True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Racy and Bloody

July 1, 2010 by  

Michael Ausiello from, answers a few question from fans who are wondering what else are True Blood fans going to see especially after the Bill and Lorena twisted sex scene.   Here is what Michael shares with us.

Question: Regarding last Sunday’s True Blood sexcapades, I was not expecting that from Bill. Please may I have a scoop, since I have to wait until July 11 for the next episode? —Angi

Ausiello: I warned you it would go down as the most, ahem, twisted sex scene in television history, didn’t I? Anyway, Kevin Alejandro — who goes back to work on Southland in October — says we’ll “be seeing more of Jesus” beginning July 18. “I come back in the fifth episode, then you see me pretty regularly from there to the finale.” And, erm, a lot of him. As things heat up between Jesus and Lafayette, he says, “I promise it gets racy.”

Question: More True Blood scoop, please! —Sam

Ausiello: Alan Ball reveals that there will be lots of “werewolves and vampires throwing down” at the end of the season. I know, not much of a scoop. Cut me some slack. It’s the Thursday before the Fourth of July. Is anyone even reading this thing?


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)