True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Sookie’s Choice

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Sookie Stackhouse has some pretty impressive abilities of her own, even though she’s not a supernatual creature like her boyfriend, vampire Bill Compton or a werewolf like her protector Alcide Herveaux. However, relationships on True Blood are going to be shaken up in upcoming weeks as Sookie will be splitting up with Bill in the face of a horrible breach of trust. Alan Ball commented on this break up, saying,

“[The breach of trust] will shake the very core of their relationship… Bill and Sookie‘s love for each other is authentic and they want to make it work. But it might get harder and harder.”

Stephen Moyer also had something to say about the break up of Bill and Sookie, as well as regarding which man on True Blood might be best for Sookie:

“I can’t get into slinging matches about who’s better for Sookie because it’s just ridiculous. Bill is for Sookie, the love of her life.”

Of course, there’s more to the story than this. Stephen Moyer also hinted about a scene from the upcoming August 8th episode in which Bill is passionate and protective of not only Sookie, but also his progeny, the young vampire Jessica. The scene will take place on a moonless night, and throughout it, Bill is a vampire that you want on your side.

After this, there’s an escape from King Russell‘s mansion that’s going to show us something entirely new, says Moyer.

Sookie does something we haven’t seen her do yet for Bill. It being the roller-coaster ride that their relationship is, something happens immediately that makes things go awry.”

Of course, vampire Eric Northman will have many things to do for the remainder of the season as well. Though we recently heard Eric describe Sookie as meaning nothing to him, that’s not true. Alexander Skarsgard said that those actions are all part of a bigger plan on Eric‘s part.

Underneath that plan, there are a lot of feelings that are going to affect True Blood in many ways, one of which is something that Eric fans have been wanting—a real romantic scene between Eric and Sookie that isn’t a fantasy sequence or a dream. Of course, the reaction to the scene could be different than what people expect it to be, which also leaves an opening for a romance between Sookie and Alcide. (After all, Alcide can have breakfast with Sookie in the mornings and is warm, unlike Bill and Eric…).

The matters of the heart are never simple, so be prepared for a lot to happen in the upcoming weeks of True Blood!


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