping Alan explores Erics “turning” of Pam!!! Great way to give her more screen time!!

        Of course more of Bills background!!!! We know that he will somehow see his wife Carolyn…..Should be incredible.

        As to inportant parts of the books I am sure that Alan will be keeping most of those! Although he did leave out the pink spandex….shame on him!

        • Loleaf

          Hey Nia girl!! For once we are in absolute agreement…what more could we ask for. LOL! We agree on everything that really matters and that is our show “TRUE BLOOD”… and the leaving out of the spandex scene (shame on Alan).. πŸ˜‰


          • Nia

            I am so glad to hear from you and I just wanted to send you a HUGE HUG back!!!!!!!

            Glad to be part of the Team!

    • missyella

      Hi Nia,

      I agree that there is sticking to the core of the Books, but in my honest opinion I still feel that to many characters have, are being crammed into a 12 episode season.

      Will they be developed enough or pass like “Ships in the night”?

      If AB is going to do this then where is Quinn? Who as we know (yes again us Book readers), was a facilitator for the Weres and appeared at the same time as Alcide………..curious that’s all!!!!!

      • Nia

        Hey Missy!! Good to hear from you!

        I really do believe like so many that Alan is trying to fit in too many characters this season. But I will have faith in him that he will have most of them be very minor. We still want the core of the show to remain focused on our main characters.

        As to Quinn, it seems that he may not come into play until a later season. There has been no casting call. I guess one extra suitor for Sookie per season is enough…LOL.
        Lucky girl I still say!

        So for most of these characters….ships in the night is ok with me. Give us more of our main cast!!!

        Team True Blood!

      • Loleaf

        Yeah, I can’t wait to see who they cast as Quinn either..But we will have to wait a bit, unless Alan wants to speed things up. Quinn didn’t first appear until Book 5 (Dead as a Doornail). When Sookie first seen his gleaming bald head at the funeral for the colonel. Although Quinn doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt the others do. I really like him and hope they cast the perfect actor for the roll. I can see it now: Must be tall, very muscular, tan, and look good without a shirt/clothes/shirt/clothes oh well you pick I can’t decide. LOL!! :>

        • jaxx

          Loleaf, I think you just described “Mr. Clean”. lol. *wink* (For those of us old enough to remember him.)

          • Nia

            Hey jaxx, thats too funny because thats who I pictured too!!!!!!

            I read someone actually saying that they thought Vin Deisel (spelling?) would be a good choice but I just do not see it.

            I agree with you Loleaf, I always liked Quinn. He was a genuine and good guy. I felt that Sookie was not very fair to him. He was just trying to look out for his family, to try and take care of everyone. She didn’t want any part of his mother and sister.

            Unfortunately in a real relationship, if you truly care for someone you have to support them, accept and deal with family, and make sacrifices. And hopefully all of that is reciprocated. It is sometimes very hard but I believe it is a true test of character.

          • missyella

            Jaxx, you’ve lost me I’m in England remember lol…………….Mr Clean who he??

          • jaxx

            Nia, LOL. We are on the same wave length. I posted my reply to Missyella before I read yours and it’s pretty much word for word. Too funny!!! I just googled Billy Zane and Vin Diesel again (since I haven’t seen him in anything in a while). They both would work.

            I liked the concept of Quinn from the books. What made me cringe was when he used the word “Babe” all the time. Reminded me too much of guys in bars in the 70’s. *shaking my head to clear the images* LOL. I did like his loyalty to Sookie and he really did love her too. It’s too bad his family got in HER way. I always thought she was very selfish about his situation with his mother and sister. JIMO, Sookie didn’t deserve Quinn. But, CH has hinted that Quinn is not gone for good. He will be back before the Sookie series ends.

          • Nia

            That is so funny Jaxx…we are now channeling each other!!

            Billy Zane had a gorgeous head of hair when he was younger. The last few times I saw him his head was shaved!?!?!? He still looked good! So he was just a thought.

            I completely understand about the “babe” thing. But I just thought he was a pretty decent guy and HOT!
            And yes, Sookie was selfish! So far most of the guys she has met are too good for her….LOL. Except Alcide, he needed a good spanking for conitnuing to be played by Debbie.

            I did not hear that Quinn may be back!!!!! Quinn already hates Eric and has savagely fought with Bill.
            Should prove verrrrrry interesting.
            Thanks for that bit of info!!!!!!


          • Loleaf

            Let me start by saying WEW!! IT took me a few minutes to catch up on these posts… missed alot since this
            Isis, I so envy you!! You do what I have only been able to dream about doing…When you go to comic con this year, you make sure that to tell our most favorite group, that they have the most faithful fan following here on this site. We get to live vicariously through you… LOL!

