True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Looking at the Romance

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More True Blood season 3 spoiler news from Alan Ball regarding the romantic adventures our telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is going to experience in season 3Alan spoke with Michael Ausiello from and stated that whether you want to see Bill and Sookie together or Eric and Sookie you are going to be “very unhappy and oddly, very happy” this season.  The reasoning behind his comment is the addition of another hunk into the mix, namely werewolf Alcide Herveaux (portrayed by Joe Manganiello) who will be adding to the sexual tension on the show.  As Alan explains:

“Take a look at Joe [Manganiello],” he teases of the hunk he cast as the psychic’s new love interest, the werewolf Alcide. “Do you think [they] have reason to be worried? We were looking for a guy who was big, sexy, decent and heroic, with some darkness,” he says. “And [Manganiello] showed us all of that in the audition.”

Alan was so confident in Joe‘s ability to convey the necessary attributes of the character that he didn’t ask him to do a chemistry test with Anna, which is normally done when there are several other actors who are vying for a role.

Alan mentions that although Alcide is not introduced to the audience at first as a potential suitor for Sookie, the circumstances that both characters find themselves in creates the dynamics for some sparks to fly between them.

“As in the book, he’s helping her find [her kidnapped boyfriend] Bill,” Ball notes, “and he has a business reason for owing Eric a favor” — one (bad) thing leads to an (incredibly sexy) other. “He’s there with her during a very painful time in her life — and his life, actually. And they’re thrown into some pretty intense situations together.”  “And hello, he’s hot!” he adds with a laugh. “And hello, so is she. Two hot people in some intense situations and, for whatever reasons, their significant others are not there… they’re human.”

Whether it is right or wrong that two people who are extremely attractive and facing stressful situations will fall into the arms of one another while their significant other is not around is up for debate, however it does make interesting television.

So how to do you feel about the introduction of another guy to heat up the screen with Sookie?  Are you happy about it or, as Michael says “should the show have spent a season exploring the Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle before making it a square?”

Let your comments be heard.


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  • Katb84

    I wonder, what’s going on with Tara? will she ever fall in love again and be happy or what? Haven’t she gone through enough already??????

    • One must hit bottom before they can get back up, Katb84.

  • Lana Salvatore

    I haven’t read the books but i love the tv show. And i love bill, i just think he lost and kinda confused, but as for eric i think alexander skarsgaurd is FINE. i don’t he’s ready for a relationship with him and sookie. but i look forward to seeing where that make take us in later seasons. But as for Alcide, i think I’m finally ready for one of these vampire/werewolf love stories, for the werewolf to win! I’m really looking forward to seeing him and sookie go deeper in there acquaintance, than friendship and love. Can’t wait!

  • Jan

    Love CH Books and AB show Ture Blood
    Who Sookie ends up with who knows ?
    Bill her frist love ,most don’t end up with frist love’s
    Eric who loves her and will have a BB with her
    Alcide who she likes
    Qunn who has not come in to the show yet
    Sam whos all been there .
    Or may -be some New
    The Books and Show are wonderful
    I think it about how we all grow in time
    What we wanted at 25 is not what you want at 50

  • ALC

    I’m sorry-CH wrote that Bill was not her soulmate? Must have missed that. I have read all the books. Love Bill. Loved him even before the “great reveal” and knew something was up-he loved her and he would not have d–ed her over that way on his own. No way. Bill isn’t too nice on the show-people who love Eric just say that b/c they don’t want to see how Eric really is. Now CH herself has said THAT though-that they forget the negative aspects of Eric. Cuz he is “sexy”. Not to me~his character is spot on in the show to the books, I think.

    • jaxx

      ALC, just as you love Bill “the way he is”, us Eric lovers do the same. We know what and how he is, but there is much, much more to Eric than we’re seeing right now. I believe Eric’s deeper layers will be exposed as the seasons go on. We’ve already seen a different Eric with Season 1 Eric and then Season 2 Eric, Season 3 and 4 Eric will be even better, imo.

    • lizzie

      Hi ALC,

      I’m with you. I liked Bill in the books as well, and love in in TB. Ok, he is not “sexy” to some (to me, yes!) and he did some bad things, but who hasn’t??? Bill is flawed, yes, but he is trying to redeem himself, in his short life. He is also a vamp that is trying to do the right thing, and all these forces are against him. All Bill haters seem to see is the bad and say (all use the same dictionary here) – Bill is a liar, Bill is not honest, Bill is a rapist blah blah blah. They don’t see all the layers that our Bill has and that he IS trying to better himself.

      Eric, well, he seems one dimensional to me. Maybe we will see different layers. Who knows. As Sookie said to Godric “Eric is Eric”. I do think Eric is funny! I do love his comical scenes. I do not consider the bullet sucking as comical. I see that as violation oh, maybe we can say Eric is a liar, Eric is not honest and Eric mind raped Sookie? See, it works for all! No one is perfect and everyone has something to redeem in themselves!

      This is why AB wants to have all the characters deal with issues that will confront them! All the crap they will be dealing with in S3 and beyond will build up their characters. What did AB say to the Writers? It is about EMOTIONS! Emotions are certainly what they are putting US FANS THROUGH!

      GO TRUE BLOOD!!!

