True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Season Finale Shoot

June 25, 2010 by has photos of Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard rehearsing a scene for the season finale surrounding a cement truck as Alan Ball directs the action. In the photos we see Stephen and Alex rehearsing a scene involving a cement truck pouring cement into a shallow grave as Bill appears to push the handcuffed Eric out of the way!

Here are a few of the photos that will have everyone wondering what is going on in the relationship between Bill and Eric!

To see all the photos go to here.


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  • lulu

    how dissapointing was the season finale, it was mashed together i think, sookie was back on top form, and Bills lies finally come out, but all in all real tired show. still only a year to go to season 4, AB should look at the books again i think.

    • jaxx

      Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved the finale. It was everything I hoped for and got. Will rewatch and comment later.

  • D.Reilly

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  • Jim

    Sookie will get fed up with being vampire crack, and consider a new life without Bill or any vampire. Tara will discover some surprising news about Sam whose rage will resurface when he finds out about Tommy’s latest transgression.

  • Nia

    First of all this looks incredibly interesting!!! Much to speculate on.

    It looks as if they are at a construction site and there were 3 graves down below (I saw a few other pics).
    Eric almost looks as if he is showing fealty to Bill. Could Bill be in a position of power that we do not know about???? Higher than Eric?? It also looks as if they may have an altercation or Bill is pushing Eric out of the way of something.
    Bill also looks as if he is having a heart to heart with Eric.

    Thats all Ive got on that.

    Ok I see that we are also having a discussion about the longshadow staking and the tribunal.
    Here I go (Jaxx do you have your mocha??)………..

    First, Eric would have let Sookie die at longshadows fangs, he and Pam did nothing to protect Sookie or stop it when longshadow attacked.

    Bill stepped in to save her. Sookie was there at Erics request, yet he did not keep her safe in his own establishment. This is just the first time Eric put Sookie in danger for his own selfish reasons.

    When discussing the situation afterwards in Erics office.
    Eric: “what are we going to do about this?”
    Bill: “what do you have in mind?”
    Eric: “I’ll take the girl?”
    Bill: “No, you can have anyone you want, why do you want her?”
    Eric: “Why do you want her? YOu arent in love with her, admit it, you love her”

    **I so dislike Erics arrogant smirk and laughing at Bill for loving a human. Remember that as Eric starts to show emotion for Sookie in the epis to come!!!**

    It seems that Eric is perfectly capable of bending the rules should he choose. So if Bill gave him Sookie, Eric could have swept the whole thing under the table and said that longshadow disappeared. Who’s to be the wiser???? Eddie disappeared and there was no resolution to that mystery.

    Eric is in a position of authority and can abuse said authority when it suits him.

    He did speak up at the tribunal only after Bill prompted him to, and he did say “Bill”, to stop Bill from voicing his opinions on how many feel about the treatment of humans.

    Had Eric lied about longshadow stealing from him….well I am sure that there must be stiff penalties for perjury in the vamp world, he had to speak up when Bill mentioned the stealing.It would have been investigated.

    Look what happens when a vamp feeds on a human that belongs to another!!!! so perjury at a tribunal……

    Eric was arrogant and disloyal to his underling, yet he demands loyalty from his underling and to do what ever he wants. Pretty unfair.

    As to Bill losing his cool, it seems that he loses his cool only when it comes to Sookie. He is very protective of her, obvioulsy because he loves her.

    So when the magister said that humans are cows, primitive and are to serve vampires, Bill spoke up to defend humans and his Sookie. Eric stayed silent.

    So HMMMMM, Eric must agree with the magister then. Wonder how Sookie would feel if she saw and heard this, that Eric would akin her to a cow.
    Again Bill never told her, even when it would have made Eric look bad.

    Bill at least was willing to incur the magisters wrath to defend Sookie and all humans (forward and progressive thinking on his part), but Eric???? Eric either could care less or was afraid of the magister. I think the former.

    Sorry people, Eric still comes out of this smelling of yesterdays soggy diapers.

