True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Sam, Sookie and Werewolves

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We have all seen Sam Trammell who plays our favorite shapeshifter, Sam Merlotte on True Blood, talk numerous times about what we can expect on the upcoming season 3. Well he is at it once again, this time speaking with Digital Spy. Sam’s character was at the center of season 2 being involved with the whole Maryann mystery and season 3 promises to put Sam right back into the thick of things.

One thing Sam has said about season 3 is that fans will finally be introduced to his character’s biological family. This plot circles around the fact that more and more characters, such as Sookie, Jason, and Andy, have been exposed to the fact that Sam is a shapeshifter. Sam had this to say about the introduction of his character’s family.

“Screw it! I want to go find my parents.’ It’s going to lead to some pretty dramatic and interesting stuff for him this year.” Sam also revealed to fans that his character’s family can best be described as “pretty bad news.”

This should lead to some interesting twists in our True Blood saga.

Sam has also talked about how his character will always share a connection with Sookie, who is played by the lovely Anna Paquin, even though she has chosen to be with Bill. Sam states,

“I think Sam and Sookie will always have a connection. I think that’s an anchor for him and for the show that he will come back to again and again, season after season.”

As we all know we will be seeing the introduction of werewolves in season 3 however how the scenes with these new characters will be played out is still a mystery and we will have to wait until the new season airs.  However, Sam did state some of his own theories regarding the werewolves.

“I’m not sure — I did read the books but I’m not exactly sure how the werewolves are going to be put into the show,” he said. “I do know the werewolves are disgusting creatures. They’re dirty, they’re not shape-shifters — they’re disgusting, low-level, smelly creatures. Perfect for Sam!”

Sam has also admitted that he hopes True Blood’s writers will place Sam in some more danger as the series continues. We can only wait and guess as to what is in store for our shapeshifter. But no matter what True Blood holds in store for Sam we know it will make for an amazing season 3!


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  • Antonio

    This is just great to read! The whole Sam-Sookie-Bill thing was 1 of my Favorite parts of S1! It was really moving to see how much Sam cared for Sookie and how he always wanted to be there for her!! He helped her to save Bill near the end of S1! That makes him 1 of the good guys! I really don’t think that the Sam-Sookie thing is done…just yet? Its good to hear that they will still have a connection and a friendship! Just a sidenote here, Werewolves Are Shapeshifters because they change size and shape when they “phase”. Its just that Mr.Merlotte is a different kind of “shifter”.The Only difference Is Weres are usually under a curse and have no choice but to change when the moon is full. Sam Merlotte not unlike Jacob Black of Twilight,Has developed this skill over time for defense and survival! Jacob Black can only “phase” into a wolf Whereas Sam can shift into whatever animal he can imprint on Pretty Cool,Huh? You da’ Man,Sammy!!

    Eric Northman: HE’S The Man??!
    Bill Compton: Ah Thank We got gypped here!
    Antonio: Ok Ok I like You guys too You’re All Cool,How’s That?
    LOL 🙂

  • Loleaf

    I second that Jaxx!!! I’ve always liked Sam’s character in the books, and Sam Trammel fits the image that I had in my head of Sam on the show. I can’t wait to see what can of worms Alan and crew will open up for him this season. It seems season 2 Sam and Sookie started off rocky with the charring of his ass on her back-burner… lol …and the fight when she thought he was leaving. But everything worked out in the end.. we know that he is very dependable and protective when it comes to Sookie and will be there for her now matter what! All this waiting is pure agony!!!!!!! ARG!!! LOL

  • jaxx

    YAY! Thanks Janet. I like the Sam stories. While I am a fan of the fang, I also love the shifter. And, I’m glad it was mentioned that Sam and Sookie have a connection and always will just as with the CH stories, Sam and Sookie have this connection too. Am looking forward to getting Sam backstories.

    And the were’s. Can’t wait to see how all this pans out.