True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Sookie’s Choice

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Sookie Stackhouse has some pretty impressive abilities of her own, even though she’s not a supernatual creature like her boyfriend, vampire Bill Compton or a werewolf like her protector Alcide Herveaux. However, relationships on True Blood are going to be shaken up in upcoming weeks as Sookie will be splitting up with Bill in the face of a horrible breach of trust. Alan Ball commented on this break up, saying,

“[The breach of trust] will shake the very core of their relationship… Bill and Sookie‘s love for each other is authentic and they want to make it work. But it might get harder and harder.”

Stephen Moyer also had something to say about the break up of Bill and Sookie, as well as regarding which man on True Blood might be best for Sookie:

“I can’t get into slinging matches about who’s better for Sookie because it’s just ridiculous. Bill is for Sookie, the love of her life.”

Of course, there’s more to the story than this. Stephen Moyer also hinted about a scene from the upcoming August 8th episode in which Bill is passionate and protective of not only Sookie, but also his progeny, the young vampire Jessica. The scene will take place on a moonless night, and throughout it, Bill is a vampire that you want on your side.

After this, there’s an escape from King Russell‘s mansion that’s going to show us something entirely new, says Moyer.

Sookie does something we haven’t seen her do yet for Bill. It being the roller-coaster ride that their relationship is, something happens immediately that makes things go awry.”

Of course, vampire Eric Northman will have many things to do for the remainder of the season as well. Though we recently heard Eric describe Sookie as meaning nothing to him, that’s not true. Alexander Skarsgard said that those actions are all part of a bigger plan on Eric‘s part.

Underneath that plan, there are a lot of feelings that are going to affect True Blood in many ways, one of which is something that Eric fans have been wanting—a real romantic scene between Eric and Sookie that isn’t a fantasy sequence or a dream. Of course, the reaction to the scene could be different than what people expect it to be, which also leaves an opening for a romance between Sookie and Alcide. (After all, Alcide can have breakfast with Sookie in the mornings and is warm, unlike Bill and Eric…).

The matters of the heart are never simple, so be prepared for a lot to happen in the upcoming weeks of True Blood!


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  • michiboo

    I haven’t read the books and in a way I am happy that I didn’t because i can enjoy and build my own opinion as to who I feel is better for Sookie and I think Sookie and Bill has so much chemistry that it is killing me….lol….there is connection between Sookie and Eric for me…the vibes that I pick up between them is that Eric wants what Bill has and being that he is the sheriff he wants to prove that he can get her if and when he likes. That’s why he had to trick her to suck the bullet’s out of his chest knowing good and well that she would end up drinking some of his blood and then the connection would be there….but the connection between her and Bill was instant….so the Sookie and Eric romance doesn’t work for me. The rest of ya’ll just going off of the book and that’s kind of sad cause ya’ll spoiling up the moments for me and others who haven’t read the book but yet LOVE the show.

    • lizzie1701

      I’m with you on this one, Michiboo. I Love the chemistry between Bill and Sookie and what did you think of the shower scene? WOW!I still think about it and it still gives me a smile on my face!

      Yes, Eric is trying to poach Bill’s girl and I hope Sookie will be able to see right through him. Regardless, the chemistry is OK, but he is much too tall and it looks awkward. If she thinks she is in trouble with Bill, what wil she be with Eric? Let’s face it, most of the trouble she has been in has been instigated by Eric.

      Let’s pray that AB does the right thing with our couple.

      Go True Blood!

    • Where as like most of us have read the books as you have stated I personally have never particularly liked Bill. That was before I even read the books. I feel like Eric is a logical choice for Sookie in that he is much more powerful than Bill and if you look closer there are more to his feelings for her than just what he can get out of her power wise. You have to remember that he is a thousand years old and during that time there has been no mention on the show of anyone he has ever cared for the way he does her. I think that once his vendetta against Russell is put to rest he will have more time to explore his true feelings for Sookie. Alcide on the other hand has way to much baggage ie: Debbie Pelt.