    I could go on and on and on ….but I have to go!!! LOL

    • jaxx

      I still think there is some sort of bad history between Bill and Eric. I soooo hope we get the answer to that question. You have to admit though that Bill has a hard time respecting authority figures, i.e., Eric as sheriff, the magister or now King Russell. Russell had to reprimand Bill about showing his fangs to him in his house. An underling would have been killed for that. An underling would have been killed for punching any other sheriff as well. I think with Bill working for the queen directly, he feels he has an elevated sense of entitlement. I would imagine that in the hierarchy of things in the vampire world, the underlings don’t show the level of disrespect that Bill has shown to his direct superiors at times. As far as we know right now, Bill does not have a position of authority that is equal in any way to Eric’s. The queen herself said let him rot, so that shows what she really thinks of him and his loyalty to her. And Bill did admit to Sookie that he’s had even worse sheriffs than Eric. I agree the Eric from S1 wouldn’t go above and beyond for anyone other than for Godric and Pam at that time. Eric didn’t really know Sookie in S1 and has since gotten to know her and knows she would be loyal to him. She has kept her word to him several times even if it meant almost being killed for it. Eric respects loyalty and he will give it in return when earned.

      • pbt

        Thanks for the post Ollie. Jaxx, OK now I am going to be lazy. LOL. Have to agree with everything you said, Jaxx. I do believe that Bill has been less than respectful with Eric. Other sheriffs would have not taken what Eric has taken from Bill Compton. Bill even admitted to Sookie that other sheriffs could have done much worse to Laffy for his V sales and involvement with Eddie’s disappearance. Though technically Laffy didn’t take Eddie but indirectly led Jason and Amy to Eddie and led to his demise.

        Personally I don’t think the Viking is going to get any breaks this season what so ever. The more he knows and learns the more trouble he is going to get in.

        Eric and Sookie have actually shared some very intriguing intense situations. They have seen each other cry, they have saved each other on certain levels (Eric~weres, Sookie~Godric roof top-meeting the sun. They are both extremely loyal to friends and family that deserve it. Eric recognizes that in Sookie and now that makes her even more desirable to him. He is still fully unaware why he likes her but he is slowsly realizing it.

        • jaxx

          pbt, have a good time in the mountains and don’t bring home any were-animals. lol.

          Just as an aside, what is that tattoo on Alex’s leg? I’ve been trying to make it out and just can’t tell what it is.

          • pbt

            Supposedly the only tattoo on his body was drawn by his younger brother at the age of 9. Alex was so touched by the picture his brother drew that he had it tattooed on his leg.

            Not a very good tattoo but makes for a very touching story. How am I not surprised that Alex did this. Always so caring about his family and friends.

            Ahh! In love all over again!

          • annm

            It’s a picture of some kind of bird that his brother drew. Well it’s obvious some of us aren’t going to like Eric no matter what happens. You can’t hold Eric responsible for what Bill did to Longshadow. As I said, Eric had no idea Longshadow was the traitor and he had no idea Longshadow would attack Sookie. As far as Eric not stepping in when it happened, at that point he didn’t know Sookie or have any connection to her at all. To him she was just another human but now it’s different, as he said last week “Your too important”. Tonight I’m pretty sure we are going to see Eric save Sookie’s life from a were, that being said, Eric would have reacted differently had the whole Longshadow thing happened in this season.
            I didn’t like Eric from season 1 but he changed in season 2 with the whole Godric storyline and I think he is really going to change this season. The above pictures seem to indicate Bill is helping Eric, maybe this scene is directly related to the pictures taken of Alex with all the blood tubes taped to him? I still think, based on past times they have banded together, that Eric would help Bill too. As Eric said he’s “duty bound” and I think when it comes down to it, he’s good. I don’t think Eric would go as far as to pick Bill’s saftey over his own or say Pam’s but would we pick a friend’s safty over a family member? No we wouldn’t.

        • Loleaf

          pbt, have fun and be safe on your trip!! We’ll hold down the fort here!! LOL! 🙂

    • Loleaf

      Hi Nia, jaxx & pbt!! *waving* Nia, I feel that at the tribunal Eric (from the look on his face), felt compassion for Bill when he had to make Jess into a vamp against her will, after he found out that Bill had never been a maker.

      I also think that the reason he didn’t try to hide it was..

