True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Talbot Has Affair With Bon Temps Stud

May 10, 2010 by  

TV Guide Magazine was able to catch up with Theo Alexander, who will be playing the role of vampire Talbot, the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington’s (Denis O’Hare) lover, in season 3 of True Blood. Theo states that we will first see him in Episode 2, “Beautifully Broken”, where Talbot will cheat on his 3,000-year-old lover of 700 years, with one of these four straight Bon Temps studs: Bill (Stephen Moyer), Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), Jason (Ryan Kwanten) or Sam (Sam Trammell)!

Theo is not saying much as to the identity of the stud he will have an affair with, but he was willing to share the following:

Talbot loves Russell immensely because he’s [his] maker, but like any marriage, it has its ups and downs. One thing we have a huge fight over is that I always have to stay home. Sometimes I have to straighten him out and take drastic measures to save the marriage.”

Theo is currently back home in Greece, where he is worried that his mother’s wonderful Greek cooking is going to ruin his physique making him appear fatter in shirtless love scenes he has yet to shoot.

Theo states that Russell and Talbot become involved with the Bon Temps crowd stating only that due to Russell‘s royalty he is ties with all the other kingdoms.

Theo also mentioned that he is not the only character having male-on-male interaction.  Theo revealed that at the very beginning of season 3 we will see two of the four straight characters making out with each other!

True Blood fans it is time to speculate so post in the comment section who you think is going to be Talbot‘s gay lover and which two of the four straight characters will end up making out with each other.


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  • Antonio

    The only active resident “stud” that comes to mind is Jason Stackhouse. Jason is a stud because he saw a lot of action where the ladies were concerned…not to mention his crash-and-burn relationship with Amy Burley~~~like we couldnt see That coming a mile away? LOL
    Looking like one and being 1 can be 2 different things,sometimes.
    Bill has been exclusively with Sookie He would ONLY be seen as a stud in Her eyes! Eric? Who knows Who he has been with over the centuries? This Whole conversation is kind of awkward anyway. As for Bill and Sam? Eww Dog Breath!
    What was that Lucy said in the Peanuts Halloween special?
    When Snoopy kissed her on the mouth while she was bobbing for apples? “Blecchh Ewww Dirty dog lips! Get me some disinfectant!” LMAO!! I wonder if Jessica ever had sex dreams of Bill? She did have his blood even though he drained her

    • Antonio

      Besides Wouldnt you rather see Biil and Eric as QSA suggested sarcastically in the later part of S2?

      • pbt

        Waving to Antonio. Heck yes, I would love to see William Compton and Eric Northman together. Heck throw Queen Sophie Anne into the mix too! Vampire Orgy for us. We can hope can’t we.

        • Antonio

          kinky! LOL i’d rather see a threesome with sookie and her 2 vampire lovers namely bill and eric! now that you mention it
          LOL id rather see bill with eric than with sam
          besides there were some allusions to that in S2 bill & eric at the department store when that lady that flirted with bill thought that he and eric might be a “couple” hey bill could do a lot worse right? LOL and when eric met bill coming out of queen sophie anns place when he told him to stay away from sookie eric said something like “billy billy ” i thought That was hilarious! I wonder if they ever dated? after all eric has been arounjd quite a while and bill is a rather libidinous vampire i wonder if bill ever dated QSA? had he Ever dated Eric? Hmmmm LOL 🙂
          like you said 1 can Only imagine!
          I’m sure if he had dated Eric even briefly he probably would Not tell Sookie!
          Could you picture This scenario Pbt?
          Bill walks in to find Eric and Sookie together
          and bill says “I knew it the minute my back is turned you go and steal my Man Get your hands off of him Now Sookie!
          could you imagine the look on her face? LOL
          Quite kinky i know
          Take Care
          and its always nice to read your posts!

  • Annie

    Wow. I’m surprized that everyone is okay with the fact that Eric and Talbot may be getting it on. A dream I could handle, but “real life”? Ugh. I’d rather see Eric with Yvetta, which I guess is going to happen too.