      • I don’t think Sookie and Eric have that much in common compared to Bill and in terms of emotions I don’t see it. They don’t spend much screen time together to gather that and when they do Sookie has many times been repulsed by him and what he represents. Sookie is not the type to go for the powerful type. Just because he is Sheriff or an older vampire he is better for her. He may be intrigued by her and now that he knows what she is I see him more interested in WHAT she is not WHO she is. Bill has proved his love for her many times and even Alan Ball said their Bill and Sookie’s love is genuine and they are soulmates. He has stated that he loves her who she is not what she is.

        • pbt

          Hi Ollie. Waving and winking at you.

          You’re absolutely correct that Sookie and Eric have had very little development in their relationship. Alan Ball has been very slow to develop the relationship between these two characters. We have seen little bits and pieces of interaction between the Eric and Sookie this season.

          While Sookie claims that she is “repulsed” by Eric, we as viewers were made aware that she “secretly” desires Eric. The dream sequence between the two of them sets the record straight that its not the blood that attracts Sookie. Sookie has hidden her desire for Eric. Something that I have always claimed was from the very first night they met. I know we have debated that subject a multitude of times. 🙂

          Yes, Alan Ball has claimed that Sookie and Bill are soulmates. No debating that point but Alan Ball was also quick to mention that Eric and Sookie are destined or fated to be together. There are many kinds of soul mates and sometimes soul mates don’t remain together.

          I don’t expect that Alan Ball will be writing Eric and Sookie together to the end of the series. But I do expect that the writers will be putting these two together in some sort of scenario next season. Earlier this year Alan Ball revealed that Eric would have amnesia like he does in Book Four: Dead to the World. I am sure that Season Four will not be like the book and that is perfectly fine with me. They are two different mediums. Both are good on their own merits.

          The latest episode: I Smell A Rat was a revelation for both our characters. I don’t think that Eric expected to feel anything for Sookie after kissing her but his face said it all. Staring in utter amazement as if he felt something deep inside that has been dead for the past 1000 years. Something has happened and I suspect it has nothing to do with her blood. Remember Eric has not had Sookie’s blood. Something that Bill had on night number two.

          Eric’s curiosity is fueled in his interest in this woman who is spunky, not afraid of him and not afraid to tell Eric the truth. Eric respects Sookie in many ways for who she is not what she is. His interest has been building since season one. It will be interesting to see how this relationship will be developed in future seasons. Sookie has seen the Viking being good and bad. She is aware of his faults and short comings. Eric allows Sookie the freedom that she desires. She doesn’t always want to be protected as a “thing”. Something that Bill continues to claim once again in Sunday’s episode.

          Sookie desires her freedom and I believe that is the one thing that Eric would afford her. Can’t wait until Sunday’s new episode. It’s hard to believe that we are talking about the finale again. 🙁 Sad panda here.

          Well v-ddicition continues in 6 more days. Wohoooo!

  • i cant say i agree with most of you, but with some. i absalutly love eric, but i cant stand his cocky adittude. its rediculouse. i pirticularly dont like bill and sookie together. they r soul mates, but not for life. i think thats eric’s roll to play with sookie. althought he can be such an asshole, he is very kind and affectionit for pam, and i think he can take that love and turn it into something bigger for sookie. cause u can oviously tell he’s in love with her 2. i just cant wait tell they makebook 4 into the show. it will be absalutly thrilling to see eric and sookie together and its not a dream or fantasy, and all throught the time eric is actually sweet and not,not…himself.

    • pbt

      Waving hi to tef:

      Yes, Sookie has all the luck doesn’t she. She has Bill as her soul mate, she has Alcide as a room mate (I suspect) and then she has Eric in the wings. Yes, the Viking can sometimes be arrogant, calculating and oh so dangerous and sexy.But as you said, he can also be caring, loyal and a great person to have on your side.

      Let’s hope the writers are writing up a storm as we blog here and that Season 4 will be even better if that is possible. I am sure it will resemble very little like book 4 but that’s OK. It will still be True Blood and it will be awesome. No matter who survives the season, we will all be waiting patiently for all our favorite characters to return.