            Jaxx, if only we had the books when Mr.Clean first came out, we would’ve looked at him in a whole new light!! LOL! I also loved when Quinn called Sookie “babe”. Can’t wait until Charlaine brings him back..she left him hanging out there and we must catch that tiger by the tail for a while longer. LOL! Sookie get’s the best pet names: “BABE” & “LOVER”, those two just sends shivers down my back… πŸ™‚

            Hey Nia girl, Whats up! *waving feverishly* πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

            As always: “HUGS TO MY TRUE BLOOD PEEPS”

          • *grins toothily* No worries, Loleaf, I AM going to make sure to tell them how loyal we TBN fans are to True Blood, and how we all stay civil, even if we have different opinions! Hopefully that’ll impress the actors, who would appreciate how much love we have for the show and how much respect we all have for each other!

          • missyella

            Nia, Jaxx, Loleaf,

            I have just this moment Googled Mr Clean and yes I can see it, but I am also of the opinion that he is more like Yul Bryner, than Vin Diesel………….

            Billy Zane, now that his name is in the mix, sounds okay as a Quinn, also Arnold Vasloo who played the Mummy, I think he is a South African Actor.

          • jaxx

            Yes, Missyella, Arnold Vasloo, another good candidate.

        • missyella

          I can only picture Vin Diesel as Quinn and no one else. Is there anyone else??

          • Nia

            Hi Missyella,

            I know your question was directed at jaxx, but if I may, Mr Clean was actually a cartoon figure that was used in comercials (long ago) to sell a cleaning product…LOL!!!!!!
            He looked like a bald genie with a gold earing and was wearing all white clothes.

            What about Billy Zane to play Quinn????

            As to Vin D, I just don’t see him as a romantic figure, JIMO, as an action hero, sure but as a suitor for Sookie????? I dont know, but hey anythings possible!!!

            I have never seen him do anything romantic, has anyone else????
            I have seen him do a comedy and I thought he was pretty good.

          • jaxx

            Missyella, sorry. If you Google “Mr. Clean”, the image will come up. Mr. Clean is a cleaning product here in the US. There is a cartoonish sketch of a bald, tan, muscular guy wearing a white T-shirt on the front of it. That’s what I picture when Quinn’s name is mentioned, in a joking way. But, for a cartoon character, he’s not bad. lol.

          • jaxx

            CH actually said in an interview that the Quinn character actually came from a combination of Vin Diesel and I think she mentioned Yul Brenner also as an inspiration from The Ten Commandments and The King and I, if I remember her correctly.

          • Nia

            Hey Jaxx thats cool, I didn’t know that!!
            Well maybe Vin Diesel will be a shoe in!

          • OMG, Jaxx! I remember meeting Yul when I was barely more than a toddler! Nice guy around me, but MAN could he yell in those days (to be fair, he was in a lot of pain from his cancer, so I guess I get the anger and grumpyness)… I can see where Yul would be an inspiration for Quinn, though!

            Anyways, thanks for bringing up such a great memory for me! *hugs*

          • Nia

            Wow Isis, meeting Yule!!!!

            He was amazing as the king of Siam in “The King and I”. The remake was good but I was always so taken with Yule’s performance.
            It is sad that one has to suffer so much at the end.

          • Yeah, Nia… I’ve grown up with connections to the film/stage world… Things I’m only now learning aren’t common for everyone. First, my father was a musician. He worked on Phantom of the Opera live onstage from the time before I was born until I was four and a half years old. He worked on other shows, too, like the aforementioned King and I. (I even have his shirt that he got for being a musician there!)

            My godfather and godmother introduced my parents, and my goddad and my dad met because of the shows they were working on together. Nowadays, my goddad still works as a studio musician, which means he’s a musician who works on major movie scores. In fact, Nathan Barr, at his True Blood Score signing at Dark Delicacies, told me he knew my goddad!

            My godmom has old ties to Comic-Con, which she’s kindly allowing me to use for when I go again in July. Hopefully this means I’ll be working with some really important people to Con, as she’s been slowly introducing me to the people in charge of the whole show.

            As for my mom? She worked for members of Neil Diamond’s band as an accountant when I was very young. I really wish she had kept up those ties!

            And for me, I’ve grown up in an area with LOTS of filming, so I see a lot. I know a lot of people in the industry in many ways, including being friends with a few select actors and their families, including someone who is the niece of James Cameron.

          • jaxx

            Isis, Wow, what a wonder life you’ve had so far. I’m glad I could bring back a good memory for you. Yul was a favorite of mine too, but actually getting to meet him, that’s awesome. Too bad he suffered with cancer though.

            Have you met any of the cast members on TB yet?? Can’t imagine the things and people you’ve seen. It must be a totally different kind of life. Are you in LA?? If you ever meet Alex (or any of the cast members), give him a big hug for me. You’d be my six degrees of fame. LOL.