    • lizzie

      Well, I guess this will show that Eric does not mind where he gets it, but it will probably be because he is using Talbot for something against the King.

      Don’t worry – Bill and Sam will have some sort of connection as well.

      • pbt

        Or perhaps the Viking is getting it on with Talbot so Sookie can go and find William Compton while Eric keeps Talbot busy. That is a book storyline. As far as Eric Northman, getting it on with Talbot or Yvetta. I say bring it on. Vampires are supposed to be very adventurous and dangerous when it comes to sex and just about anything else.

        Latest spoilers today indicate, that Sookie will walk in on a naked Eric Northman in the Fangtasia basement with Yvetta. And he will ask Sookie if she wants to join in. of course, Sookie is all snarky even when the Viking offers to help her with William Compton. Supposed to be a very funny scene.

        • lizzie

          Thanks pbt. Sounds interesting! I saw a clip of Sookie in the dungeon with a half naked Eric in the shot, but I guess more has come out on that pic.

          I have the Blu Ray DVD Box set already as they were released on May 19th here in OZ. Have been listening to the commentaries – very interesting. The Nelsan and Director one was good and so was the Stephen/Alex and Director one. Stephen and Alex were playing off each other all the way through and the poor Director hardly got a guernsey! Alex said one interesting thing about that scene in Dallas irt saving Sookie! Still to see one more commentary and the enhanced viewing.

          • pbt

            Waving good morning to Lizzie. That’s great that you have the Season Two DVD already. See there are advantages to living in Oz!

            I don’t really follow LOST but will DVR are the episode for the QR code which will take you directly to the video promo of Eric and Sookie in the basement of Fangtasia. I know that sounds all techy and geeky which is right up my alley.

            Sookie has the lilac dress on. One can surmise she goes directly to Fangtasia to confront Eric about William Compton being missing. Is taken downstairs by Pam? and finds Eric doing his “business”. Can hardly wait until tomorrow night!

            So spill about what Alex said on the Blu Ray. You have something on all of us here in the States for once? I am sure it was a juicy tidbit. Alex and Stephen do play well off of each other. I wish on TB we got to see more of that.But being in a love triangle with a special telepath doesn’t put them on the best of friends category as vampires in the show. Which is really too bad because both Alex and Stephen have a wonderful sense of humor.

          • lizzie

            Hi pbt, I was just teasing! All Alex said laughingly to Stephen was that in that scene with the bomb, Alex said that Eric was just standing around and accidentally took the bullets for Sookie, or something like that, like he was standing near her by accident! So, he saved Sookie by default, I guess.

            There is so much to watch – have done all the regular eps, the commentaries, bar one, the FOTS stuff, the commercials and news reports, the little quips by Hoyt and still have one commentary (by Anna and Michelle), the rest of the quips by Laf and Pam,and all the enhanced viewing stuff! Need another day off!

  • Zoe

    Honestly, I love Male on Male love and it’d be nice to see some more on TV. And yeah, Sam and Bill will probably be makeing out, maybe more. Hell Hopefully more. XD

    Anyways, gay love or not, I can’t wait for season 3! <3

    I credit True blood for makeing Vampires kick ass again. 😀

    • What makes you think it’ll be Sam and Bill rather than Talbot and Eric? 😀

  • pbt

    After today’s behind the set video, it sounds like it is Alex and Talbot who hook up. Wohooo. Bring it on. Two hot guys. This beats Talbot and Russell any day of the week. Nothing against Dennis O’Hare but Alexander is way hotter.

  • loleaf

    I know it’s not the books but….


    In the books when Sookie was staked in club dead and was taken to Russells house for healing, Eric had to use one of Russells boytoys to get Sookie a car without raising suspicion of what the true agenda was, and had to stay with him for the night… Maybe AB is using Talbot as this guy!! We already seen pictures of Russell on horseback and looked as if he was hunting Bill.. you know what they say..when the cat’s away the mouse will play!!! 😉

  • Nia

    However, and whichever, I am sure we ladies will not be disappointed. Hot gorgeous naked True Blood males?????
    I am for that anyday.