    • pbt

      Just my opinion here, yes it is always said that Eric wasn’t himself in Season Four. I have a slightly different take on that book, I think that is the True Eric without all the vampire politics and his vampire baggage on board. I am sure Jaxx would agree on this since we have spoken about this fact several times on the threads here.

      Its the True Eric that Sookie has found in Season Four. Perhaps his own “finding his humanity”. I was always taken with the notion that CH had Eric searching for his “hearts desire”. I personally found that very touching. Isn’t that what we all want out of life. To find that one person that we can truly be comfortable and ourselves with. The person that makes our heart complete. It will be short lived but that’s fine too. At least he will have a little time with Sookie before she moves on or back to another one of her suitors.

      • val

        Amen to that! I can’t wait for season 4 to see (hopefully!)the REAL Eric. I loved his wonderful,caring personality in book 4.
        Of course,we all know that AB might turn the tables on the Eric lovers among us,but-like you,I cannot WAIT to see what he has in store for us!!

      • Sheila

        I agree with you Pbt, I think in S4 we will get to see the real Eric without all his vamp baggage and politics, he has to be who he is to survive, but for a minute he gets to relax,Yes, I do love the other Eric we all know, but for lack of another way to put it, Eric seems far more comfortable in his skin as a Vamp, and think, It will be fun to see Eric relax, where as Bill is kinda on the high strung side for a Vamp.(Although I do love him too,) It’s gotta be a real pain in the %%% to be in Eric’s place and have to be such the Alpha male all the time. He does it well but everyone needs a vacation sometimes…..Maybe he will get to spend some much needed time spoiling Sookie in his own way, and meeting his own needs too, luck girl. (Smile)

        • jaxx

          Lucky isn’t the word. 😉

      • jaxx

        Yes, pbt, I wholeheartedly agree. I want the amnesia Eric, which I believe is the true Eric, deep down inside. 🙂

        • lizzie1701

          Come on Girls! The real Eric, as seen by flashbacks, was a spoilt boy only interested in being inside girls legs. He showed no responsibility for the family “firm” and just before he was turned, all he could think about was allthe women he could get in his “heaven”. Nothing has changed in that regards.

          I just don’t get the “real” Eric thing. JMO

          • jaxx

            That’s ok Lizzie, I’m still going to hold out. There is a good person inside of Eric. Not the spoiled brat, not the hardened vamp by politics, not the shrewd businessman but something else, kind, gentle and vulnerable. If he doesn’t remember who is was/is and where he came from or anything about his life before the spell/amnesia/whatever you want to call it, the only thing left is his true self, the potential of what he really can be and that’s jimo. 🙂

        • lizzie1701

          Hey Jaxx,

          Ihope it goes well with the Eric amnesia for you and fellow Eric shippers. Us Bill shippers got what we wanted last night, so fair is fair in True Blood Land!

  • Carly

    Eric and Alcide might hook up with Sookie at some point, but the main couple is obviously Bill and Sookie. They have the best chemistry, but the show has to tear them apart and have them work through some issues separately before they get back together.

    • Lisa

      They are staying pretty true to the books.. unless Ms Harris writes that in book eleven, I don’t see Bill and Sookie being much of a power couple in the future.

