True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Lafayette and Jesus

January 7, 2010 by  

Michael Ausiello from is giving True Blood fans a little bit more information regarding Lafayette‘s (Nelsan Ellis) love interest.  Since we have already heard that Kevin Alejandro will playing the role of Jesus Velasquez, described as a good-natured Latino orderly who’s caring for Lafayette’s mother (Alfre Woodard), Michael provides us with some more details on Lafayette‘s future love.

“I know what Alan Ball just told me. “Lafayette, for all his fierceness, has built a big wall around his heart and is not particularly inclined to be emotionally vulnerable. Jesus is going to try his best to knock that wall down. But there is a bigger and more dangerous reason Jesus is drawn to Bon Temps, one that will be revealed over time.”

Now Michael has peaked the fans’ interest even more with this information.  What other ulterior motive would Jesus have for being in Bon Temps?  Who is he working for then?  Is he human or something else? Just more fuel to the fire to make fans feel more anxious for the return of season 3 of our favorite vampire series True Blood in June.


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  • Ursula

    Wow! So much has to take place this upcoming season. Not just all this new stuff there is all the residual effects of the last season still.

    Jason just shot someone in the head and ran off. Tara just had the man she was in love with shot in the head. Sam was almost sacrificially murdered and now a whole lot more people know he’s a shape-shifter. Andy is back on the force so watch out! LaFayette is now having to push V for the big & scary Eric.

    By the way, isn’t Jason supposed to be addicted to V? Didn’t LaFayette give him away to Eric? Will Jason buy the V from LaFayette, take it and then it winds up being Eric’s V and start fantasizing about him too? Will Jason go to V rehab as a way to lay low for awhile?

    How are they going to cover all these twists and turns in just 12 episodes?

  • jaxx

    AB always has interesting twists in this show. There are really not that many minor players in TB. Everyone seems to be in the show for a reason. Looking forward to seeing this one.

  • buellblaster

    Another secondary character and his storyline…just hope to goodness it’s not another Maryann 12 episode debacle!

  • MarleneEmmett

    Sounds to me as if the role of Jesus is going to be a real interesting one~sounds as if we’re going to ge some heavy duty
    scenes between Jesus and LaFayette.