    We cannot forget that there is a blood bond not only between Bill and Sam (the dream sequence between the two of them should be wild and funny, poor Sam), but also Eric and Laffayette. Then there is the flashbacks that we may be seeing with Eric and Godric. Although their scenes may just be loving sire with child and nothing more. We shall have to wait and see.

    As for Talbot???? Well, I do not think it could be Bill because I am assuming that Bill is still being held by the weres in the 2nd episode.

    Sam is with his parents or still looking for them.

    As for Jason, I guess first I would ask why he would be in Mississippi?? Plus I think gay love would freak him out way too much. Of course glamouring would probably have to be involved, if that were the case. We also have him tied to at least 3 other women so far.(I did miss the old Jason!!! Glad to see he is back)

    So perhaps it is Eric. He is visiting Russell for what ever reason and he is propositioned by Talbot.

    Again, what ever happens I will be riveted!!

    Thanks AdoreBill for the heads up, as if we were not anxious and on the edge of our seats enough, with anticipation!!

    Team True BLood!!

  • Hell

    Well, technically, It can’t be Eric, since he’s from Shreveport, not Bon Temps LOL I don’t care so long as they fast track it here to Australia!!!

    • lizzie

      Poetic licence, I guess, by TV Guide.

      Anyhow, a friend goes onto this Blog (maybe Foxtel?) and there is a push to get TB fast tracked to us as well as a few other extremely popular shows. At least we are better than the UK, who are a year behind!

      • Sarah

        Aftre the finale is shown this friday UK will be on level pegging with everyone else as far as viewing is concerned . Really hope the season 3 will be aired in the UK soon after first airing in the US !

  • lizzie

    I go with Sam and Bill and Talbot and Eric! Originally I thought it may have been the gift Eric gives to Laf, but obviously I will be wrong there, seeing it will be a straight guy!

    Go True Blood!

    • Lynn

      HAS to be Sam and Bill, since Sam had Bills blood. Whooo!!!

  • pbt

    Well if my memory serves me correctly, I believe the male on male action that Theo Alexander/Talbot is spilling about is Bill and Sam. It was spoiled early on that because of the blood tie between Sam and Bill that Sammy will be having some sexy dreams of vampire Bill.

    Wow, Talbot having an affair with some stud from Bon Temps. That screams Jason but perhaps that is the obvious choice. We know that Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northman has spilled that he has some guy on guy action himself this year of True Blood. Sounds like a whole bunch of sexy this year.

    I say bring it all on. 33 more days until the v-ddiction continues. I love the sound of that.

    • annm

      I think your right. The striaght guys are going to be Sam and Bill, probably in a dream because of thier new blood bond. Eric will be the one with Talbot because Alex has already said he will have a male/male scene and Eric will do anything to keep his political power strong. Also if Eric is trying to find Bill to win Sookie over, “sleeping with the enemy” could be his way of finding out info. I can’t think of any other combos it could be.

    • txophelia

      This is an interesting thought! You’re right…Sam and Bill should have a blood bond. However, Sam’s a shifter, so he might not be as suceptible to the blood bond. Hmmm…

      It’s all very intriguing. I would be willing to bet that ERIC has a homosexual interlude before Bill. He always admitted to having had that kind of past.

      • pbt

        Yes in the books Eric had to remain with his maker Appius for like 100 years or something. And yes they had a sexual relationship that Eric told Sookie about. Something that he admitted he did not enjoy. Now, Godric is dead so I am not sure if we will see that part of their relationship. But yeah, you never know. I like the connection to Russell’s mansion. Eric having the affair with Talbot to keep him busy while Sookie is on her mission to find William Compton. That is a very plausible scenario indeed.

        31 days until the V-ddiction continues!