  • Antonio el hombre lobo

    By The Way Could That photo of Anna,Stephen & Alex Be Any More SEXY?? LOL

  • Antonio el hombre lobo

    Well Gang It looks like its Unanimous!! I TOO Agree with All of You here!! We ALL agree on Something,WOW!! Huh?? LOL
    I Also would choose Eric for Sookie! I picked up the issue of Tv guide today. I thought the cover of Anna & Alex was “smokin'”
    Anyway I would choose Eric for her just because he’d be the 1 youd least expect to see her with! In the show, it looks like shes Not too fond of him right now…But there is something there! This whole season,It looks like Bill and Sookie’s relationship has been tested and put through the wringer!
    Sookie going back with Bill would be Far too predictable!
    As We have seen in shows of the past its the 2 who can’t stand each other who come together in a passionate embrace! Tv shows are filled with such couples…From Gone With the Wind to Cheers to Buffy! As I had stated there was very little sexual tension between Sookie and Bill..No banter,Nor verbal foreplay No zingers
    No flirting Just “Love at First Sight” Lightning in a bottle!
    However, Between Sookie and Eric there IS sexual tension!!
    Banter,Verbal “foreplay” flirting…Sexy dreams!!
    It May Not be True Love but its Hot Blood!
    Alcide May have a better chance with her than Sam had…I think
    Poor Sam eliminated from contention So early!!
    Eric would do Anything to protect Pam I feel he would be equally devoted to Sookie!!
    Bill is a nice man…Vamp But he still has quite a bit of evolving to do. This is MHO!!
    And Yes Ladies I DO agree with most of you here about Eric!

    • Antonio you changed your stripes and it saddens me! 🙁

      First of all I have seen this in my career and I must say you are wrong! Believe me if they are arguing and despise each other in the beginning it is not going to last and not classified as a long term relationship. The banter is not “foreplay” or “sexual tension” but plain and simple disrespect and contempt in the other person due to the qualities that they see in them. The continuation in the so-called development of the relationship is due to thinking that things can be different later on as a result of some unrealistic expectations.

      I’m sorry but I would advise my daughter to avoid a man that she despises knowing that in the long term what you hated about the person in the person will be what you hate about them in later on.

      • Antonio el hombre lobo

        Of Course things are different in real life But drama makes for good tv. Case In point, I wasnt Thrilled about how the writers ended off the Catherine/Vincent relationship in the final season.
        They killled off Catherine and left Vincent bereft Without his love of life…I was None too thrilled but Again drama maakes for good tv! I wasnt too keen on how they chose to end Moonlighting,Thirtysomething The Sopranos the Golden Girls but Once Again Drama makes for good tv!
        Besides,Bill will have shown the Ultimatee disrespect for Not being honest with her!! Eric lied to her yes but He waasnt her lover!! The question still remains Did Bill try to kill RE to protect Sookie OR his secret mission and work for QSA??
        Bill Is Not entirely blameless in all of this…He murdered her great uncle,lied to her about Jessica tried to kill her boss.
        He Knew that she was valuable to QSA He knew she was Something more than human which is why he kept asking her “What Are You?”
        I believe he gave her his blood that night Not Only to save her life but to monitor her soo he could keep an eye on her for SA
        Eric may have lied to her but it may be Bill’s lie that undoes it all!
        This is JMHO
        I still like Bill but his dark side is coming out I think it makes great drama!!

        • Antonio, I don’t know where you’re coming up with your question about why Bill tried to stake RE. Watch that scene again. Bill’s panicking, realizing that (at least partially) because of him, the woman he loves is stuck in the same trap he is. He wants her OUT of RE’s clutches, so he tries to get rid of RE by using the element of surprise. Unfortunately, as we know, it doesn’t work. I think that for a man in love the way Bill is, work and thoughts of work fly out the door because his loved one is in danger. It takes a very cold person to think of protecting themselves over the one they love.

        • pbt

          Waving hello to Antonio.

          I agree that the drama in this season is really amping up the action with our love “square”. Don’t forget that we will need to include Alcide to the list of many “lovers” for Miss Sookie. We will see these two also getting closer this season. Something about having a warm hunk of werewolf gets the blood pumping. Especially if the were is in the form of Joe Maganiello.

          Our vamps are not painted in black and white but in varying shades of gray. Neither is all good or all bad. I think that neither Bill or Eric will end up with Sookie in the end. JMO.

          Instead Alan Ball continues to write this drama with wit, sadness, eroticism and deceit. The last episode could have been more aptly titled, Lies, Sex and Death. Alan Ball continues to play with our emotions and those of our lead characters. It makes for great television. How boring it would be if Alan Ball kept writing the series with just Bill and Sookie? Don’t get me wrong. Bill and Sookie will be re-united at sometime. Eric will get his chance. Alcide will raise the temperature in Bon Temps and on the horizon I can see Quinn making an appearance in a stripped suit.