      • Nia

        Wow Lizzie!!!! That was so very passionate and well said.
        Hi ALC and Jaxx as well! Big “waves” to all!

        Yes we have all been down this route before. Some of us love Bill and some of us love Eric. That is just the way it will always be (then again some love Sam, laffy, jason….). Some see what they want to see no matter what you say or try to convince of them differently.

        As I have said before, the heart loves what the heart loves.

        I adore Bill. That will never change no matter what may come. We have seen his struggles, we have laughed and we have cried. I find his character noble and worthy. He is trying so hard to reclaim what he was, the good decent man.
        So no matter what he was forced to do, how many have betrayed him, what has been done to him, what he has lost and may lose again. I will defend him as I see fit, as will Eric lovers do. Of course, in that defense, I will always use facts to back up my reasoning.

        I just happen to not see Eric as I do Bill. Because of all the terrible things he has done so far on the show (although I do enjoy his occasonal bursts of dry humor). It could be that we will see something more as the seasons progress. That little bit of vulnerability we saw with Godric seemed to disappear very quickly, that was unfortunate.

        We know that there will be a relationship building between him and Sookie. That was always inevitable. I say bring it on. I am all for the drama that it will create.

        I just want to have fun, love my favorite as well as others, and enjoy all that Alan Ball will bring us, the good and the bad.
        What should never happen is the negativity that some take to a higher level towards the actors and their fans, which ever they may be. That is so wrong on so many levels. So name calling and worse, that I have seen in the past and hope to not see again, I will forever consider to be childish and unnecessary.

        I say always rise above and remember they are fictional characters, but they are also fictional characters that so many love and admire.

        I am gearing up for a huge season, The long wait is almost over.
        Thank the gods!

        Go Team True Blood!!

        • jaxx

          Hi Nia!! All is good. Just 3 more days, can you believe it.

          Did you see the Red Carpet pics??? They are great. Sunday can’t come fast enough for me. I’ve got my bottle of True Blood ready.

          Looking forward to discussing episode 1 Sunday after TB. YAY!!!

          • Nia

            Hey Jaxx,

            Long time no see!!! Life has been craaaazy of late, have not had much of a chance to catch up.

            Its hard to believe that the 9 months are almost over!!!!
            Whoooo Hooooo, yeah, season 3, naked men, bring it on!

            I saw the pics from the red carpet (have to get around to post). Everyone looked so amazing. Dashing, gorgeous and so beautiful…
            ok now we can talk about the women……just kidding, LOL!

            I loved the picture of Alex and Stephen hugging, tooo darn cute. They looked like they were having so much fun! They are swuch great friends. What a wonderful example!

            Stephen and Anna looked so happy together! I wish them all the best for when ever they decide to tie the knot.

            I’ll try to catch up with other articles. I hate missing so much.

            See you!

            Team True Blood!

  • Ashley Janaszak

    It really doesn’t matter what I want – if the show is going to stay true to to the books, then over time sookie will explore intimate relationships with all three men: eric, alcide, and bill. Ultimately however, as Charlaine Harris writes, Bill is not her soul mate, he was her first love, but not her last!

  • melissa

    Sookie should be with Eric and that is that. I look forward to the exploration of their chemistry.

    • lizzie

      Why should they be together?? It has been stated ab AB on a few occasions that Bill and Sookie have true love with each other! They should get over the humps and be together for ever!

      • LLE

        AB is going to say that Bill and Sookie are true love because he wants to give Bill’s fans some hope that they will get back together. AB promise CH that he will keep TB core to her books. The core of books is that Sookie and Bill don’t get back together at all. Bill is Sookie’s first love

        • Again, as AdoreBill has told you before, Alan Ball has NOT said he’s following the core of the books. He’s staying true to the SPIRIT of the books. Also, Alan has said in MULTIPLE interviews that BILL is the reason he got into the books. True Blood and the SSNs are NOT the same thing, though one is the source of the other. True Blood would be called “The Sookie Stackhouse Show” if Alan intended to stay true to the source material in the way you seem to think it is.

  • Antonio

    I disagree. I used to think that Sam would be good for Sookie
    I liked the whole love triangle in S1 Sam was always a good friend and a decent guy. However Sam has his own issues. I know that he didnt mean to blow up at her he was concerned about her safety in Ep.5 S1. If she doesnt find love with a supe Bill Eric Alcide then maybe she could find it with another human perhaps a telepath like herself remember Barry?
    Sam may have always been there for her he really liked Tara too
    But Who is best for her? Only she ~~and Ms. Harris can make that decision. I really Do Not see it as a Wizard of Oz type story where she has everything she needs right under her nose!
    She struggles with her “ability” as a telepath and she must now fight for her love and ask for help from someone she doesnt like or trust. TWOOZ was just a “childhood-like dream” Sookie’s battles are Very Real Life is NO fantasy for her
    neither is it a “walk in the park”.
    I fail to see the comparison. Both the wizard of oz and the wiz ~~which i liked a lot were about a young woman finding the courage inspiration and hope necessary to want to find her way back home and re-discover strength within her to make a go of it in her life…She had to realize that everything she needed to be whole and happy was Already there within her.
    This is quite different than what Miss Stackhouse is dealing with.
    Sookie Is a strong and confident young lady! She can and does fight for what she wants and for who she is and for who she loves!