      1. After Bill staked LS then told Eric that Sookie must be protected, Eric told him that is sounded like an edict and that it couldn’t be because he would know. I think that it was at that time Eric knew that Bill had moved to his area with an ulterior motive, and that made him leary of why he was there. You don’t survive for 1000 plus years without thinking outside of the box!
      2. For all we know the magister could have been Longshadow’s maker, and for Eric to lie for Bill, would risk loosing his area and possibly his life.
      3. He also had to think about the other vampires that he is responsible for in his area.

      We know that Queen psycho Anne is having Eric sell V because she’s broke, that we all can agree on! Bill may be working for the Queen or even the magister or even both!! He may have been sent there by the magister to find out who’s selling the V and who is supplying it… The magister did come there after he confronted Eric about it at the queens, that was too much of a coincidence. Don’t you think! *wink wink*
      This may be AB’s twist to the story, instead of the program Bill was working on in the books. Sookie told him if he ever lied to her again she wouldn’t be able to trust him, then asked him if he was hiding anything else from her and he told her, “NO”. Maybe she finds out and …
      What do you guys think?
      Yeah, it’s finally Sunday!! 😉 Team True Blood!

      See Nia and you thought you was long winded!! LOL

      • jaxx

        Good points Loleaf.

        Everything changes now that we find out Bill will also be a sheriff. They are on equal ground. Bill is definitely helping Eric but why??? So many questions.

        • Loleaf

          I the promo it seems like Russell is pretty pi**ed off at Bill!! Wonder if the sheriff promotion will still be open!!!

  • lizzie1701


    Just have a look at Bill’s face and eyes when the King says that! I think Bill has a trick or two up his sleeve on that one!

  • Val

    It certainly is a tease!! The strangest thing ,of course,is that its daytime.(I know it won’t be when we see it-but it STILL seems so surreal!)

  • lizzie1701

    Jaxx, which proves that Bill was too much a man to go running off with his tail between his legs! Alos, how do you really know he was working for the Queen? Remember he said that there are those who who want to mainstream and not go into this type of vampire lifestyle – can’t remember exact words, but the Magister then says for Bill to “back his sh8t up”. I really don’t think he was talking about the Queen! I hope I made sense!

    • jaxx

      Lizzie, Russell told Bill he knows Bill is still working for the queen at the dinner table the last episode. Bill didn’t dispute it. To me that means he’s been working for the queen since his arrival in TB from what Russell said, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that comes out in epi 3 or this season.

      I didn’t imply that Bill was a coward. He paid the price for killing a vampire. He took his punishment. I just think his punishment could have been worse if Eric hadn’t intervened whether voluntary or not. I imagine Bill didn’t implicate the queen because he didn’t want to blow whatever mission she sent him on.

  • pbt

    I have it on good authority (unnamed source) that Lorena will not be dying this season. Yeah, I love the character and M. Klaveno has done a great job with her portrayal of Lorena.

    As far as the scene referenced above, it has been hinted that they are shooting three finales. Who knows if any of this is true?

    Yes, Eric did take Bill to the tribunal. Being sheriff of Area 5 has its duties. As Eric reminded Bill, “whatever I would have done to Long Shadow I would not have done in front of witnesses. Vampire witnesses.” Eric had no choice in the matter if he was going to keep his position of power. As per True Blood and the Books, it appears the Viking likes his politics and especially his power base. Even if the Queen is bat shiat crazy.

    And yes Eric did speak up on Bill’s behalf after being prodded to do so. Being sheriff, Eric is well aware of protocol in these situations and how to handle the magister. It appears that perhaps Bill is not as experienced in these sorts of situations. All in all, the tribunal could have ended with much worse results for Bill. As stated above, he could have ended up in a coffin chained with silver for five years. Left to rot and become insane.

    Anyways, it appears the finale is going to be awesome on so many levels. I am sure there will be more than one cliffhanger this season and this is just a little taste of one of them.

    Yes, Eric is loyal. Remember his loyalty is not to Bill but to his Queen. Bill is beneath Eric and if he doesn’t like that he should take it up with the Queen or the magister. Which might be exactly what is happening. Both parties could be up for some “magister” punishment.