          I think its OK if we feel one way one season and another way the next. I think that is part of Alan Ball’s plan for this series. As I have said before, I enjoyed Bill Compton when he was first introduced in Season One. When they introduced Eric Northman is Episode Four: Escape From Dragon House and I was mesmerized by this vamp. Who is he? Why is he important?

          This season I can’t seem to get enough of Tara and Franklin. James Frain has been absolutely wonderful as Franklin Mott. He’s the best psycho fugly f*ck ever. He is absolutely scary as hel* but there is something about the character that makes you feel for him. That’s where the writing enters into the equation and of course great casting.

          Keep up the drama, Alan Ball. I will be watching from the edge of my seat.

      • jaxx

        Ollie, I would agree to advise your daughter not to marry a man like that but Eric doesn’t love Sookie yet, he doesn’t know what he feels but it is something. And, I think that Sookie was angry with Eric and I don’t think Sookie really hates Eric. I hear people sometimes say “I hate you” when they really mean “I’m angry with you”. Teenagers do that a lot. To me, Sookie is sometimes the equivalent of a teenager. Sookie hasn’t had many relationships, either boyfriends or friends for that matter. I think she just expressed her anger the wrong way.

      • lizzie1701

        I’m with you on this one, Adore Bill and Isis. Antonio – I am disappointed with your views. I still remember us debating only last year as to Vampire Bill and sticking up for him. I guess you feel like you want to be on the winner’s side, well, you may be for a short period of time, but Bill is the main Vampire on the show and in the end he will be the winner. What will you do? Chage sides again? It is more than being sexy, Antonio. It is the whole package. That package is Bill, imo.

  • melissa

    I agree with anyone who says breakfast is overrated and yes Id rather lay in bed all day with the hot viking especially on hot steamy summer nights. I do prefer a king size bed anytime.

    • val

      Its hard not to just agree and agree and AGREE!! There sure is enough of him to go around!!

      • jaxx

        We can definitely take shifts. Anytime is fine for me, I’ll just quit my job. He’s more important. LOL. 😉

  • pbt

    Rubbing hands and waggling the eyebrows already. Breakfast is very overrated and I would want a tall cool body next to me on those hot Louisiana summer nights. 🙂

    • jaxx

      I’m with you pbt. I know who I’d pick. I’m a night owl anyway. I could sleep during the day with the viking, no problem. 😉 LOL.

      • pbt

        Jaxx. I fear that we wouldn’t be the only ones sharing a piece of Viking. May need to get that king size bed ready. As far as being a vampire, you already know that about me. 😉 Sleep late, stay up until the wee hours and a certain affection for gore and sex. 😉

        • val

          yes-that king bed line forms on the left.And though kissing is dandy,I think i’d like to start just above the knees=yummy!!!

  • lee

    Loving it, I can’t wait to see what happens, and then I’ll be sad it’s over and we have to wait another 10 months or so before season 4… & OMG season 4 I truly want to see… don’t F-it up Alan!

  • jaxx

    Great review Isis!! You covered all the bases. This season is the best by far. We’re getting a little of everything. Sookie will have multiple suitors, no doubt. Who will she pick in the end??? I guess we’ll have to tune in and find out. LOL. 🙂

    • Thanks Jaxx! I know that I want Alan Ball’s words from Con to be truth, but the adventure is watching Sookie grow as a woman and decide what’s best for her… I’m in for the long haul, just like everyone else here on TBN! 😀

  • Mocha 319

    I am Loving every minute of it!

  • Arianna

    Is all this suppose to happen this season? Like the scene w/ Sookie/Eric is that suppose to happen in episode 12 or is some of it happening next season?

  • val


    • ~ Caitlin

      I went to TV Guides website. If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen there’s a box that says Most popular shows and True Blood is an option. Then, after you click on that True Blood page comes up and click on Who Will Sookie Choose. It was a little hard to find.

  • ~ Caitlin

    I was excited when this TV guide came in the mail. Wonderful picture. Finally, a Sookie/Eric scene that’s real? At the present, Bill is the love of Sookie’s life. In the future, who knows…

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