True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Season Finale Tease from Denis O’Hare

August 25, 2010 by  

Denis O'Hare True Blood Russell EdgingtonTrue Blood‘s Denis O’Hare speaks with Kristin Dos Santos from E!Online and shares many tidbits about the final two episodes left in season 3 of True Blood. Denis always does fantastic interviews and not only does he discuss his character Russell Edgington, but also jokes around about being airbrushed out of the Rolling Stone cover shoot.

One thing that Kristin mentions on her blog is the there is already an Emmy buzz surrounding his performance as Russell Edgington.  Denis says:

“On the one hand it feels good, because you feel like, ‘Oh, wow. People are paying attention.’ But on the other hand, I’m Irish and very superstitious. So, I’m just terrified that somehow I will mess things up! To me, and this is in all honesty, the joy of this was actually being able to work on it, to actually do it. I got to make new friends. I got to challenge myself. I got to play a role where I run around and be a vampire, which I haven’t done since I was 8 years old. Everything else is ravy.” Then he pauses, looks straight into our camera, and says with a laugh, “Obviously, if you want to start a Facebook page, that’s totally fine with me. It would be lovely. I’m just going to live my life, gratefully, and happily, and humbly.”