    • lizzie1701

      pbt, funny how we are still seeing those scenes differently. I saw Eric and Pam being snarky and I reckon Eric had an another alternative but he just could not give a s**t. If I could, I would have slapped Eric and Pam silly, while they were in Bill’s house. Remember Eric saying he did not even try to find another way out of it? Maybe we should take our glamour shields off and rewatch that episode.

      Have a nice weekend away!

      • pbt

        I wasn’t referencing the “Bill’s House Scene”. I was referencing the actual tribunal scene just before Jessica is made vampire. Perhaps no glamoring is needed. Of course, this is all my opinion but I still feel the magister could have brought a more stringent punishment on Bill. I think the magister took into consideration what Eric said about Bill. Yes, Bill helped Eric out in pleading his case. The magister seemed to take what Eric said more seriously then what Bill said. Perhaps because Eric is Bill’s sheriff. He is in a position of power at least in Season One.

        As far as the Queen helping Bill out of his little predicament with Long Shadow that is very interesting. I am sure that Bill did not want to be on the magister’s radar and wonder why the Queen entered into this case. I am also pretty sure that QSA would have said you are on your on this Bill Compton. Having heard her talk this season about Mr. Compton and letting him “rot”, I am pretty sure QSA would not have helped out with the whole Long Shadow scenario. She would not want to bring attention to herself on such a lowly topic.

        Of course this is all speculation and wonderful material for fodder. What we all enjoy doing best. Debating our opinions about what the true meaning or what is really happening in this series.

    • jaxx

      Exquisitely said pbt!! You’ve said everything I was going to say. Makes it easy for me to just agree now. LOL. 🙂 Bill was going to get a severe punishment for staking LS, Eric helped him get a lesser offense, i.e. like getting a parking ticket instead of jail time for a speeding or traffic offense. So in essence, Eric really did help out Bill. Making Jessica to me is a piece of cake instead of being chained with silver in a coffin, starved and left to rot. I think Bill got off easy. Eric wouldn’t and shouldn’t have compromised his position as sheriff for an underling. He is duty bound to do his job. Bill should have gone to the queen for help and override Eric if he didn’t like the way Eric was handling the situation, since we found out last episode, Bill is and was in her employ at the time of the LS staking. The queen should have been the one to get him out of the jam with the magister then.

    • annm

      I agree with you that Bill is just not that experienced in dealing with things like Eric can but Eric is much much older than Bill. Bill is very “young” and nothing against him but he has lost his cool on several occasions. Once with the Magistrate where he was told to back down, he lost it with Dr Ludwig treating Sookie and Eric smoothed that over, and also with Russell when he showed his fangs in Russell’s house. Bill lacks the control, experience and “finesse” it takes when dealing with leaders.

      • pbt

        I agree here annm that both Eric and Bill are showing strong emotions when the telepath is concerned. Both seem to be charging full steam ahead despite rational thinking. It seems no matter the age of the vampire, everyone is glamored by Sookie. Must be that Fae thing 🙂

  • annm

    Very interesting pics. I don’t think it would be that odd that Bill and Eric stick together over something. Regardless of them being against eachother in the Sookie side of things they have banded together at other times. Season one the trial over Longshadow’s death: when asked by the magistrate Eric does say Bill is loyal to him and probably saved him from the coffin of silver. Eric could have not done that and let Bill rot. Season two: The discussion and bickering between Isabel and Stan over what to do about Godric missing, Bill agrees with Eric that they need a plan; Also when Nan berates Godric: Eric looses his cool and gets up to attack her but Bill and Isabel stand in front of him. Bill could have let Eric at Nan but he didn’t. I can totally see them banding together over Sookie’s saftey or sticking together if the Magistrate, Sofie Ann or Russell throws one of them under a bus. They do stick when it really counts.

    • Loleaf

      I agree with you annm, I’ve said before that Eric and Bill may not always agree but they respect each other. As sheriff Eric has given Bill free reign in the area, heck he even let Bill punch him without showing his athority. Maybe they even have some sort of history, because Eric told him in season 1 that it’s been a long time!!!

      • pbt

        Loleaf. Yes, I have always wondered what the history is between Eric and Bill. I am not sure we will see this in Season Three but I am pretty sure that Alan Ball will give this to us eventually.

        Want to start speculating as to what the connection is?