          • Nia

            That sounds really amazing Isis! Something I can only imagine.

            It must be such a different world. We, the happily ignorant masses are so satisfied an glamoured with the end results of a movie, tv, or theatre project but are usually quite clueless as to the long involved process to “make the magic” happen. And how often times it is not the wonderland we imagine.

            I hope you get to do all you wish in the industry! I wish you all the best. And don’t forget us, the little people!!!

            I for one would love to hear all that you are seeing and doing!
            I am afraid I will probably never get to a comic-con or an equivalent, so I will be happy to vicariously experience it from your point of view!!
            So by all means keep us informed, and keep up the aritcles!

            We are like kids in a candy store!!! We need our chocolate fix! LOL.

            Team True Blood!!!!

          • Nia

            Hey Jaxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

            Still on that wavelength!

          • LOL, Jaxx and Nia!

            No, I’m not directly in LA, but I am part of LA County. If you’ve ever seen NCIS, The Unit, Numb3rs, Star Trek (the new movie), etc, you’ve seen the area I live and go to school in. In fact, NCIS at the end of season 6 used my school to recreate “Israel.” In fact, I often hang out in the area directly above where they filmed!

            As for the Star Trek thing, in the scene where Spock is saving those few he can from his home planet, he was filming about 45 mins away from my home! They filmed in a national landmark, which you may recognize from NCIS and other movies, since the main rock formation there is what was used for Pride Rock in The Lion King.

            Jaxx, I did meet the cast of True Blood. Last year at Comic-Con, I went to the signing AND the panel (and I have the signed poster on my wall in my room to prove it!)

            Nia, I’m working hard to try and get more access through actor friends to True Blood. My fingers are still crossed that it’ll work, since I have friends who are related to people who are friends with the cast members of True Blood. Actually, just this past Wednesday, I ran into my friend Kevin, who was on True Blood for 2 eps… Turns out he’s heard a few things from Patrick Gallagher, but he refused to share anything with me!

          • jaxx

            Nia, Quinn won’t be back in Book 10, but she did hint as to book 11 or 12 in the series. CH likes Quinn’s character and promised he would be back at least one more time. He’s not giving up without a fight. Now that I think about it, there were a few funny scenes with Quinn, like the one when Sookie and Quinn were tied up in the back of that van and when Sookie had a fight with one of the Pelts (not to spoil for someone who is just reading it or hasn’t read it yet). Brings a smile to my face.

            It’s March. Only 3 1/2 more months to go until our favorite show is on again. And, I just heard that as Season 2 is rerun in a couple of weeks, that there will be “little surprises” thrown in, probably after an episode. Hopefully, new promos for S3. Can’t wait.

            *Hugs all around*

          • jaxx

            Isis, too cool. I hope everyone you met was nice to you. I can’t imagine anyone from TB wasn’t gracious and kind. They all seem so down to earth. Oh, I would die to see that poster on your wall. I saw one on Ebay with some signatures on it, not the whole cast though. It went for quite a bit, but I wouldn’t sell that one for any price.

            It’s all about connections and who you know, so keep those feelers out. Soon we’ll be seeing your name somewhere on the credits for TB!!

            Oh, and have fun.

          • *grins at Jaxx*

            Wanna live my experience from last year? I pulled the link to my editorial about it just for you! πŸ˜€


            Imagine you were me, and enjoy!

          • jaxx

            OMG Isis, thank you. What a great article. You sound like you had a great time and experience. I knew they all would be gracious. How sweet of Anna and Stephen. He really does adore her.

            I don’t know how you got through it without fainting. I would have just walked up there and then “THUD”, I’d be dragged off the stage. LOL.

            Fantastic. I’d like to experience it someday, but if not, I’ll just wait for your next Comic Con article this year. lol.

          • Nia

            Hey Loleaf…..can you see me??? Also waving furiously back at ya! πŸ™‚

            This has been so much fun with you, Missy, Jaxx, Isis……
            It so easy when we have so much love and devotion to this show and cast.
            I am still envious of Sookie…..all those great guys wrapped around her finger……………”sighs”.

            Isis, You had a chance to meet the TB gods in person (reread your article!!!!) how lucky to not only see them but to be able to talk to them….”sighing again”!

            Missy, I hope things are well in the UK!!!!! Was in London some years ago……beautiful city, so full of history, elegance and charm. Hope to go back in the future.

            Jaxx, can you imagine a future showdown between all of Sookies suitors?????? Bill, Alcide, Eric, Quinn, and anyone else who may show up and vie for her attentions. Since thses guys are all still around and want Sookie….could prove like a wild ride!
            All I’ve got to say (again) to that is LUCKY GIRL!!!!

