True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Jason and Hoyt’s New Situation

February 9, 2010 by  

True Blood Season 3 spoiler alert regarding the latest about Jason and Hoyt. According to TV Guide Magazine, when Season 3 of True Blood comes back on air in June, Jason won’t be living alone anymore. No, no live in girlfriend yet, but instead a good guy friend. Hoyt will be living on Jason‘s couch when we see him again. (Jim Parrack describes the living situation as being very much like The Odd Couple.)

And that’s not all. According to Ryan Kwanten, Jason will be encouraging Hoyt to get over Jessica and try out some new girls. However, don’t expect to see that happening. Even though we’ll see Jason in bed with two women in the first episode of Season 3, and Jason and the girls will invite Hoyt to join them, Hoyt will stick to his guns and stay loyal to his girlfriend, Vampire Jessica.

To add to that, Ryan has admitted to being very excited about Jason‘s upcoming love arc which will have Jason falling in love with a very “different” kind of woman.

Sounds like a lot of fun stuff will be headed our way when Season 3 of True Blood starts in June!

SOURCE: TV Guide Magazine

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  • Antonio

    Sounds quite interesting! Its always fun to watch Jason’s goofy antics! As for Hoyt sharing space with the town stud might be a bit trying to say the least! LOL

  • pbt

    Could this be our twin co-eds from NYU that were spoiled about earlier this year in October?? Always up for seeing Jason Stackhouse in the bedroom. Too bad Hoyt will not be joining our Bon Temps Romeo. Hoyt is truly such a “nice” guy.

    Thanks for the spoiler. 122 days until the v-ddiction continues!

  • jaxx

    Thanks Isis, great article. Always like to see what Jason and Hoyt are up to. Sounds like S3 and especially Epi. 1 are going to blow everyone away in a lot of different ways. Can’t wait. 🙂