    • lizzie1701

      Technically, Eric only spoke on behalf of Bill at the tribunal ONLY after Bill pleaded with him. It was only then that he relented and said that he was loyal, mostly. Also, don’t forget, Eric took Bill to the Tribunal without looking at any other option (remember how snarky he and Pam were when they turned up at Bills?). I reckon Eric wanted Bill out of the way because he wanted Sookie. Yes, very loyal.

      • annm

        I think it’s important to point out that Eric didn’t force Bill to kill Longshadow, nor did Eric know or plan for that to happen. Bill had to pay for what he did, Eric didn’t make the laws either, he just inforces it like any officer. Regardless of how you feel about Bill or Eric: it was the Magistrate’s dislike or disregard of humans that made him not care about the “why” Bill did what he did. Eric didn’t have anything to do with that. Eric’s motives aren’t always pure but I think the core of him is goodness but he is a surviver and to do that, sometimes there are shades of gray.
        On a whole, this series has mostly showed Eric’s not so good side and mostly showed Bill’s good side. The series has showed very little of Eric’s past and a bit more of Bill’s. I have a feeling that this season they are going to switch and you are going to see a lot more of both thier histories. Also I think your going to see more of Bill’s not so good side and more of Eric’s good side. They’ re futher developing the characters and whether you read the books or not, they definetly seem to be going that way. Based on the pictures they have been posting of the final show, Eric’s going to have a rough road.

      • pbt

        Yes, very loyal to his Queen not to Bill Compton. Also loyal to Pam and his other employees.

    • jaxx

      I agree with both annm and loleaf, while they may not always agree, bicker, seem at odds, when it counts, they do help each other out, maybe unwillingly, but it does happen. Eric is sheriff and I think no matter what, Bill has to help him if he’s in trouble being the superior in the hierarchy. If push came to shove, I think the same can be said for Eric helping Bill. Remember Eric told Sookie he is duty bound to find Bill even if he didn’t want to. “Duty bound” on both ends is the key phrase, I think here. Whatever it is, it should be an interesting ending to S3.

      • pbt

        Jaxx, I agree. I was struck by that line also in Episode One this season. Duty bound is going to some how be part of the season. Who is bound by duty and who takes their duties seriously and gets the job done and who gets sidetracked while carrying out their duties. What do you think?

  • Loleaf

    Whatever it is there’s probably a reason why Alex is using only his right hand/arm. Maybe Sookie killed Lorena and they are burying her in the concrete and making a pact not to tell anyone, and to protect Sookie at all costs!!! But we will see… This scene will probably be a cliffhanger anyway!

  • lizzie1701

    Well, if Bill is helping Eric, al I can say is why? Eric has not made Bill’s life easy ie The tribunal episode where he turned Bill in on purpose because he would not give over Sookie, being snarky to Bill about this ep and having to be goaded into giving evidence on behalf of Bill, Dallas and the blood sucking ep with Sookie and his snarkisness, bringing in Lorena, attempted kidnapping of Bill and trying to pinch his girl! I would have let him rot, Bill. No good can come of this saving.

    That’s if this is what it is all about!


    • pbt

      Perhaps, just perhaps Bill is helping Eric because Eric was protecting Sookie in his absence. Now granted Eric would most definitely would have traded places with Bill in a heart beat. But perhaps Bill feels a sense of loyalty to Eric because of the whole were situation. Remember the weres are not in Bon Temps because of Eric. The weres are in Bon Temps because of Sookie. Russell desires Sookie to help him with his plot to take over Louisiana.

      By the finale, it seems that Bill has been released from Russell’s invitation and that Eric and he are having an intense conversation. Maybe they will join forces against Russell. To be truthful that would be a great joining of forces for all who are involved. Creating a team effort to force the weres and Russell all the way back to Mississippi. In this scenario, everyone will come out winning.

      Bill will have Sookie
      Eric will retain his sheriff position
      QSA will still be Queen of Louisiana
      Russell and the weres will be pushed back to MS

      Go Team True Blood!

  • jaxx

    I honestly don’t know what to make of this??? Is Bill helping Eric out of a jam??? Are they on friendly terms??? What is he pushing him out of the way of??? Interesting, can’t wait to see how this season ends now.


    WTF IS THIS??????????? OMG!