            Ladies I hope you all have a great day. I will try to catch up again later. It was so nice having the day off yesterday and getting some to spend with y’all!

            Team True Blood!

          • Nia

            Hey Missy!
            OOOOO good call! Arnold Vasloo was great in the Mummy and sequal.
            How does he look now???
            It will be interesting to see who they eventually end up with!


          • Katra

            Nia, Missyella, if you look up NCIS season 6, I believe that at the end of the season Arnold was used briefly, and he still looked REALLY good!

          • Loleaf

            HI Nia!!! Can’t forget our constant, “SAM”. Antonio would be upset with us!
            I soo agree that it’s so nice to be able to just gab with you guys about something we’re all so passionate about. Never really had girlfriends to do that with, guess I missed out on alot huh… Excellent show, excellent news, excellent company follow that with a great glass of wine and I’m ecstatic.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


          • jaxx

            Yes, I agree Loleaf, now we are all having fun and this is the way it is supposed to be. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to more great conversations with all my True Blooders. πŸ™‚

          • Loleaf

            Yep! jaxx I coundn’t agree more!! Sometimes were like toddlers that need a little nudge in the right directions when we get a little unruly!!! LOL! Isn’t that right Isis!! πŸ˜‰

          • Loleaf, that’s completely true of all of us! We all need to be reminded to toe the line on occasion, and usually, we come out on top of the issue, which is great, since it gives all of us here a stronger bond. I love that, since it’s so much fun to talk with everyone here!

    • Antonio

      Well spoken I agree. The books and the show maybe somewhat different ( I wouldnt know since i have not read any of them) But Alan Ball owns the rights to this show and I think that he and the writers do a fine job. AB keeps us entertained and he keeps us guessing…If he were to follow the books by the letter,Then Everyone who has read them would know exactly What would happen…Not very exciting,huh?
      This is His vision thats Not to say that You cannot develop your Own according to what you have read in the books.
      I think that He is highly capable and adept at keeping the storylines fresh and interesting~~~although I admit that sometimes they are a bit much.
      I’m sure that All of us here are team TB. Let us support the show and the cast and crew and not quibble among ourselves.

  • missyella

    Hi True Blooders,

    Whomever you like as a character is an individual choice, last year I almost left this site due to a very insulting post aimed at me and others.

    I persevered and am still enjoying some of the postings. But yes feelings can be hurt, but what everyone must remember myself included, is that it is a show based on a series of Books, yes sometimes it is hard to take the direction, we perceive AB is following, vearing away from them.

    But you know so what!!!!! I now have to say< I will like the show regardless.

    My only concern now is that AB may be adding too many characters thus taking away from Bill, Sookie, Eric, Jason, Tara, Sam, Pam and the wonderful Lafayette………….as well as Jessica, Hoyt and the rest.

    There is only so much we can take lol………………..character wise, how soon before we see Claudine and Claude??

    • Loleaf

      I so agree with you about taking away from the characters.. I hate that Pam doesn’t have as predominate of character that she has in the books. I loved the parts between her and Sookie in the books. Hope AB and crew will change that in the upcoming episodes! She is a great and funny character and deserves more airtime.

    • jaxx

      Hello All TB Fans.

      Yes, I will like the show regardless also. I just can’t wait to see what direction we’re going in. Should be exciting.

      My hope is with the addition of new characters that they will support our favorites in the scenes, interact with them, i.e., Sam with his family; Bill with the weres; Eric with Pam, Yvetta, weres and Fangtasia people, Tara, Franklin and people at Club Dead, etc. This way we’ll have the best of both worlds. New characters mixing with old ones in the same scene so we won’t lose any precious screen time with our favorites.

      Can’t remember when Claude and Claudine showed up. Was it end of 3 beginning of 4?? Haven’t heard any casting call for them yet so maybe not till end of this year or beginning of next??? Love Claudine, hope to see her soon.

      And yes, yes, yes, please more Pam. Love her character both in the books and on TB. Some really funny one liners and interactions with both Sookie and Eric.

      Jason and Andy, what will they get into. And who can forget Sheriff Dearborn. Too funny.

      • Loleaf

        I agree with ya jaxx. I like the idea of the new characters as long as it doesn’t take anything away from our fav’s. As for Claudine I think it was the 4th book she first appeared, she was with Tara when Sookie first met her..

  • Loleaf

    Nia,jaxx,and Ollie, if you feel as if I was insulting anyone it was not my intention in any way! I was just trying to keep the peace, by attempting to say that it’s the show were here for not character bashing. That was my true intention in my post, not taking sides one way or another. I truly enjoy this site and it would be a shame for it turn into other sites that I’ve visited before settling on this one religiously. Again, if I have insulted anyone I am sorry.